Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 88 - The Kingdom's Top Beauty (1)

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Chapter 88:  The Kingdom's Top Beauty (1)

"Relax, there isn't a place that wouldn't want to invite a prince!"

Li Ke sat peacefully while enjoying a cup of tea. This young man was different from the impatient youths that he accompanied; he worked in Hanlin Academy and had acquired his position by his own strength. The reason why he was able to join these other young men for such a gathering was because he became acquainted with them after they shared a drink at Su Miaolan's estate.

A chubby youth pulled Li Ke's hand and pointed to a Jade b.u.t.terfly cake, saying, "Big Brother Li, are you going to have some? If not, I won't eat either!"

Li Ke looked at him and smiled, "Qin Qing, you really shouldn't snack any more. We'll be having lunch soon."

The chubby youth reluctantly took one last glance at the b.u.t.terfly pastry on the plate before trying to convince himself, 'It doesn't matter since I've tasted a lot of it already. It's just one less pastry.'

Li Ke shook his head helplessly and smiled.

When they heard a knock on the door, the group stood up together. As soon as the door opened, they saw a girl walk in, dressed in men's attire.

At this time, Gong Yi Mo wore white robes; her hair was styled in a bun and adorned with a small jade crown. Her outfit, along with her small, white face and red lips made her look like a spoiled young master of a rich family. At this time, she addressed everyone and said with a smile, "This Young Master Gong greets my fellow brothers."

Her momentum caused everyone in the room to step back nervously.

Li Ke narrowed his eyes and said, "Now I know that the princess appears more powerful in men's clothing. You can't help but take her seriously."

Gong Yi Mo waved her hand and greeted them one by one, before finally saying, "Let's not waste any more time. The prince promised to take me out to play, but if it's no fun, I'll hold all of you responsible."

As soon as she said this, the teenagers looked at each other. Xu Yuan touched his chin and said, "I usually don't say this, but since the princess is here, I think what she said is right!"

Yu Ziqing gave a mysterious smile, "We know the top beauty in the capital, but today, we'll have the chance to meet the kingdom's number one beauty! She traveled with a team and is going to have her first debut in the capital today! Everyone, let's go and see!"

After hearing this news, Gong Yi Mo felt somewhat curious. She had never heard of this person in the capital, so she wondered what kind of appearance would deserve to be the top beauty in the kingdom.

"Since it's evening, we can also talk about business right now." Yu Ziqing signaled to the others with a meaningful glance, and the group soon sat down.

The pleasant fragrance of the snowy mountain bud tea permeated in the air; Gong Yi Mo closed her eyes as she appreciated its scent, while the others merely stared at her, unsure of how to open up the conversation.

Just then, the chubby youth broke the silence as he picked up the last crisp cake and chewed on it. He spoke in an unclear manner, with a mouth full of crumbs, "Look at how worried you guys are. Fine, I'll say it myself! Chaoyang Princess, we want to follow you–, no wait, we want to follow the Crown Prince to help build the ca.n.a.l.

Gong Yi Mo froze on the spot.

A few days ago, they heard the news that their families were required to send competent young men for this mission, but the elders chose these youths of the second generation who were idling about. These young masters had no interest in the matter, but since their family was forcing them to go, they had no way to escape.

However, when these young men discovered that it was the Crown Prince who requested this matter, they were also aware that Gong Yi Mo followed this Prince. Naturally, she would be following him in this mission.

It didn't seem like a bad idea to follow Gong Yi Mo to the south to enjoy food and wine.

The number of positions open for this trip was limited. At first they resisted the idea, but once they discovered that Gong Yi Mo was a part of it, they immediately changed their minds. After discussing among themselves, they invited her to come and join them for this gathering.

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 88 - The Kingdom's Top Beauty (1)

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