Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 43 - The Empress Pleads (2)

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Translator: Kitty G.

Editor: Loreli

When Gong Yi Mo returned to her palace, she found that one of the Empress' confidants had also just arrived at her doorstep.

The princess was not yet aware of their current dilemma, nor did she know that the people around the Emperor had used her plans in a conspiracy to bring down the Empress.

Thus, she only hesitated slightly before agreeing to visit the Fengqi Palace. On the way there, Tian Xiang bitterly informed her about their dilemma.

Gong Yi Mo felt surprised. She never expected a serious matter like this to happen. So it turned out that someone had borrowed her hand to carry out a conspiracy against the Empress?

In her last life, Gong Yi Mo had met Gong Che when his mother and grandfather had already pa.s.sed away. So it seemed that it was around this time when the prince had experienced the tragedy of his life.

Soon, she arrived at the Fengqi Palace.

As soon as Gong Yi Mo entered, she saw the Empress wearing a complete set of phoenix robes and full makeup. Noticing how formally and seriously the woman presented herself, it was as if the Empress had prepared herself for her burial. Perhaps, just like in her previous life, the mother planned to shoulder all the sins to her grave just so the emperor would not dismiss Gong Che from his position. Looking at her appearance, that seemed to be the case!

After seeing the Chaoyang Princess come in, the Empress no longer expressed any discontent as she did before. Instead, she looked at the girl favorably as if she was staring at one of her own people. Only Gong Yi Mo, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d child that she hated, might have the ability to speak up for her son Gong Che.

With these thoughts in mind, the Empress sent her confidants away and knelt down before Gong Yi Mo.

The princess looked at her and spoke as her brow rose slightly, "Mother Empress… What are you going this far for?"

Had the situation fallen to this point?

That said, if there was still a sliver of hope, Gong Che would not have lost his mother at such a young age in her last life.

The Empress' expression was solemn and respectful. When she saw that the girl still appeared reluctant, she clenched her teeth and knocked her head heavily on the ground. Two lines of tears slid down her sorrowful face.

As an empress, she was indeed useless. If Gong Yi Mo wasn't there, she would have had to seek out Long Gui Fei. Compared to Long Gui Fei's evil and cruel nature, Gong Yi Mo was still young and compa.s.sionate. Hence, she could kneel before the girl on behalf of her son.

Gong Yi Mo was aware of the woman's motives, but even if she wanted to help, it was no simple matter to meddle with imperial authority. She admitted that she had the ability to please the Emperor, but when it came to challenging his decisions–especially ones against his authority–she would only be asking for an early death.

The Empress spoke up in a hoa.r.s.e voice, "Seventh Princess, I am guilty of all kinds of sins against you. I repeatedly schemed against you in the past, and this time, I was also responsible for attempting to steal relief supplies. But please look upon my son with compa.s.sion and save his life!" The empress' posture was low in the dust, and her words were sad and mournful.

Gong Yi Mo sighed heavily.

"Empress… speaking frankly, I am not truly my father's own child. In that case, how much do you think my words will weigh in the Emperor's mind?"

The Empress' eyes shook. She did not expect the young girl to know about her birth, but the mother had no other choice. She clenched her teeth and kowtowed once again.

"Please consider my son's kindness towards you. Consider my painstaking efforts as a mother. I believe that Seventh Princess would definitely succeed! You definitely can succeed!"

Gong Yi Mo was silent and unsure of herself. And yet, the Empress had confidence in her.

The woman kowtowed again and again, dyeing the floor crimson as she knocked her head on the floor. Unable to bear the sight, Gong Yi Mo closed her eyes, her countenance turning grave.

Perhaps all mothers in the world were like this. They could sacrifice everything for their children.

In her last life, Gong Che had gone through such hards.h.i.+p, yet in the end, he still ruled as a wise emperor. Gong Yi Mo smiled in self-ridicule. Her mind a.s.sessed the situation quickly as she calculated the many possibilities.

The Empress' forehead had swollen. The sound of knocking echoed loudly through the palace, shaking the hearts of those who heard it.

Gong Yi Mo sighed deeply and finally said, "Don't continue. I promise you."

Hearing this, the Empress' eyes were filled with surprise and deep joy! She shakily picked herself up from the ground and spoke incoherently, but her eyes were decisive!

"Thank you…. thank you so much! You can be a.s.sured that I will not make things too difficult for you… as long as the princess fulfills her promise whole-heartedly, I will immediately take poison and hang myself. That way, the Emperor will consider my death and take pity on Gong Che… I fear that those royal courtiers are eyeing my son's position of Crown Prince with envy. They will not hesitate to plot against him! I also ask that the princess please help Gong Che… just as you have with the Ninth Prince!"

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 43 - The Empress Pleads (2)

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