Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 64 - In The Emperor's Presence (1)

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When Shen s.h.i.+ye heard the ruckus from a distance, he came to the scene in a hurry, only to find Gong Yi Mo surrounded. When he stepped forward to try to save her, Su Miaolan interrupted his approach and pleaded, "Brother Shen, don't go. What if you get hurt?"

Shen s.h.i.+ Ye was truly anxious for Gong Yi Mo. His jadelike face glowered as he pushed Su Miao Lan aside. "I'll see who dares to harm me!"

Seeing his determination, Su Miaolan's eyes flashed with resentment! What was so good about Gong Yi Mo? Not only did the Crown Prince like her, even Shen s.h.i.+ Ye, who had only met her once, was now treating her specially. That wretched girl was a truly a vixen. It would best if she died by Gong Han Yue's hands!

With such a scheme, Su Miaolan didn't want Shen s.h.i.+ye to interrupt the scene before them, so she purposely tried to lead him away. "Brother Shen, these affairs concern the royal family. What can we possibly do about them? I'm begging you, please don't go…"

She lifted up a pair of tear-filled eyes. After all, she was a maiden with a jade-like beauty. This kind of girl was rare.

Shen s.h.i.+ Ye looked deeply at her tearstained eyes. For the first time, he actually felt annoyed by them.

Why did he believe that Su Miaolan was any different from those other n.o.ble women in the first place?

This time, he withdrew her hand slowly and walked forward in large strides.

The palace guards cautiously approached, step by step. As Gong Han Yue viciously screamed at them to kill her hated enemy, they wielded their sharp swords, causing the blades to flash with a dangerous light.

At first Gong Yi Mo stood in her spot motionless. Suddenly, she bowed her head, and her shoulder began to tremble. She looked very strange.

Gong Han Yue took a closer look and realized she was sn.i.g.g.e.ring!

Her giggles grew louder and louder until she finally laughed loudly without restraint!

Gong Yi Mo looked at Gong Han Yue with interest, along with a trace of pity.

"Zhang Princess, you are still… so stupid it's amazing!"

Gong Han Yue's eyes widened in anger. She trembled uncontrollably and was actually rendered speechless!

"…If I were as foolish as you, I would hide my face from the public for safety. It's better than being used by others."

Gong Yi Mo said her last taunt in a low voice. Without waiting for the princess to erupt in anger, Gong Yi Mo took out an object from her sleeve and slowly lifted it for everyone to see.

Under the sunlight, everyone could see a bright gold medallion with the embedded words, "In the Emperor's Presence" (如朕亲临) 1 in four distinct characters in bold calligraphy.

The guards turned pale and quickly fell on their knees.

It was 'In the Emperor's Presence'!

Some of the audience who were about to join in the fun suddenly discovered that all of the palace guards knelt towards the young girl. Gong Yi Mo's figure towered over their sad figures as if she watching from the heavens upon this disdainful world!

Her eyes were tranquil and her expression was filled with indifference. Not a trace of fear could be found within her.

Yes, she held the t.i.tle as the Chaoyang Princess, and not just any unqualified person can earn such a t.i.tle. She had to be a woman with an exceptional bearing.

Before Gong Han Yue could recover from her stupor, Gong Yi Mo had already slowly walked up to her with her golden medal in hand.

Gong Yi Mo was young, but she was just as tall as the ill-tempered princess. She laughed in ridicule as patted Gong Han Yue's grim face with the medallion. Her face was filled with mischief.

"In fact, I've always wanted to tell you, Imperial Sister; the best kind of life for a person like you is to find a male concubine to keep you occupied in your royal mansion. Instead of bothering everyone else who's smarter than you, you should roll back to your home."

Every time the gold medal patted her cheeks, Gong Han Yue felt bitter shame. She screamed at Gong Yi Mo, being overcome with indignation and unwillingness!

Why did father favor her! Just why?!

  如朕亲临 — more literally the emperor saying, 'as if I had come personally which I shortened to 'In the Emperor's Presence'. In ancient times, only the emperor can say these words. It is basically the emperor saying that someone can represent him, which is akin to giving them privileges. In Gong Yi Mo's case, this medallion is the emperor's token saying that he's given her high privileges

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 64 - In The Emperor's Presence (1)

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