Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 103 - Not As Good As Her (2)

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Chapter 103 – Not As Good As Her (2)

Feeling the pain on his neck, Bai Sheng suddenly felt blessed. With Gong Jue's character, if he wanted to kill him, he would've done so already. Since he wasn't dead, it must be due to the princess.

Thinking of this, Bai Sheng endured the terror and pain and said, "I'll continue to say it even if you kill me! Your subordinate still clearly remembers how the Chaoyang Princess debated over countless cases before finally finding a suitable opportunity!"

"In order to understand whether the underground water was suitable for the West County, she took an entire month to study the county's geography, repeatedly pondering until she settled on this plan!"

"Before arranging for me to follow you, she told me that I absolutely must make sure you complete this task. Now that you want to go back, you may as well kill me first since I no longer have the courage to face the princess!"

(TN: I think a quote is missing so I'm not sure if he's talking the whole time or only the first and last paragraphs.)

"Heh, do you think I don't dare?"

Gong Jue's voice was chilling cold, piercing straight to the bones. He tightly grasped the hilt!

However, listening to Bai Sheng's words, he couldn't help but recall Gong Yi Mo's appearance as she labored over her books. Such a lazy person actually faced this problem so determinedly and thoroughly.

Royal Sister, what is the best course of action? What should I do?

The tip of the sword shook but didn't slice down. Gong Jue retracted the sword and sheathed it, squeaking loudly as it went in.

Bai Sheng's body went stop: he managed to preserve his life.

He watched Gong Jue turn around to leave, but but then the prince stopped his tracks just by the exit. Bai Sheng sighed with relief and he softly comforted the boy,

"… Your subordinate is aware that you are worrying about the princess, but the princess is also true to you. Your subordinate is old, yet he has never seen another sister who worries about her half-brother so. Your Highness, are you serious about living up to her expectations?"

After Bai Sheng had said everything on his mind, Gong Jue didn't speak for a long time. The man nervously sneaked a peek; he could only see Gong Jue's back facing him, but the boy's body seemed to be trembling slightly.

"I also know… I also know!"

Bai Sheng was shocked by Gong Jue's words. He panicked and softened his tone.

"Don't worry, Your Highness, the Princess' martial arts is powerful and is without comparison. She's also resourceful and clever so she will be fine. The thing she wants to see the most is to see you succeed. This is just the first step, you will have to continue on this path well…"

"Building up merits…"

Gong Jue clenched his hands and loosened them, his voice suddenly grew low. After a long while, he tiredly and softly spoke.

"If I don't have her… then what is the point of all those merits?"

His words made Bai Sheng horrified! He didn't expect Gong Jue to say something like this. Men chase after merits, isn't it something etched deeply within their bones?

"But you are right…"

Gong Jue lowered his head, placing his fist by his side. His back figure was tense, yet carried a tinge of sorrow.

"She isn't a normal woman! She would never let me down so, so…!"

His fingernails dug deep into his palm.

"So I also can't let her down…"

She definitely won't fail, so he also definitely can't. Otherwise, how could he stand beside her?

It's just, Royal Sister, you're too disobedient! Looks like he can't count on his grandfather and Royal Sister anymore. He must gain enough power to earn these rights! He will no longer allow Royal Sister to hide things from him. He will find out all news about her! Everything!

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 103 - Not As Good As Her (2)

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