Versatile Mage Chapter 233 - Catch Everyone In One Net!

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Chapter 233 - Catch Everyone in One Net!

“How did the heavens turn dark?”

“It has been night for a while!”

“No no no, how come I can't see any bit of light…”

“You're right. Strange, why did my Stars turn extremely unstable, they won't repond to my control!”

Beneath the Nyx Regime, the students in the middle of the battle royale finally realized that they had entered a rather bizarre domain.

This was the Shadow domain. It was impossible to see the lights in the distance. If they were in a specific location, they'd barely be able to see their objective.

It was like there was an incorporeal, black wall trapping them inside a small room. You could see the people inside the room, but the things outside of the room were unknown.

Soon enough, the chaotic battlefield was separated into parts by the Nyx Regime. At this moment, the students that began to brew hostility toward each other from the fighting began to realize that in this pitch black maze, if the Shadow Beast was taken away, no one would know!

“Don't panic, this is a Great Magic Formation set up by the school! If I'm not wrong, then this is the Advanced Shadow Magic, Nyx Regime, that has been strengthened many times. The Nyx Regime is a very strong Shadow Magic, it is able to set up a dark maze-like battleground. Other than Shadow creatures, within this battleground, the power of other Elements will be suppressed by a certain degree. Their power will also be weakened by a lot!. We can a.s.sume that it was because the school was worried that the people who can use Intermediate Magic would cause fatal injuries within this chaos,” Song Xia, in the same squad as Bai Zangfeng, spoke up.

Song Xia was one of the stronger rookies. Among the female Magicians, she was the only one who could face Mu Nujiao!

Bai Zangfeng and the other people began to calm down. However, once he thought about the possibility of someone taking away the Shadow Beast with the help of the Great Magic Formation, Bai Zangfeng immediately began to feel worried as he exclaimed, “Then, how can we find the Shadow Beast?”

“When Mo Fan had threw the Shadow Beast at you, I put a Magic Imprint on it. Just follow me and you'll find it!” Song Xia said.

“Hahaha, Lady Song Xia is indeed very quick-witted. This time, the Shadow Beast will definitely be ours!”

No one wanted to see the chaotic situation. Where the Battle Royale would end up was something only the heavens could decide. Now, everyone had been put in the dark battleground of the Nyx Regime, and so every student would have to reach their maximum efficiency. They won't get suddenly shot by an arrow at random, nor would they be attacked from all sides.

Thus, as long as you could find the Shadow Beast and then find the path that led to the Beast Taming Iron Cage, then the mission would be considered complete!

“This G.o.dforsaken Mo Fan. When I catch you, I will personally stomp on you!” Shen Mingxiao was trapped inside the darkness, and his face showed his anger.

Luo Song, at his side, was fuming with rage between his gritted teeth.

Originally, they had success within their grasp. Who would've imagined that it would turn out like this. Now they didn't even know where the Shadow Beast was.

“It smells, do you guys smell something?” the people next to them asked.

“I can smell it too… d.a.m.n, what kind of creature…”

“What kind of creature? Are you so scared that you turned dumb?”

“I really did see it, it looked like a monkey-masked thing crawling.”

The darkness was everywhere. Mo Fan himself was standing on his original ground, and didn't move a single step.

The Shadow Beast could no longer be seen. The Nyx Regime had divided the place into numerous maze-like battlegrounds…

He couldn't help but thing that this gave the Black Vatican an easier time moving around.

However, how could Mo Fan possibly let them succeed!?

This Great Nyx Regime Formation gave them an additional protective layer; however, it was also a gigantic shadow prison!

Tonight, they could forget about leaving this place alive!

The Nyx Regime was a layer of dense fog for a lot of people. It was a domain that suppressed them, their combat prowess would suffer accordingly. However, as a man that possessed the Shadow Element, the Nyx Regime didn't suppress Mo Fan, and it also gave Mo Fan an unlimited amount of s.p.a.ce to move around in.

For a lot of people, this was a Shadow Wall that they could not tread over. For Mo Fan, this was the most convenient path of movement. Using Evading Shadows, Mo Fan would be able to move around the Nyx Regime Maze as much as he pleased!!

Mo Fan was clear that the people from the Black Vatican's objective was precisely the Shadow Beast. Thus, his top priority was to find the Shadow Beast.

Fortunately, the Shadow Beast had been Marked by Mo Fan!

Mo Fan naturally wouldn't throw the Little Loach Pendant that had absorbed the Underground Holy Spring into the stomach of the Shadow Beast. All he did was to have the Little Loach Pendant produce a little drop of the Underground Holy Spring.

Either way, as long as it had the aura of the Underground Holy Spring, the Black Vatican would definitely make their move. Luring them had already been achieved, and the net had also covered the entire area. The school had made such a large, dark cage, this would cause them to be completely trapped within…

He believes that the Black Vatican who thought they were beneath the protective umbrella would tear off their skin and expose their true selves.

Once they were exposed, Mo Fan would definitely kill them on the spot!

“Little Loach Pendant, it's on you. Help me find the Shadow Beast.” Mo Fan said toward the Little Loach Pendant on his chest.

The Little Loach Pendant was actually very intelligent. It was able to understand its master's intentions.

The small ray within the Little Loach Pendant began to slowly s.h.i.+ne brighter, it was as though it slowly pus.h.i.+ng away the darkness under the black dome of night.

The starlight was very weak, but it began to strengthen once Mo Fan began to move. If the direction Mo Fan walked in was wrong, the radiance would turn weaker.

“The closer I am to the Shadow Beast, the brighter it becomes. The farther I am from it, the weaker it becomes?” Mo Fan quickly understood the meaning behind it as he couldn't help but kiss the mysterious Little Loach Pendant.

Of course, Mo Fan knew that the Little Loach Pendant was only being like this because it didn't want to waste even a drop of the precious Underground Holy Spring. Thus, he didn't really think it was that mysterious.

Following the guidance of the Little Loach Pendant, Mo Fan began to look for the Shadow Beast.

Mo Fan was able to easily pa.s.s through the walls of the maze. Moving like that, it became much easier for him to find the Shadow Beast.

“Strange, why is the direction changing all the time?” Mo Fan looked at the flickering little Loach Pendant as he began to feel suspicious in his heart.

Mo Fan continued to move, and suddenly, the direction of the Shadow Beast changed once more.

Mo Fan stood his ground, no longer moving as he continued to look in that direction.

At this moment, the Little Loach Pendant actually began to s.h.i.+ne brighter on its own.

He didn't move, so why did the radiance turn brighter?!


Suddenly, a grey shadow swept past in front of Mo Fan. It was a creature with the shape of a leopard, you could only see the silhouette of it. However, its tail was radiating a light that seemed extremely bright in the darkness.

“s.h.i.+t, wasn't this guy restricted?” Mo Fan opened his mouth as he saw the Shadow Beast flying past much faster than even the Spirit Wolf.

The Shadow Beast struggled free of it restrictions as it was already running around within the maze.


Very quickly, a horrifying sound was heard following it. This sound was something Mo Fan was extremely familiar with!

It was a Dark Beast!

The people from the Black Vatican had actually summoned Dark Beasts, and furthermore, they were hunting for the Shadow Beast!

No wonder the Shadow Beast was running; it was actually being pursued by a couple of creatures with an overwhelming stench!

“It seems that if I follow the Shadow Beast, I'll be able to catch all of them in one stroke!” Mo Fan hid inside the wall of the maze as he couldn't help but smile coldly...

Versatile Mage Chapter 233 - Catch Everyone In One Net!

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