Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 150 - Step By Step (1)

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Chapter 150: Step by Step (1)

A few girls screamed in terror, and soon enough, Gong Yi Mo appeared in front of the others carrying a ghostly pale Gong Che. The two maids responsible for taking care of Gong Che fell out of the carriage the moment the canopy was ripped off. They laid still on the ground, afraid to move.

Gong Yi Mo lifted her eyes, one hand protecting Gong Che's heart as she coldly glared at Gong Gong.

Upon seeing her malicious glare, Gong Gong no longer dared to shout orders. He hid behind the head guard, without daring to meet Gong Yi Mo's gaze.

Gong Yi Mo smiled.

Except, her smile carried endless amounts of exhaustion and disappointment…

"…Why? Back then, all of you swore to me that you would wait for me, that you would protect the Crown Prince. Yet, the moment my front foot took a step, you used your hind foot to betray me. All because he killed a single person and forced you?

Gong Gong's face turned white after being pointed out by Gong Yi Mo. He felt compelled to kneel in front of her!

Xu Taiyi was ashamed…

He knelt in front of Gong Yi Mo, "It's this old man's fault. Rather than being forced to by Gong Gong, you could say that this old man was more scared of continuing to defy the decree. After all, I still have my wife and unwedded daughter. I have no choice but to yield…"

When he finished speaking, several others nodded their heads. Li Zhangsi was even more grieved, "We really were forced into a corner. My dear ones are all in the capital, if I enraged the Emperor, how are they supposed to live?"

Gong Yi Mo laughed loudly, "So you disregarded the Crown Prince's life and death to obey the decree? If the Crown Prince really died, do you think your family would be able to leave unscathed? I don't know what Gong Gong promised to all of you to take such a daring gamble!"

After finis.h.i.+ng speaking, she lifted her head and shut her eyes. Her voice suddenly softened and she sighed to the wind.

"I trusted you all so much, so why couldn't you all believe in me? Currently, Hengshui is working day and night, and it will only take a few more days to open up Longteng River. As long as we take the water route, we'll be able to return to the capital in a few days. I accomplished it… but what about you?!

"What about you?!"

Her words surprised and shamed the others. They didn't dare lift their heads.

But they also didn't dare gamble! After Gong Gong killed the most persistent Liu s.h.i.+lang, their hearts swayed. A few words from Gong Gong convinced them to join his side and they followed what he told them to do… Now that they thought about it, it's too late for regrets.

Gong Yi Mo was concentrating on sending her internal energy to Gong Che to the point it was almost completely drained. Gong Che's bloodless face finally became a little more red.

Her nerves loosened and at this time, Gong Gong suddenly shoved the guard towards Zhao Tongling, taking out an extravagant yellow decree!

"Zhao Tongling, the holy decree states as thus! I order you to take down Gong Yi Mo, do you dare to resist?!"

Zhao Tongling was so enraged his face turned white. He had long since looked down on Gong Gong this person, someone who not only eats out from the inside, but even wanted to use him to counter the Princess!

He unyieldingly lifted his head, "My duty is to protect the Crown Prince and to safely escort him back to the capital! That's why I won't listen to your orders!"

"You!" Gong Gong was both angry and fearful. He was scared that Gong Yi Mo would kill him in a fit of rage. His small eyes almost bulged out of his sockets.

When the exhausted Gong Yi Mo heard Zhao Tongling's words, her heart warmed slightly. She knew that as long as she caught up to them, Zhao Tongling would definitely stand on her side. He was just scared of the Emperor. Now, as long as they promise to go back by boat, everything would be fine.

"Hmph, not listening to his orders is okay, but what about me?"

A slightly shrill voice sounded and Chang Xi with his head full of white hair appeared like a ghost in front of everyone. His hands held the sacred decree, his eyes shooting straight at Gong Yi Mo!

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 150 - Step By Step (1)

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