Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 98 - A Man Who Loved Her (1)

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Chapter 98 – A Man Who Loved Her (1)

Earlier, she had covered up her actions by sniffing him in order to get a closer look at this birthmark. Sure enough. His ident.i.ty became clear.

Yu Heng Empire's second son Jing Yun.

A prince born who was from a troupe singer and was constantly ignored, yet he had always cherished country.

Gong Yi Mo rarely recalled memories from her previous life, but if you asked her who she felt the most sorry for…

Gong Yi Mo smiled sadly.

She felt sorry for a lot of people in her last life because it was she who caused a war between the North and South, killing countless people and widowing countless wives. She was the cursed executioner.

But there was only one she truly felt sorry for.

One person that was said to love her deeply.

However, that person wasn't a beautiful Jing Yun but an ugly version of him.

During a palace banquet one day, he unexpectedly fell in love with her at first sight. The long years of battle then deepened their relations.

Yes, Gong Yi Mo believed that this was her ill-fated bond with Jing Yun.

Jing Yun was the most outstanding prince in the Yu Heng Empire and was loved by its denizens. However, he a.s.sisted her many times secretly and entangled deeply in her affairs. In the end, in spite of Gong Yi Mo's wishes, she led an army to besiege Jing Yun's city. It was this man whom she met on the battlefield–the prince who didn't want her to be sad, personally opened the gates for her.

In this way, because he had helped her, Jing Yun was executed as a traitor during her last life, with his corpse fed to the dogs. When she took over the city, she couldn't even find his ashes.

That was why, in her last life, whenever she killed someone, she would wonder what her life would have been if she had never met Gong Che; if she had met Jing Yun earlier, a man who would love her wholeheartedly, she wouldn't be suffering like this.

Unfortunately, it was not to be.

She actually did not recognize him at first and only began to suspect when he offered the deal.

Jing Yun was a clever and far-sighted person. If the Yu Heng royal family hadn't persecuted his mother, forcing him to destroy both his appearance and martial arts skills, with his patriotism, he wouldn't have ended up that way.

And sure enough, she found the pink blossom birthmark on his neck. When she saw it the first time in her previous life, she had asked him if it was a hickey.

He had coldly turned to her and asked her who would possibly kiss him after seeing his wretched face.

Gong Yi Mo didn't believe it, adamantly stating that she wasn't afraid. As an envoy, in respect of her status, Jing Yun slowly removed his mask.

It was a face that was horribly broken into pieces and could give a child nightmares for days. He seemed like a Yama straight from h.e.l.l standing quietly under that red plum tree at that time watching her coldly. That cold and indifferent voice carried a despondent and mournful undertone.

He touched his face and asked, 'Is it scary?'

What did she say back then?

Gong Yi Mo recalled it as a bitter feeling involuntarily rose up in her heart. That time, she had said…

If your face wasn't deformed, you would've been a beautiful woman.

He truly was a beautiful woman!

Jing Yun felt a lot more comfortable after removing the water balloons. Hearing no response from Gong Yi Mo, he lifted his head and saw the complicated expression she made while looking at him. It looked like terrible grief as well as remorse.

Jing Yun was shocked: he didn't know why, but it seemed like she felt bad for him…

It must be an illusion. His sources had told him that this unruly princess doesn't kneel even in front of the emperor–an extremely difficult person to deal with!

"What's wrong?" He creased his eyebrows, every small movement would enrapture the viewer. He really was beautiful. After all, his mother was the true beauty that shook the Yu Heng Empire back then.

Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 98 - A Man Who Loved Her (1)

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