Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 178 - Meeting Again (2)

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Chapter 178: Meeting Again (2)

Perhaps it was too out of this world. When it actually happened, he didn't dare to believe it!

Gong Yi Mo ran towards the Chaotic Valley as she thought. Once she entered the valley, those people definitely wouldn't dare to follow since the farther in you went, the more dangerous it was. Besides, who knew when this snow would stop? Once they breathe in the fog, that would be a straight route to h.e.l.l! However, she wasn't afraid. After all, she still had an anti-poison mask in her interspatial s.p.a.ce!

That's why she charged towards the valley without regard for her life as she mocked them. The reason why she could easily rush in was because she used the explosives to draw their attention. Now, the larger their movements, the easier it would be for Gong Jue to notice the ruckus and discover her.

As for fighting with them… The heavens know that Gong Yi Mo's internal wounds haven't healed yet. Wasn't fighting just serving up her life?

When she was about to run out of fuel, she had already ran into the valley's depths. It was dark everywhere around her! She turned her head and seeing that the people behind her weren't chasing, she couldn't resist making a face at them. Suddenly, she fell into someone's embrace, giving her a spook!

She wanted to fight back, but those two arms were like an iron wall that held her tight!

The other's head was buried in the s.p.a.ce between her neck and shoulder, his hot breath on his neck!

Before Gong Yi Mo could become resist, his words caused all her resistances to crumble away!

"Sister Gong!"

Gong Yi Mo started. The snowflakes danced in the breeze as the heavens and earth fell silent. She could only hear the rapid breathing of the other party.

"… Gong Jue?"

Gong Yi Mo carefully asked. In this darkness, she couldn't see who was holding her. Also, Gong Jue seemed to have gone through p.u.b.erty? His voice now seemed cold and deep. Yet, those two words seemed to contain a million unsaid things.

She didn't receive a response because Gong Jue hugged her even tighter! That strong heartbeat was now beating powerfully beside her ear!

It really is Gong Jue…

Gong Yi Mo quickly hugged him back.

He was so tall now…

Gong Yi Mo couldn't help but suck in a breath. This is great! She found him the moment she arrived! He looked well, nothing seemed to be wrong with him. As expected of… the child she raised…!

Gong Jue felt like he was dreaming!

So many days and nights. It was okay for him to put on a show in front of so many people, to carefully scheme at night, brave the dangers and enter Lou Ye, use some gimmicks to burn up their supplies… He was chased by their army many times! Barely escaping death many times! He could drink muddy water, eat blood-filled meat, his hand tightly gripping onto the few tokens of those commanders he killed. Each and every thing, everything… was just so he could return and see her!

It was to gain power, to be a dragon amongst men, to stay beside her without needing to leave again!!

As he thought about it, the person he longed for day and night appeared in front of him! He wanted to give her a kiss full of love! He couldn't imagine how he made it through the 500 days and nights without her!

But it doesn't matter now, she was in his arms now. That kind of truth, and the sweet smell of her body was exactly the same as the memory he had when he fell asleep by her side. But his royal sister had grown up. She… was even more attractive now.

After hugging for a while, even Gong Jue felt a little embarra.s.sed, but the person in his arms didn't resist at all. He was a little surprised that under the faint moonlight, Gong Yi Mo's face right in front of his couldn't be sleeping any more peacefully…

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 178 - Meeting Again (2)

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