Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 49 - Outside The Palace (1)

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Chapter 49: Outside the Palace (1)

As expected, riches and honor are just like fleeting clouds to me. Once I say they’re gone, they’re gone.

Gong Yi Mo walked alone in the street, wearing a plain palace dress. Chang Xi had given her a handful of silver when she left the palace. However, in order to send a message to Zhen Xi w.a.n.g 1, she had used all of it in bribing someone. Now, she was penniless and extremely depressed at the fact.

All of the people in the stores under her name were Zhen Xi w.a.n.g’s. She and Gong Jue managed the stores together, so fearing that one of the men might inform the prince of her plight, she didn’t dare visit any of those stores. Fortunately, she had people beside Gong Jue. They only had to obstruct the letters regarding her situation before he could read them. Under the orders of both her and Zhen Xi w.a.n.g, such a task should not be a problem.

Gong Yi Mo was lost in thought as she wandered aimlessly on the streets. She was thoroughly familiar with the city, having visited the place countless times. The capital was bustling with activity, but in the end, it was still too primitive in her opinion. Aside from some exquisite handicrafts, there wasn’t much to appreciate.

As she strolled around, a thoroughbred horse suddenly dashed in front of her.  

An eye-catching young man in embroidered clothing came into view. He arrogantly rode his horse into the crowded city without slowing down. Luckily, the path was wide enough, otherwise, who knew how many civilians would have been injured by his rash entrance.

Gong Yi Mo shook her head in disapproval and continued on her way. She had no time to deal with such a problematic affair. The girl was no longer a princess.

Unfortunately, although she didn’t intend to find trouble, trouble insisted on finding her! The expensively dressed young man suddenly glanced at her, exclaimed in surprise, then halted his horse.

He was very attractive! Unlike Gong Jue’s cold allure and Gong Che’s gentle features, his looks were the kind that dazzled the public eye, catching attention anywhere he went. His eyes had a hint of unruliness and rebellion. The young man’s arrogant bearing meant that his status was not low, but Gong Yi Mo had never seen him before.

Noticing the stranger head her way, she first looked around before finally determining he was looking at her.

The young man stopped his horse, held his chin, and thoughtfully asked, “You… are you the Chaoyang Princess?” He searched around in his memory. He had seen her from afar in the past. His memory had always been very good; after taking a good look at her, he confirmed the girl’s ident.i.ty.

She had never expected to see him here. She wondered if she could borrow some money from him… Just as Gong Yi Mo began to cheer up, the man harrumphed coldly.

“I almost forgot, there’s no longer a Chaoyang Princess–just a worthless commoner.” He just got the news today, but he never expected to meet her. It seems to be his luck!

Gong Yi Mo smiled stiffened. Not wanting to get involved with such a person, she continued on her way.

“Stop right there! Did this Prince 2 give you permission to leave?!”

Upon hearing the young man’s t.i.tle, Gong Yi Mo seemed to have an impression of him.

One of the n.o.bilities in the kingdom had a foreign surname–Ping w.a.n.g. She heard that Ping w.a.n.g’s son was as attractive as a pearl jade. However, he seldom appeared at palace banquets for fear of offending people with his bad temper.

No wonder she had no impression; he was the rarely seen son of Ping w.a.n.g.

Gong Yi Mo looked at the young man with sympathy. She recalled that in her previous life, the young prince was killed by his stepmother at the age of eighteen. She never thought she’d meet him now.

“How old are you this year?” she asked.

The dissatisfied young man had been resentfully shouting at her when she suddenly turned around and asked him this question. He couldn’t help but answer subconsciously,

“Eighteen… Wait, why do I have to tell you?!”

It turns out that his fate was about to be sealed! Gong Yi Mo shook her head with regret. She didn’t want to involve herself with him any longer. She warmly said, “Is there anything I can do for the Prince?”

Hearing her words, the young man gave a sinister laugh.

“I just… don’t like you!!”

He suddenly turned hostile! The whip in his hand viciously lashed out towards Gong Yi Mo!

Sh*t! How did she offend him?!

Gong Yi Mo nimbly dodged the attack. Seeing the murderous power released by the whip’s las.h.i.+ngs, the crowd quickly backed far away. They suddenly regretted sticking around to watch the drama or even encountering such an incident.

After evading a number of attacks, Gong Yi Mo was angered by his attacks.

Since they were blocking a road in the capital, the city guard might come to apprehend them at any given moment. That was why she decisively caught the end of the whip. Gong Yi Mo looked at the man and laughed evilly.

If that’s the case, then don’t blame me for being unkind!

She wrapped the end of the whip around her hand to get a firm grip. Holding the whip’s end tightly, Gong Yi Mo tugged on it forcefully and used the counterforce to launch herself up into the air before landing right behind her opponent. She then tied up the young man with his very own whip!

Because the teenager’s cultivation was lower by a grade, he was quickly tied up to his horse before he could even respond to her attack. Since when did he have such an embarra.s.sing time? The young man’s jade-like cheeks were dyed with an obvious red.

“You are shameless!” How can a little girl have such a strong force? How did she have this skill at a young age?!

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 49 - Outside The Palace (1)

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