Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 101 - She's The Only One (2)

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Chapter 101 – She's The Only One

Despite how dangerously Gong Jue's cold sword pointed to her neck, the maiden still lowered her head shyly as her cheeks blushed to a deeper red. "I heard that Your Highness is traveling to the West…Qiao Qiao is willing to follow the prince in his journey."

After speaking affectionately, her ears turned red and she waited for him to reply.

But Gong Jue simply gave her a frosty stare, like a heartless judge who frowned upon an offender's clumsy lies.

"Is that so?" He smiled, but his sword pinched deeper.

Such a move caused the girl's heart to jump in fright, but she hurriedly forced herself to calm down.

"…It's true, my Lord…I-, I admire you…"

She still had a trace of disdain towards this young prince. An eleven-year old little boy could easily be swindled, so then why did she have to disguise herself to look like his elder sister? Did this prince perhaps have unusual affections towards his sister?

But now that the sword's edge was dangerously pointed to her neck, the girl suddenly felt that if it weren't for her face, she would have been killed the instant she had entered!

In this moment, she finally felt true fear, because after saying that she admired him, she sensed that Gong Jue's killing intent was real!

The script she had prepared was now stuck in her throat and she dared not utter a word; she only hoped that her current appearance would appease her opponent to at least spare her life.

"Did you say that you admire me?" A cold youthful voice resounded in the air.

The girl looked up with joy, but such a moment was suddenly frozen into eternity; she never realized when she was killed, nor the reason behind it.

After eliminating her, Gong Jue finally sunk into dread. The maiden was definitely sent by people from the palace who were aware of his relations.h.i.+p with Sister Gong. If Gong Yi Mo was in the palace, she never would've given them the chance to use this scheme. But for this to actually happen, the only explanation is…

Sister Gong was no longer in the palace.

As he was pondering, another person entered the room. It turned out to be Bai Sheng, the man specially arranged by Gong Yi Mo to a.s.sist Gong Jue.

Gong Jue brought him in this journey because his sister trusted this man. That was why he also chose to trust this man.

Bai Sheng had a very ordinary appearance, the kind that would never stand out when thrown in a crowd of people. At this time, the man gazed at the corpse on the ground and said with a sigh, "Your Highness, you shouldn't kill."

Bai Sheng knew Gong Yi Mo's and Zhen Xi w.a.n.g's wishes; they hoped that Gong Jue would mature into an upright and resolute man, just as any honorable soldier. But Bai Sheng, who had a deeper understanding of the boy, knew that the prince silently hid his murderous nature underneath, so he could only prevent the prince from committing further bloodshed. Gong Jue's previous ma.s.sacre of the bandits left a chilling impression upon his enemies, which surprisingly allowed them to break past an encirclement and to get this far in their journey to Xi Zhou.

"She was too noisy, so I killed her."

Somehow, Bai Sheng could feel a trace of killing intent from Gong Jue' gaze just now, which caused him tremble.

As a result, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze somewhere else and stared at the corpse instead, only to find that the girl's face seemed very similar to the Chaoyang Princess.

Bai Sheng was caught by surprise. Although he didn't know what exactly had happened, he knew that Gong Yi Mo was someone dear to Gong Jue, and this girl looked very similar to her. Even if this stranger came uninvited to the prince's room, Gong Jue shouldn't have killed her right away; at the very least, he would have tortured her first for information.

Bai Sheng looked up at Gong Jue, who was currently sitting in front of a table while flipping through a book. The prince seemed deep in thought as he slowly turned each page. He seemed like a lonely and abandoned child, unlike his usual self.

Feeling Bai Sheng's questioning eyes, Gong Jue gave him a faint glance. Meanwhile, for Bai Sheng, a single stare from the prince was enough to chill him to the bone.

"Too similar to her. In this world, only one Sister Gong is enough."

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 101 - She's The Only One (2)

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