Doomsday Wonderland Chapter 285

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Rip. Lin Sanjiu tore a piece of dark green fabric off her pants and threw it aside casually. It fell on top of the pile of clothes she previous wore with her higher consciousness body. The pair of combat pants on her physical body was now ill-fitting. Without much consideration, she tore off the legs of her pants, effectively modifying it into a pair of hot shorts. From her "devil-may-care" att.i.tude, it was obvious that she didn't think much of the over twenty posthumans there.

Extraordinarily, none of those posthumans moved during that time. Lin Sanjiu stretched her stiff neck before smiling faintly at them. Before she wasn't smiling, it didn't seem so serious. However, now that she was staring straight at them, some of them immediately felt a chill down their bodies because the woman that was standing in front of them didn't seem that… human.

It was clear that the woman wasn't a duoluozhong. However, she certainly didn't possess the distinct sense of vitality that normal, living humans had. No one could put a finger on exactly what was wrong with her. The impression she gave was somewhat indescribable: she had an aura of death from head to toe as if she was some sort of behemoth that had just escaped from h.e.l.l. When she looked at the group of posthumans, it was as if she was trying to curb her voracious hunger.

Anyone who was still alive and had been to the Twelve Worlds Centrum based on their own capabilities definitely possessed something more than reckless courage. For any posthumans, especially the people from the Twelve Worlds Centrum, there was one single characteristic that would determine their survival. It was not their evolved ability or how powerful their attacks were. Rather, it was their ability to judge an opponent's strength and capabilities, and thus, avoid offending and challenging people like Puppeteer. That was the key to survival in the Twelve Worlds Centrum.

Even though they were bound by the new rules in the hospital, no one was willing to make the first move even after a long time. Everyone was on the edge, almost as if they were trying to find a win-win solution for their survival. Anyone placed in a situation where you would have to choose between dying immediately and dying ten days later would similar exhaust any means available.

Lin Sanjiu suddenly exhaled softly. She closed her eyes and flexed her ten fingers. It was really difficult for her to hold herself back.

The countless cells in her body, which weren't even really hers to begin with, were infused with Nüwa's fiery higher consciousness that continued raging through her body. Its attacks did not weaken as it invaded over and over again. Lin Sanjiu finally understood the Neuhumes a little.

Even though she didn't feel any particular emotions right now, she could oddly sense that if she didn't control herself and walked over, she would erase all traces of those posthumans from the face of this planet without even batting an eye.

Perhaps, this might be an inappropriate a.n.a.logy. However, it felt as casual as a housewife wiping off dirt on a table with a washcloth.

"You must control yourself," Mrs. Manas warned. "If you really fight them and lose control, that thing in your body might just take the opportunity…"

Lin Sanjiu already knew this. If it wasn't because of that faint inkling that there would be serious consequences if she just let herself go like that, she wouldn't hold herself back right now. She exhaled. Crooking her head, she eyed the posthumans in front of her.


A single word suddenly appeared in her mind.

"When can I clean this up…"

Lin Sanjiu was alarmed when she realized that she had these thoughts in her head. Before she could even make sense of her thoughts, a delicate sweet voice ranged out, "Say, if you don't want to fight, why don't you guys just move aside."

That voice instantly caught everyone's attention. They saw a bicolor cat sitting on the floor facing them with its back as if it wasn't too pleased. Both his tone of voice and the aura he exuded was extremely solemn, except for his ears with slight bald patches that revealed his gloomy mood.

The cat doctor's amazing ability was immediately effective. The expressions of the first few posthumans who had seen him quickly changed. They quickly displayed their respect to the cat, with no awareness that the people behind them still had expressions as if they had seen a ghost. One of the men bowed and sought Dr. Hu's opinion earnestly, "As you know, we don't wish to create any trouble but…"

"You don't have a choice due to the rules of this hospital," Dr. Hu nodded before trying to educate them patiently. "As a doctor, I care about my patients. I don't wish for the patients in this hospital to be harmed. There is actually a solution to this situation even if you don't fight."

"What... what solution?" one of the people in the crowd asked and immediately explained, "We don't wish to bully this lady just because we have more people on our side…"

Before the person could finish his sentence, a person beside him threw something at him that muted his voice. If Lin Sanjiu felt that she had been belittled and became angry, this situation would be even harder to settle.

"All of you are really stupid," Dr. Hu laughed drily. "I can't believe you didn't think of something so simple."

The crowd exchanged glances, feeling at a loss.

"All of you entered this mutated building and got bound by the rules of this place. If you want to get out of this situation, what should you do?" The cat frisked his tail on the ground. From the perspective of the siblings who were more familiar with him, they could tell that the cat doctor was planning something.

"You can just demolish the building!"

The cat doctor's words sounded very authoritative, perhaps because he was a doctor in the hospital. When Lin Sanjiu saw the expressions on the posthumans' faces, she felt an immediate sense of relief.

To be honest, she wasn't keen on fighting with these people especially when the condition of her body was still unstable. It certainly wasn't a problem for her to defeat this rag-tag group of posthumans, but she was more worried about the possible side effects.

All the humans in the room ought to be ashamed of themselves because none of them could match the eloquence of the bicolor cat. After the cat doctor said those very convincing words in his charming way, the crowd immediately opened a path for him. They watched as the cat doctor led the lethal human weapon and the pair of siblings out of the hospital.

The nurse, which was just a mush of flesh on the ground, was simply stunned.

Once they got out of the hospital, the cat doctor, with sparkling eyes, gestured to his group members with his paws.

"Come, let's hide here and watch them demolish the building," Meowie Hu leaped into some shrubs nearby. Then, he stuck his little cat head out from the shrubs showing his gleeful face, "I was just bullsh*tting just now. I don't really know what would happen!"

The three people beside him turned silent for a moment.

Lin Sanjiu let out a faint sigh. Meanwhile, they heard the sound of an explosion. Thick smoke rose from the second floor of the hospital and the fire from the hospital cast a red light over their faces.

"This started back in my hometown," she said rather helplessly. "Everywhere I go, buildings are bound to collapse…"

Doomsday Wonderland Chapter 285

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