Versatile Mage Chapter 173

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Chapter 173 - Shanghai Enforcer Management

Mo Fan was feeling great as he left the library.

Although there was still quite a long way to go until his ultimate goal, he had already received quite some profit from winning the compet.i.tion.

Dean Xiao clearly knew what Mo Fan needed, and so part of the resources were converted into something beneficial to Mo Fan so that he could get stronger.

Once Mo Fan became strong, he would no longer fear having no money, as money would just come in by itself. As Dean Xiao had just mentioned, once he was in the higher levels, they were all talking about more than just millions!

"My Fire now is the Rose Fire, which is worth more than twenty million in the market. The two million dollars given by the school is no way near enough to buy a Spirit Grade Lighting Seed, not to mention that the Lighting Seed is way more expensive… Perhaps I should use this money here to improve my living," Mo Fan said to himself quietly.

He no longer wanted to stay at a place with no people left, especially after Xin Xia entered a well-known school in Jiang Zhe. She had difficulty moving around, so he had to hire someone to take care of her.

Mo Fan even planned that when they got richer, he would hire a female bodyguard so that with Xin Xia's soft att.i.tude, she would not be bullied.

For now, due to the University's rules, the new students had to stay in the student hostel.

In the upcoming years, once he entered the main inst.i.tution, he would have to get a place to stay. Everyone in the dorms might be living their own lives without interfering with one another, but there would still be some times where things could be very inconvenient; just look at Zhao Manyan, who was always going out to have a naughty experience. With the hotels and motels located so far away from the school, he couldn't possibly bring the girls back into the dorms to have a one night stand...

Dean Xiao even gave Mo Fan an reasonable suggestion.

Pouring all of his attention in cultivating was a good thing, but together with some practical experiences in combat, his cultivating speed would speed up by a considerable amount.

After witnessing the four Intermediate mages of the Dongfang Family getting wrapped up in the battle with Chao He due to their lack of combat experience, Mo Fan now viewed fighting much more seriously.

After all, what was the point of obtaining a high level, strong spell if the person knew nothing about fighting? As a result, after a series of brainstorming sessions, Mo Fan figured that he would pick up where he left off long ago... becoming a Hunter Mage once again!

In the school, he might be able to challenge the other students for more experience, but this itself was not enough. A friendly match would always be a friendly match; everyone would compete with one another, but they would not go all out in the fights. Unlike the friendly matches, only people like a hunter mage would get involved in a real battle where there would be a chance they would get killed; only by fighting non-stop, refining and honing one's ability, would one be able to improve themselves!

Even more, being a Hunter Mage would be able to earn him some extra income!

And if possible, he hoped that his Lightning Element would be able to morph into a Spirit Seed. After all, the temptation of having his combat power doubled was way too big!

"Mo Fan, where are you going? I've called out a few ladies from the Water Element, they are all extremely pretty, one of them is definitely your type! I can't deal with so many of them at the same time…." shouted Zhang Pinggu to halt Mo Fan as soon as he saw Mo Fan about to head out.

"I'm bored so I thought that I should go the market to have a look," replied Mo Fan.

As much as he wanted to meet with the few ladies from the Water Element, and after figuring out that with Zhang Pinggu's appeal, the ladies he called out might not be as beautiful as he said, Mo Fan decided to head towards the Hunters Union.

If it was Zhao Manyan that had stopped Mo Fan, he would have probably stayed back!

The Hunter Union was located in the area of Lu Family, where the few huge factions had each occupied a skysc.r.a.per for themselves.

When Mo Fan arrived at the Hunter Union's skysc.r.a.per, he headed straight up to the 50th floor.

The Hunter Union's main hall had occupied this entire floor, and there were a total of fifteen elevators being used to sustain the incredible human flow here.

Around the main hall were all sorts of LCD screens, each filled with words and numbers that presented various bounties offered to the hunter mages in the hall.

One could say that the information collected in the Shanghai's Hunter Union was the largest and widest of all the Hunter Unions. Even some of the oversea bounties would be occasionally be listed here, allowing the hunter mages to select bounties according to their own capabilities and preferences.

Because of his status as a student still studying in a school, it was impossible for him to become a hunter mage that was active in the wilds.

He also prefered hunting within the cities. With the large area occupied by Shanghai, there would be countless monsters appearing here. What was the point of being a city urban law enforcer in tiny Bo City? If he wanted to be one, he would definitely be the city urban law enforcer of Shanghai!

Versatile Mage Chapter 173

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