Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 84 - She Is Your Sister (1)

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Chapter 84: She Is Your Sister (1)

After all, the Empress was already 40 years old; she had met many kinds of people and experienced many ups and downs. The Empress had developed an eye for people's intents.

She said that Gong Yi Mo was fierce and ambitious because, although the girl appeared friendly, she was still able to use cruel methods at the tender age of ten such as killing numerous before a crowd to deter the audience. Although she appeared harmless, she could actually make one scheme after another, and also have the ability to put her grand plans into reality. If such a girl was not considered fierce and ambitious, then who else would be?

Gong Che's heart was filled with surprise as he listened to his mother's sincere praises of Gong Yi Mo. Although he didn't agree with all that she said about his sister, the prince was still happy that she acknowledged Gong Yi Mo.

"I don't want to mention those events of the past. Sister Gong should not be blamed for such things…" Gong Che didn't notice, but when he thought of his sister, his expression would unconsciously turn gentle.

"Royal Sister, she…is indeed a very powerful and broad-minded person."

When his gentle expression fell upon the Empress' eyes, for some reason, she had a very bad feeling.

She hesitated…the tone of her voice revealed a trace of uncertainty as she considered her words.

"Prince…do you.." have feelings for Gong Yi Mo?

Finally, she could not bear to say the last part of her question out loud. She stared at Gong Che's face as she held back her words.

Gong Che looked up at his mother questioningly. "Ah? What were you trying to say mother?"

When she stared back at Gong Che's handsome face that once again shone with gentleness and bright self-confidence, the empress shook her head and dodged his question. "Nothing, the matter isn't suitable to discuss this late…This Empress will now go to visit your father! It's just that…"

She looked up at Gong Che once again. That's your sister! Even if there is no blood relations.h.i.+p, an entanglement like this will be a danger to the Prince.

But she didn't say anything. Why should she bring it to light now?

The prince conversed a little longer with the Empress since he knew that they wouldn't be able to see each other for a long time. After exchanging a few more words, Gong Che finally turned and left.

Finally, the moment came when he stepped out of Fengqi Palace! Gong Che looked up at the blue sky and white clouds. Suddenly, an infinite happiness spread within his heart!

He was leaving, but this time, he will depart to build his own business and to break out from his small world!

Gong Che swept his gaze towards the Zhaoyang Palace and smiled. When he returns, he will never be controlled by others again.

The weather in the capital was always dry and sunny.

Sure enough, the next day, when Gong Che proposed to leave the capital to build the ca.n.a.l, there was an uproar in the main hall.

Everyone gave him strange looks. Was the prince overexcited from the recent events that he ended up going mad? It was obvious that a Crown Prince's only honor was to be able to manage the government under the emperor's authority. Why would he give up such a good opportunity in order to leave and build a ca.n.a.l?

According to the prince's plan, this was a major project that would bring countless benefits. Once built, it would prove to be a great achievement that will be remembered through the ages. But who knows how many years it will take to repair the waterway? A decade? Eight years? A plan that took so long would be a foolish method to grab political merits when fighting for the throne.

But while the audience gave him strange looks, unexpectedly, none of the ministers stood up to counter his request. Gong Che stood before the court with a straight posture. He ignored their stares and continued to face the Holy Emperor.

Emperor Gong Sheng's fingers drummed on the Dragon Chair. He lowered his gaze as he pondered deeply.

Yesterday, the empress sent a servant to hand over the Phoenix Seal. She said she would seclude herself at the Buddhist Temple and pray for the people. This time, her son appeared before him and proposed to leave the capital in order to govern measures for flooding by building the Grand Ca.n.a.l.

To outsiders, the prince's decision to leave the capital was one made out of frustration and hopelessness. But for the youth to cheer up in such a short time, then appear before the emperor with such a major plan, Gong Sheng felt that his son did not fall into despair.

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 84 - She Is Your Sister (1)

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