Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 96 - More Than Meets The Eye (1)

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Chapter 96: More than Meets the Eye (1)

Jing Yun suddenly smiled and said, "Smuggling wasn't possible up to now between Yu Heng and your country because of the flooding that occurs at the Huang Long Reservoir. Meanwhile, the bordering state of Luo Zhou between our two countries is heavily guarded; attempting to smuggle at the borders is as difficult as trying to reach the heavens."

But as soon as Jing Yun said so, she suddenly smiled with obvious excitement, "But now, everything will change–now that your country, Great Yu, is going to build a ca.n.a.l."

"Water brings life and opportunities. Since your project spans across a vast territory, this waterway will be difficult to manage by yourself. Just the lower part of the ca.n.a.l that runs along the south will connect to various waterways in Huang Long. If my country secretly builds two waterways in the south and you cooperate with us to build a junction to those tributaries, no one will ever find out…If you are willing to cooperate with us, we can sail to the junction by boat and exchange goods, then transport our materials to the domestic market in secret.

Gong Yi Mo smiled and replied, "You're thinking quite far ahead, but this is a heavy risk. I can't do anything that will bring hidden dangers to my country…"

What she meant by those words was, if you want her to take such a big risk, you should at least pay part of the deposit.

Surprisingly, Jing Yun gritted her teeth and agreed, "Of course–since those secret rivers will be used by Yu Heng, I'll be willing to bear the cost of the excavation."

Gong Yi Mo scrutinized the maiden and said with interest, "Even the number beauty of the kingdom wouldn't have so much money…" Not only will she have to secretly build the river in Yu Heng, she will also have to provide her money for the project. Having the authority, financial resources, and the courage to take such a heavy risk could not be accomplished simply by being a world-renowned beauty.

"This won't pose any problems for the princess," Jing Yun said with a look of fascination and charm. Such a delicate woman was tempting, but Gong Yi Mo could only touch her nose in amus.e.m.e.nt.

She looked down on the maiden and commented, "It's useless to try seduce me."

Jing Yun looked up and sighed, "I almost forgot that you're a little girl. But fortunately you're female. If you were a prince, our Yu Heng country will have plenty to worry about."

But then, Jing Yun turned to display her most attractive smile, "So what do you say? Do you find me beautiful?" She crossed her long legs; they were fair and symmetrical, without a trace of scars or flaws. Her looming chest partly covered in slightly transparent satin seemed to catch Gong Yi Mo's eyes.

Her figure was certainly unmatched!

Gong Yi Mo sighed, "Unfortunately, although you are an exquisite beauty, there's only one thing you're missing."

"Oh?" Jing Yun leaned forward eagerly. How could she not care about her looks when she's clearly showing interest just now?

The princess leaned forward to a dangerously close distance; her sudden approach caused Jing Yun to retreat unconsciously. But Gong Yi Mo still accurately came to her neck and sniffed it before frowning in disappointment.

"Ordinary women have a certain fragrance as a result of their makeup seeping into their skin. You also have this fragrance, but unfortunately…"

She said with a bitter face, "Underneath that fragrance is the scent of a man. Isn't that disappointing?"

Jing Yun glared back, "Who are you calling a smelly man?"

She was left speechless for a moment. Afterwards, the beauty winked at Gong Yi Mo and complained with a charming voice, "Do you see me as a man? That's ridiculous!"

Gong Yi Mo laughed at her reaction; her gaze bore into that place between Jing Yun's legs with a suggestive look.

"Are you man? Can you raise that skirt a little higher for me?"

The little girl spoke so innocently but her words caused Jing Yun's expression to turn from pale to black. Finally, she laughed and said,

"Do you want to be my guest underneath the bed sheets? That won't do, this sister isn't attracted to girls."

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 96 - More Than Meets The Eye (1)

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