Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 3

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"What did you call me?" the old eunuch glared. Would he let anyone call him a castrated dog? The boy and the eunuch glared at each other viciously. Suddenly the eunuch smirked and seemed to whisper something in the boys ear. 

When the eunuch's whisper came to an end Gong Yi couldn't notice any change in the boy's expression, but the eunuch maliciously retorted, "Don't dream about climbing up another branch; remember your place! You think Xiao Dié is sincere in helping you? If you think about it, as a prince with her support you should have been able to make a comeback by now. But it's been two years and the emperor still hasn't seen any value in you. Do you still think you have a chance?"

When the eunuch finished his words, the boy finally showed anger! He glared fiercely at the eunuch and said with a hoa.r.s.e, immature voice, 

"Xiao Dié will not! She promised she will never leave me!"

Xiao Dié was his aunt, so how could she easily abandon him?!

"Ha ha ha, good birds seek for greener pastures, and what's wrong with that? If you don't follow along you'll die. Quickly drink the medicine, and perhaps the branch family would be pleased with you and decide to spare your little life."

From his words, the boys' eyes expressed sadness and cold hatred.

He recalled the old lady who once appeared amiable. He hates her! He hates everyone!

When his mother died, his residence was turned upside down overnight and he was banished to the Cold Palace.

The harem manager, Xiao Dé's brother-in-law, was supposed to serve the boy, but ended up bullying him instead. When the manager would get injured, the prince would be taken as a scapegoat. The boy thought that if he proved himself he would be valued, but he did not expect to be backstabbed instead. In one month's time, the young prince was abandoned by Xiao Dé and her brother-in-law.

After such an experience, even if his mentality is tough, the boy would inevitably feel resentment and fear of the world; he was embarra.s.sed from being deceived and became estranged. Today the little boy was simply fighting back because he couldn't suppress the unrest in his heart. But he never could have imagined that those people would brazenly force him to take poison!

On another corner, Gong Yi Mo who was spying on the prince's plight, felt cold sweat down her back. After seeing who the little boy was, she couldn't control herself. She was filled with a raging fire! F*** it turned out to be him! Palace Jue! Except this time she saw a younger version of the man!

At this time, the boy's appearance foreshadowed his beautiful and unadorned style in the future. His eyes were full of tenacity and anger, but his hands that were gripping his sleeves revealed his fear and anxiety. Even if he was outstanding, he's currently only six years old, and that thin body can't do anything.

Although he appeared poor and lowly, Gong Yi couldn't forget how cruel this boy will be in the future! She recalled the scenes of her torture vividly! It was a shadow she had forgotten in this life.

Gong Jue was truly a demon! She was wondering if she should kill this kid before he kills her.

Seeing that the Imperial Palace has not yet interfered, the old eunuch began to hasten. This matter is a secret and cannot be delayed! So he hurried forward and buckled the boy's hands and feet. The prince didn't expect the eunuch to know martial arts. Although Palace Jue practiced some punches, in the end, he was young, malnutritioned, and had no strength. The enemy forced the medicine down his mouth.

In spite of this, half the drug was spilt. The old eunuch was furious and a flash of haze covered his eyes. "You leave me no choice."

The eunuch gave Little Gong Jue fierce kicks. The pain was immense and he couldn't defend himself from the beating. The six-year-old resorted to gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth!

When the old eunuch used up his strength, he grabbed the boy's chin, and sloppily poured the medicine.

No, don't!

The child's eyes, like a pair of jade, were full of unwillingness and fear! Although he does not know what's in the drug, it is definitely not a good thing! But he can't struggle. He can only swallow it with difficulty! He hates himself for being too weak, just too weak!

Why?! He has lost everything! Why is it that those people aren't satisfied with harming his mother, they also want to harm him?!

Hiding in the shadows, Gong Yi witnessed little Jue being beaten until he couldn't move. For some reason her back was drenched with sweat and her heart had a rather bad taste. Gong Jue, oh Gong Jue. I never imagined you'd also have such a miserable time……

She was tortured by this man before she died. The more she screamed, the more elated the man was, and she believed he was a psychopath. Presumably his abnormality was due to his tortured childhood, which drove him mad.

But….but now he is just a child…..a harmless one

Gong Yi Mo struggled inside, wondering if she should get rid of her future murderer, but in the end she felt he was still too young. He was now so miserable and what he hasn't done yet shouldn't be blamed on him.

Seeing that the rest of the medicine was swallowed, the old eunuch was relieved. He watched the boy clutch his neck in pain and curl up on the ground like a pathetic dog. What does it matter if he was the emperor's son? He was easily bullied by even the lowest of servants.

"I advise you to be sensible! You need to learn to eat bitterness! Rest a.s.sured, the drug won't kill you. It will only make you become dumb, to be useless for life! Even if you dare to say that Xian fei empress framed you, the medicine will ensure that you can't utter a word!"

Then the eunuch kicked the child, spat upon him, and quickly escaped.

His words caused Gong Jue to tremble, and hatred filled his gaze!….based on those words Gong Jue had a hunch—that Xiao Dié put on a facade in front of him so she can rely on his recommendations, which in turn helped her to climb a higher branch. And that branch was Xian fei. These wretched people….this harem! Sure enough, only the strongest can live!

Seeing the Eunuch run away, Gong Yi Mo jumped out of hiding. Thinking back, rumor was that the devilish Gong Jue began to be bloodthirsty around four years of age when he was consigned to limbo and poisoned dumb. He was very miserable until he met a G.o.d Doctor later in his life who helped cure his throat.

However Gong Jue never fully recovered. Although his throat got better, speaking to him felt as painful as a knife! Later after Su Miaolan knew about this matter, she often gave him stew which attracted his goodwill.

To save or not to save?

Saving him means she'll never be reconciled; not saving….it seems her heart will remain uneasy.

According to the development in her last life, Gong Jue will continue to suffer torture in the palace for many years. He left at thirteen years old, so even if she did not save him, he couldn't die….

But looking at the child holding his neck, and seeing his body shrink to a ball, Gong Yi wrinkled her brow. The boy's throat was uncomfortable and he whined like a weak cat. Gong Yi Mo walked out of the darkness and stopped at his foot.

Gong Jue felt that someone neared him and his first reaction was vigilance!


Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 3

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