Doomsday Wonderland Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: The Day Before Leaving For A New World

Unexpectedly, the following weeks were very peaceful.

After the cat doctor left, duoluozhongs rarely appeared in front of the siblings, perhaps because they had a human weapon beside them. The siblings felt restless every day as if they had nowhere to vent their endless energy. It seemed as though they had forgotten all their previous near-death experiences and started complaining about their boredom. Towards the last few months, the children started roaming the street every day searching for pocket dimensions while dragging Lin Sanjiu around. Quoting themselves directly, they said, "Anyway, we came to Kisaragi Station to train!"

Through their admirable perseverance, they finally entered a multi-stage pocket dimension.

Even though the pocket dimension wasn't dangerous, it did make them impatient and anxious. They weren't even in the pocket dimension for two days when Lin Sanjiu was so vexed that she beat up the siblings. In the end, they managed to escape the pocket dimension with a whole lot of strategizing, pure effort, as well as quite a bit of luck. After the siblings had been pummeled, the children, covered with bruises, finally behaved themselves and developed a less dangerous hobby.

"Why don't we try this today?" Rena buried her head in a recipe book as she spoke unhurriedly, "We don't have any fresh abalone but we can use the frozen

prawns in the kitchen as a subst.i.tute…"

This was the first time Lin Sanjiu, who was sitting cross-legged on a large comfortable bed, could enjoy the comforts brought by an apocalypse. Thanks to the children's rich kids syndrome, they were now staying at a beautiful five-star hotel.

The last two worlds Lin Sanjiu had been through probably shaped her habits so she had never considered the fact that she didn't have to just settle for camping at some random place. Kisaragi Station's erratic electrical and water supply brought them the greatest benefit here. Lin Sanjiu finally fulfilled her bath cravings. Every day, she would spend at least half an hour in a jacuzzi bathtub. After they discovered that the hotel kitchen was stocked with food supplies, Rena would examine the hotel menu to decide what to cook every day. Meanwhile, Reno loved the rooftop swimming pool so much that he was could almost be called a pool maintenance staff.

They didn't spend that many comfortable and carefree days in the hotel, but the experience helped alleviate a lot of the anxiety Lin Sanjiu had regarding the next world.

The five-star hotel they were in was 20-stories high. Standing by the window of this presidential suite, they could see almost half the city. The residential area where they met that building spirit was now like the mouth of a toothless kid. There were only a few spa.r.s.e buildings as if someone had removed many of the previously existing ones. The original building spirit which had given them a lot of trouble had also disappeared from its original spot. There was just an empty lot there—probably because it had been captured by

by Silvan.

When they first moved into the hotel, many other posthumans from the Twelve Worlds Centrum also had their eyes on the property. However, Lin Sanjiu, who had regained her cards with her Special Items, was even stronger than before. Her infamy had spread and the people around knew that there was a tall woman with a bandage around her neck living in the hotel. Knowing that she was a very difficult character to deal with, n.o.body wanted to venture to the hotel anymore.

As the peaceful days pa.s.sed, it was soon time for the siblings to be transported.

"Since Dr. Hu didn't manage to get his share, we will give this to you, Jiu." Reno placed a few dark-red crystals in Lin Sanjiu's hand with a very pained expression, "See these bigger crystals? You can get 10 smaller ones for these… These crystals only come in three sizes. We use a decimal currency..."

"A meal cost about 45 of the smallest crystals. When you reach Red Nautilus, don't get cheated stupidly," Rena looked very astute with money when she said this.

"Among the worlds which belong to the Twelve Worlds Centrum, Red Nautilus is the smallest. It shouldn't be hard to find our meeting point," Reno added and Lin Sanjiu nodded.

"On top of that, I still need to explain a few common emblems to you… Just in case you get too hot-tempered and pick a fight with someone you shouldn't," Rena said as she took out a pen and a piece of paper from the bedside drawer. Using her simply lamentable drawing skills, she explained, "You already know this emblem with eagle wings and a warhammer. This represents the Munition Factory. These people get lots of requests, so they are very proud. They are quite neutral as long as you mind your own business and don't get involved with them. They have many members. How should I put this… They are pretty corny."

Ignoring Lin Sanjiu's flabbergasted expression, Rena continued, "The people you need to be very careful around are those who wear a small marionette earring. All these people are Puppeteers' subordinates. There are real people and also puppets. Anyway, could you remove the bandage around your neck? Oh, is that so? Then, I guess you don't have a choice. Well, one of the distinguis.h.i.+ng features about you that the Puppeteer listed is that bandage around your neck, so…"

Lin Sanjiu touched her bandage subconsciously but she wasn't too concerned about it. After that whole incident involving the merger with those Neuhumes cells, she was not only 10cm taller but her facial features were also deeper. The color of her amber eyes was now so much lighter that it could almost refract sunlight. Nowadays, when she stood in front of a mirror, she almost couldn't recognize herself, let alone the Puppeteer's subordinates recognizing her.

When she thought about this topic, Lin Sanjiu felt a naggy feeling about something. Adopting an "out of sight, out of mind" psyche, she quickly dismissed the thought and smiled at the smiled at the siblings, "I know. Don't worry. When you guys get back, remember to look for the cat doctor."

The two kids nodded. Reno suddenly remembered something, "You mentioned that you wanted to meet up with your previous companions but that meeting point isn't in Red Nautilus. I remember that there is a famous meeting point in Ragnarök World. That world... how should I put this… Even though I have never been there, I heard that it isn't easy there… Anyway, you may have to wait until the next time to go there."

As long as she could meet them again, Lin Sanjiu didn't mind if it was earlier or later. Besides, Sayo was a local there, so Lin Sanjiu wasn't too worried. She agreed and made a note about it in her mind. She chatted a while more with the siblings and asked them more questions about Ragnarök World until it was about time for them to leave.

Reno and Rena started to fade suddenly.

"Okay, let's meet in two weeks' time." Rena tilted her head and gave Lin Sanjiu a wide grin.

"See you in two weeks." Lin Sanjiu smiled.

Doomsday Wonderland Chapter 288

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