Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 152 - Anxious (1)

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Chapter 152: Anxious (1)

Why did he do this? Why?!

He not only did that, but discovered that Lou Ye truly had movements and by himself, killed the guards and burned the supplies. He single-handedly destroyed their surprise attack, gaining countless merits in one fell swoop! However, Lou Ye's army arrived in advance and Gong Jue was chased the whole way back. Finally, they forced him into the Desolate Plains and he didn't appear again…

Chang Xi saw Gong Yi Mo's look of horror and truthfully spoke.

"The Desolate Plains are the boundary between the two countries and also a dead zone. Lord Jue has already gone missing for seven to eight days now… His Majesty's meaning is clear: if Princess can hand over that item, then his Majesty would immediately send the most elite Qingqi troops to save his Lord Jue. Otherwise…"

Gong Yi Mo's face paled. She squeezed the report and smiled, "If not?"

"If not… then Princess can only pray for Lord Jue!"

"Hahahaha!" Gong Yi Mo couldn't help but laugh. She held the urgent report with a face full of disbelief, "Did I hear wrong? Gong Jue gained so many wonderful merits, yet you aren't going to save him and are using him to threaten me instead? Hahaha! How funny, how funny!"

His Majesty probably heard Li Ke exaggerate the gunpowder's power and also saw Lou Ye's movements. He wanted to use gunpowder to make the kingdom rise. In addition, there were others in the capital who added oil to the fire, making him fear that the Crown Prince and the Chaoyang Princess have colluded against him in rebellion. That's why he came up with such a dirty move…

This is so amusing!

Chang Xi fell silent for a moment before he quietly spoke.

"…Why is Princess doing this? If you continue to resist and bring the Crown Prince back your way, the Emperor would be enraged and there would be much suspicion upon you two. You will really be placing that phrase 'the one who fixes the ca.n.a.l shall rule all under the heavens' onto the Crown Prince's head. Are you willing to see that happen?"

At this time, Gong Che's head was lying on her lap hovering between life and death. Yet, the Emperor was using his two sons to threaten her, an outsider!

How amusing… Gong Yi Mo couldn't help but touch Gong Che's pale white face.

Why do I have to give up so much for the royal family?! That was the case in my last life, and that is still the case in this life? Do you really think I can't harden my heart? Isn't it just Gong Jue? Isn't it just Gong Che? What do their deaths have to do with me? What?!

Suddenly, Gong Yi Mo spat out a mouthful of blood!

This caused Chang Xi's heart to jump for real! The hearts of everyone kneeling was also shocked! They all panicked! Gong Yi Mo coughed up blood! She was forced to the point of coughing blood!

She lifted her bloodshot eyes towards Chang Xi. That one stare caused him to step back. She smiled and casually wiped off the bloodstains on the side of her mouth…

"Isn't it just death? The Emperor doesn't care… then why should I?"

As she said so, she actually coughed up another mouthful of blood!

These two mouthfuls of blood made her small face turn pallid!

But she was still smiling, exposing her blood-stained teeth. Thinking about the unknown situation of Gong Jue in another country, that was the child she raised herself! How could she not care?!

She then thought about Gong Che. She did so much for him, hoping that he would be a good Emperor in the future. She also thought that he was a good brother, how could she not care?!

Even with three lives backing her, she was still so useless?

She will not surrender the explosives even in death! Then does that mean she'll have to watch the two of them die?

Gong Yi Mo opened her mouth and wanted to laugh, but spat out another mouthful of blood instead!


Chang Xi was so stunned that he didn't know how to handle the situation anymore. At that point, Zhao Tongling couldn't watch any longer; the moment Gong Yi Mo fell down, he flew onto the carriage and firmly held her in place, lifting his head and glaring at Chang Xi. This was the first time he dared to look at the Emperor's right-hand man this way!

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 152 - Anxious (1)

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