Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 82 - Subtle Jealousy (1)

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Chapter 82: Subtle Jealousy (1)

Gong Yi Mo continued to a.n.a.lyze the situation. "Even if we have the firm support of the emperor, there will still be many obstacles because everyone believes that we can only rely on manual labor to do the excavation. But if we use my method of excavating, many people will be alerted by our progress a year later. When they realize the benefits of this method, those people will inevitably be greedy and will want a piece of the cake… By then, we won't have too much opposition from the ministers because their children will be collaborating with us. But when it comes to the other princes, it's hard to say what they will do."

She spoke in a slow and logical manner, but all of her words went straight to the point.

Rather than waiting for other princes to steal our hard work, it's better to have Gong Jue a.s.sist us. This is also one of the conditions I have for helping you."

Although Gong Che was deeply aware that Gong Jue's a.s.sistance was much more reliable than those offered by the wealthy wolves and tigers around them, the Crown Prince was still unable to suppress the bitter feelings welling up in his heart. "I'm afraid that Father Emperor will not agree to this matter."

Since Gong Che held the t.i.tle as Crown Prince, his position gave his presence weight in the people's hearts since they would regard his status as being equivalent to the emperor himself. But Gong Jue's t.i.tle held no importance. Even if others wanted to steal some of their shares in the future, how could Gong Jue have the power and authority to prevent their theft?

Gong Yi Mo smiled confidently. "He was personally taught by me so I have a very clear understanding of his abilities. He only needs to complete the underground shafts in connecting the reservoirs at Xi Zhou, which no one else could accomplish for the past six or seven years. Gong Jue's experience in water management will certainly be able to win the people's trust."

If he could not deal even with those enemies, he would not be the competent Regent that she knew him to be in her past life.

Gong Che felt even more depressed. He knew that as a brother, he should be quite happy right now; after all, Gong Yi Mo did give him a solution to his dire situation. He should be grateful and willing to accept whatever condition she asked!

But when he saw that Gong Yi Mo could never forget Gong Jue and that all of her efforts in the end pointed to him, Gong Che couldn't help but feel reluctance in his heart.

Didn't they just spend three years together in the Cold Palace? Why would Gong Jue be better than him?

Gong Yi Mo naturally wasn't aware of Gong Che's thoughts. When she saw him pondering, she a.s.sumed that he was ruminating about the plan's details, and nothing more than that. Gong Yi Mo believed that he would agree in the end.

First of all, Gong Che would receive many benefits. After all, the Liu family's ancestral home was also located in the south. Once they leave the capital, the strength of an influential family will come into play to a.s.sist them in their project. Once the ca.n.a.l route has successfully connected the north and the south, the emperor's ruling power in the region will be strengthened and he will definitely be pleased with the Liu family's contribution. As a result, he will certainly allow this family to fill in the role as a proxy-minister. As long as the Liu family seizes this opportunity, they will receive unimaginable gains through the ca.n.a.l.

As the children of the ministers who will follow Gong Che, even though their status was low in the beginning, their contribution in building the ca.n.a.l will bring glory to their standings and will polish their abilities. These youths will be of great aid in the future.

These are all benefits related to Gong Che. But as for herself?

Gong Yi Mo's eyes brightened in antic.i.p.ation, and the corner of her lips raised to a smile.

She was the most capable person to seize the opportunities in this work!

The shops that she owned could only run in the capital, and thus, could no longer meet her needs. If she were to successfully complete the ca.n.a.l and open the route to the south, she and Gong Che will inevitably receive rewards from the emperor himself. At that time, before anyone else could take this right, Gong Yi Mo planned to gain the right to manage transportation through the ca.n.a.l! Even if she can't monopolize this business, she wanted to own a legitimate merchant fleet that sail through these waters!

If her very own merchant fleet managed the transportation through this Grand Ca.n.a.l…Gong Yi Mo could not fathom all the benefits that would accompany this opportunity.

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 82 - Subtle Jealousy (1)

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