Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 176 - Changed (1)

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Chapter 176: Changed (1)

However, the moment she thought that, she became nervous again.

When Gong Che saw her abnormality, he knew that something serious must have happened, so he allowed her speak uninterrupted.

Empress Liu gritted her teeth and angrily said, "Long Xiang Xiang that b*tch tried to trample on us. She said that your body isn't well, and that the repair of the ca.n.a.l cannot be delayed, so she wants someone to take over the job!"

Empress Liu coldly spoke, "She sure dreams high. Now that the main ca.n.a.l has been connected, all that's left is repairing embankments and digging tributaries. IN the past two years, she has been secretly trying to push her son into power. If Liu Xian Fei had not intervened yesterday, she would have succeeded."

These are all of her son's hard work! And yet those shameless people rush in to take advantage of the profits. Not only do they blame her son who is sick in bed, they even want to replace his position completely! How utterly shameless!

It's just a pity that the Liu family was weak and she had just left the temple. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so pa.s.sive.

The strange thing was, after listening to the Empress angrily tell him these matters, there was no change to Gong Che's expression, almost as if he didn't care.

The Empress thought that he was enraged. Afraid that there would be negative repercussions to his health, she quickly suppressed her anger and comforted him.

"My son, don't worry. Your Imperial Mother won't let them succeed! Now that his Majesty has recognized your position as the Crown Prince, they can't usurp you in such a short period of time."

Except, what Gong Che wanted was not only to suppress them… After this outbreak, he felt as if something in his body awakened. If you were to say that the old him just wanted to do something good for the people and the country, protect the people beside him and not let his loved ones down, then now… he has a more concrete goal.

Gong Che put down the bowl. After drinking the medicine, he appeared much better. However, his body was frightfully thin and his face was chalk white. He looked sickly.

Gong Che rose. Looking at his actions, he seemed to want to get off the bed!

"Che'er, what are you doing?"

The Empress found it strange, but still quickly went to support him.

"Imperial Mother, this son wants to go to Zhaoyang Palace."

Empress Liu was surprised, "With your body in this condition, what do you want to go there for?!"

Gong Che smiled lightly, but it was not as gentle as before. It was more cold and eerie, "Since it is mine, outsiders are not qualified to s.n.a.t.c.h it!"

He looked outside the palace and murmured.

"… It's mine, and I will get it back!"

In this period of time, Gong Cheng's mood was very bad, setting everyone on edge.

At this time, Changxi came forward and knelt, "Your Majesty, the Crown Prince has arrived."

Gong Sheng's brush hand lurched to a stop, "Didn't he just wake up? What is he coming here for? Tell him to go back and rest!"

Changxi felt slightly awkward, "But… the Crown Prince is kneeling outside the palace saying that if you don't meet him, he won't rise…"

Gong Sheng's eyebrows furrowed and he slammed his brush onto the desk. He angrily laughed, "I see, I see. Each and every one of them, this Emperor sure wants to see what kind of ruckus this kid wants to make!"

Saying that, he strode out the door. Changxi hurriedly followed.

The weather was gloomy like a heavy storm was brewing. The frail Gong Che was kneeling on the stone steps, his figure taut.

Gong Sheng originally had a belly of anger due to his bad mood recently, but once he saw Gong Che, a large half of it disappeared…

He couldn't help but recall that child. That child used her own life to protect this one! As a father, what qualifications did he have left to reprimand this son?

And Gong Che's current appearance was indeed frightening. Not even half of his former beauty could be found. Gong Sheng knew the reason why he fell ill this time was due to that child's death!

… However, he didn't find that child's body, so he believed that that child Gong Yi Mo did not die.

But Gong Che was different. In just a few short days, he had become ill to this point. It could be told that they had a deep relations.h.i.+p and he was extremely heartbroken.

Gong Sheng couldn't help but sigh in his heart. They weren't merely brothers and sisters, they were connected on a spiritual level.

"What are you here for?"

His tone was faint, his voice carrying traces of fatigue.

Gong Che looked at the Emperor high above him, a flash of light that only he would understand crossing his eyes. He bowed deeply and spoke.

"Beseeching Imperial Father to remove this son from the Crown Prince position!"

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 176 - Changed (1)

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