Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 66 - Drunk Little Princess (1)

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Chapter 66: Drunk Little Princess (1)

This time, because of her newfound fear for Gong Yi Mo, Su Miaolan did not dare to try such a thing again. Quality food and wine were quickly sent to the hillside. Most of the n.o.ble women already excused themselves from the gathering, leaving the hillside as the only lively place in this manor.

Gong Yi Mo was extremely fond of drinking liquor. The wine here was light and mellow, followed by a long aftertaste; those who drink it leisurely would slowly become intoxicated without noticing. When she used lived in the imperial palace, she could never allow herself to get thoroughly drunk, since being on guard was crucial.

But now that Gong Jue's mission was arranged, the Liu family had been saved, and now that she had left the palace, Gong Yi Mo finally felt completely at ease to enjoy plenty of drinks!

Most of those who attended this gathering were famous in the capital. Of course, these were the children of officials who have been spoiled and had nothing else to do. When they saw that Gong Yi Mo was so outspoken at such a young age, the atmosphere grew ever more enthusiastic.

Some of them played games amongst themselves while others conversed with Gong Yi Mo. She was so knowledgeable that whatever the audience would ask her, she always had a unique opinion to share.

Gong Yi Mo perched herself on a tree branch and suddenly lifted a wine jug to her lips. She raised her head as she drank to her heart's content! Her unceremonious and carefree posture caused her onlookers to feel charmed. Perhaps there were people who didn't need to make an effort to be romantic. The once desolate girl now seemed to be in a good mood so those present didn't dare utter a word to disturb her peace. Only the sound of trickling wine permeated. Her flowing hair and robes, and her clear gaze when she opened her eyes–all of these minute details gave her an elegant demeanor which caused her onlookers to feel enchanted.

"Only now do I realize that you are only considered living when you can indulge like the princess."

Who knew which person in the crowd said these words with a sigh. Gong Yi Mo looked down and smiled. "You think I'm living very well?"

Others in the crowd were also slightly drunk. Yu Ziqing, the son of the a.s.sistant minister of the Ministry of Justice, replied in a laughing manner, "Although you lost your status, the princess is still living so freely and unrestrained. It is as if you can still live a wanton life regardless of the circ.u.mstance. Isn't this a good thing?"

"Don't call me princess…"

Gong Yi Mo waved her hand and said in a low whisper, "Well… happy… ah, I had wanted to be happy from the beginning…" Gong Yi Mo looked up at the sky and seemed to recall the days when she lived in the Cold Palace.

It was late, and the sky had darkened. Under the illumination of the bright torches, the stars in the skies appeared dimmer. The side view of her face was so beautiful that the people couldn't look away.

"While living in this world, you can't just do whatever you want… Perhaps everyone is living for the sake of others… All the shackles that hold you back are those you care for… cast on you layer by layer and, only if… you don't have those people, can you truly be free…"

As she whispered to herself, her sad mood seemed to have infinitely deepened… she–hadn't she originally been chasing a lonely life of happiness in the Jianghu?

Her words made everyone contemplate. They never thought that a girl of only twelve years of age could say such a deep philosophical idea.

But when Shen s.h.i.+ Ye saw Gong Yi Mo's yearning expression, he began to worry.

"You're drunk."

Hearing his statement, Gong Yi Mo looked at him with a sparkling gaze.

"I'm not drunk."

Shen s.h.i.+ Ye stood up and insisted, "Everyone stop, we're not drinking anymore. Let's all go back!"

Some people were reluctant to part, but Shen s.h.i.+ Ye currently held the highest status. n.o.body dared to disobey this bully.

"What about me?"

Gong Yi Mo pointed at herself very foolishly. In the fire's light, her eyes looked like a drunk little lamb, making people feel as if they want to protect her well.

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 66 - Drunk Little Princess (1)

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