Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 50 - Outside The Palace (2)

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"You better let me go. Otherwise, this Prince won't let you get away with this!"

Gong Yi Mo, who was sitting behind him, laughed at his fl.u.s.tered expression and replied, "Oh, then go ahead and try!"

Afterward, she wrapped her hands around his waist to grab the reins of the horse. In the public's eye, all they could see was the fierce youth from before being tied to a horse by a girl who was much younger than him. This posture was truly…!

Realizing his strange position, the young prince's face turned even redder!

"F*ck! Let me go, you ugly woman. Do you want to die?!"

Although Gong Yi Mo's current age was quite young compared to this young man, she was still very capable. The girl shook the reins and caused the horse to rush out of the city like an arrow loosed from its string!

The young man's body involuntarily fell into her arms. He was ashamed to death! He wished he could cut the girl into pieces!

But Gong Yi Mo continued to laugh happily. She drew close to his ear and said with amus.e.m.e.nt, "If you want to curse, then do it more aggressively. Actually, your appearance when cursing heatedly is quite charming!"

The young man was stunned by her words. He felt so angry he could cough up blood.

Before the vexed youth could retort, the girl's voice once again rang with malicious intent, "Think about it–if the whole city finds out that the invincible young prince of Ping w.a.n.g can't beat a little girl, what would happen to the prince's reputation? Wouldn't that be exciting?"

"You ugly girl! Shut up!"

When the pair reached the city gates, the first person the guards saw was the young prince. They hastily opened the gate and allowed them pa.s.sage! The guards didn't want to anger this G.o.d of Disaster, along with his wild horse. Who knew that once the horse ran by, the young prince's angry bellow resounded in the air,

"You scoundrels! You can't even do your job properly! Quickly go and block her path—!"

But before he could finish his words, the guards noticed a cute little girl peek from behind the young man. She smiled sweetly at the guards and said, "Thank you, gentlemen, for opening the gate! I'm taking the Prince out of town to play! You don't have to worry!" Afterward, the pair sped off on the horse.

When the guard keeping watch finally noticed that the young prince was tied down to the horse, he hurriedly yelled out an urgent command, "Go and chase after them! You and all of you! Go report to the Ping w.a.n.g Mansion!"

But no matter how much they panicked, Gong Yi Mo had already run off with the youth.

As she whipped the horse to speed up, the wind blew against her face, filling her with satisfaction! The sorrow that weighed her down for these past few days were swept away. Gong Yi Mo felt that life outside the palace was still the most suitable for her!

The young prince was deeply troubled for a time, unsure about his fate. Who knew what impure motives the girl had.

Seeing the young man's vigilance, Gong Yi Mo laughed evilly, feeling an urge to tease. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

"Little brother, if you keep looking at me with those eyes, I will kiss you!"

Her words caused the prince's eyes to widen in disbelief. "How can there be such a shameless woman in this world?!"

Gong Yi Mo wasn't offended by him. She never cared for what others thought.

"You didn't know because your world is too small."

At this time, the horse stopped on its tracks. Gong Yi Mo untied and pushed the youth off while she remained on horseback. She looked down on him, eyebrows raised,

"If you explore the world around you, you will know of other girls who are shameless…"

Her eyes glittered slightly and she laughed loudly, "Of course, there isn't another girl in this world who is just like me!"

The young master had an urge to vomit blood after hearing her arrogant words. Such a shameless woman, he swore the thousandth time to cut her into pieces!

At this time, he finally noticed how far they were from the city. The nearby scenery was enchanting, and they had reached one side of a river. Where in the world were they?!

What happened to those guarding the city gates? Why hadn't they arrived yet? There wasn't anybody nearby. He shouldn't be secretly murdered and cast away, right?

The Prince suddenly turned quiet, unable to hide his nervousness. Gong Yi Mo laughed, "Isn't it a bit late for you to finally be afraid?"

Hearing her mockery, the youth immediately glared at her, "Who's afraid! Do you think this Prince would be afraid of you? You let me go! Once someone comes to save me, there will be no future for you!"

Gong Yi Mo went to the river to wash her hands, completely ignoring the youth's empty threats.

Looking at the water's pristine clearness, it was evident that it was still pure in ancient times. There was not much pollution to be found. Even parasites were few.

"Tell me…" As soon as the little girl spoke up, the young prince subconsciously went quiet. Gong Yi Mo, who was kneeling by the river, slowly turned her head and looked at him with a villainous smile, "If I drown you in this river and run off with your horse, would they be able to save you?"

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 50 - Outside The Palace (2)

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