Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation Chapter 241

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The gazes of all the guests dropped on Jiang Xiu. They were very shocked. 100 Million Euros to buy a piece of jewelry. Even using the word 'crazy' wasn't sufficient to define using such an enormous sum to do such a thing.

The black bodyguard even forgot to stop him while Xiao Xuetong was already stupefied. Did he just say 100 million? Did he? Yeh.

Bai Xin was dumbfounded as well, "1-100 Million Euros!"

It was something out of her perception!

The company with which she was affiliated with wouldn't even sell for such a high amount of 100 Million Euros, and he was using such an amount to buy jewelry.

Long Yingqing's eyes opened wide as well. She glared at him without blinking even once. He… has he gone insane?

The members of the Long family were shocked as well. I-Is this brat actually a millionaire?

They weren't ready to believe it even if he were really a millionaire.

Their first reaction was astonishment. Jiang Xiu had used an amount of 100 Million Euros to bid and even instakilled Mr. Lee's bid, but after thinking over it carefully, they wondered whether he really had that much money.

Mr. Lee also looked at this man with shock, his eyes narrowed into slits.

Jiang Xiu wore a calm expression on his face and looked towards the auctioneer. "What? Did you not hear me clearly? I'll repeat it then. 100 Million… Euros!"

The auctioneer finally woke up from his daze, "Mister, are you sure?"

"Do you think I'm kidding?"

At this moment, Xiao Xuetong's expression had already changed. She rushed to pull Jiang Xiu back. This wasn't a place they could mess around in. It was quite a serious auction. They were all well versed in the laws of the court to express their seriousness towards it.

Long Xiaoru said, "If you make a false bid to grab the item, the auction house has the right to request the court to make you pay the price you bid. In other words, even if you were just kidding, you'll have to pay the price, or else the court will freeze all your funds, force you to declare bankruptcy and even send you to jail."

"Shut your trap!"

He took out a black card with his fingers and threw it. It accurately flew over towards the auction table and landed there, the diamonds flickering under the lighting.

"It's Express Centurion!"

All the present elites knew about the weight behind this world's most mysterious card. It was the credit card with the highest credit. Those who held it enjoyed first-cla.s.s benefits, customized private service as well as limitless global expediency.

"The King of Cards!"

They were all really shocked this time.

This card could overdraft the highest amount of 3.6 Billion Euros. The a.s.sets possessed by someone who had this card were definitely enough to easily take out 100 Million Euros.

The Long family's members were all stunned. Wasn't this guy poor?

"This brat is really a millionaire!"

"We made a mistake!"

Long Yingqing also revealed a very complicated look. She realized that her judgment of Jiang Xiu was never right. She felt very weird.

Xiao Xuetong quickly came back to her senses and reminded Jiang Xiu, "Hey, are you crazy? This thing isn't even worth 100 Million Euros. Even a thousand euros are too expensive. Don't buy it!"

"Auctioneer, are you not going to announce the bid?"

The auctioneer finally came back to his senses as well. Everyone's sight fell on Jiang Xiu's body which seemed to be glowing with a divine light which kept flickering.

"100 Million Euros once!"

No one knew who he was but using 100 Million Euros to buy something which was originally worth 5 Million Euros was enough for those who wors.h.i.+pped money to wors.h.i.+p him as well.

"100 Million Euros twice!"

Jiang Xiu faced that Mr. Lee then said, "What? You aren't going to play?"

Mr. Lee's expression turned ugly. It was unsightly that the thing he wanted to get got taken away. He had bid 30 Million Euros to show off, but now, he had instead got countered by this brat in such a ruthless way. The price of 100 Million Euros was really too high and wasn't worth the item.

Even if it were a rich person, they wouldn't kid around with 100 Million Euros.

Mr. Lee said, "This jewelry item isn't worth 100 Million Euros. This mister, since you like it, it's yours."

He forced himself to say these words despite the contradiction in his heart.

Everyone could make out that this crown pendant wasn't worth more than 10 Million Euros. The reason Mr. Lee had bid 30 Million Euros wasn't that he cared about the actual value of this piece as sometimes the value of the item didn't depend on it. Saying that this item wasn't worth 100 Million Euros now was akin to saying grapes are sour when you can't eat them.

"100 Million Euros thrice!"

The auctioneer hit the hammer down!


Long Yingqing had a hideous expression on her face. This wasn't just slapping at Mr. Lee's face but also hitting her face. "I don't like that crown pendant much anyways!"

After Jiang Xiu had lost this card, w.a.n.g Xintong had immediately renewed a new one for him and sent it to him along with the

After swiping the card, the concerned staff returned the card back to Jiang Xiu. The bodyguard also came before him and apologized, "We're sorry, Mister. We were misled by their words!"

The Long family members made a very awkward expression.

Long Xiaoru said, "It's really unbelievable. This brat is really something. Looks like our judgment of him was wrong all along, but using 100 Million Euros to buy a piece of jewelry to show off must've given him quite the pain, right?"

Long Xiuyi sneered, "He's just overreaching to impress!"

Everyone's gaze fell on Xiao Xuetong. It was definite that he wouldn't be wearing this crown pendant so that meant it was for the lady beside him.

In an instant, Xiao Xuetong had become the focus!

She was also feeling a little stupefied. "You were really so wealthy?" She wondered whether she was in love. G.o.d had sent her a wealthy prince charming into her life.

"The second auction item is a necklace… the starting price is 6 Million Euros!"

Everyone began to bid in succession!

"6.5 Million!"

Since Mr. Lee was defeated the first time, he had to somehow recover his face, so he turned towards Long Yingqing. "Shall I buy it for you?"

Long Yingqing nodded and then glared at Jiang Xiu!

"10 Million Euros!"

He increased the bid by a considerable amount to recover his lost face.

"100 Million Euros!"

Everyone was shocked once again.

This was too overbearing, right to the extreme. It was simply coming in front of the other party then slapping them. This had put Mr. Lee in an awkward situation.

Mr. Lee's complexion turned ashen immediately. The man behind him even planned to go out and warn Jiang Xiu.

He was already defeated once and would lose all face if he were defeated again.

"150 Million Euros."

Mr. Lee decided to act overbearingly as well.

The entire venue became abuzz with excitation.

Jiang Xiu had no intentions to shrink back, "200 Million Euros!"

Mr. Lee's expression became utterly sour. Jiang Xiu was clearing not giving him face. 200 Million. Which family would even compete for an item by bidding over 200 Million?

"250 Million Euros!"

Jiang Xiu countered, "500 Million Euros!"

The eyes of all the elite Europeans, n.o.blemen, as well as the female stars almost popped out.

5-500 Million Euros!

Oh my G.o.d!

All their gazes then fell on Mr. Lee's face and saw that he wasn't planning to bid again. His average Korean face which looked a little flat now had a strange expression on it. His lips kept twitching.

Even this world's most precious Ocean Heart sold for over a 100 Million and even that was taken back by the royal family due to it being the emblem of the royal family while this necklace was bought for 500 Million.

This was just too insane!

There was no face left for him to recover now.

Long Yingqing was also stunned after hearing the amount. The gaze with which she looked at Jiang Xiu was full of disbelief. He was so young, and even if his home was wealthy, this amount of 500 Million Euros was too high. Whether be it people from China, Korea, Europe, Southwest Asia or the high n.o.bles, none of them could remain calm now.

Who the h.e.l.l is he?

Just what is his background?

Bai Xin was filled with hate as she witnessed all of this. Xiao Xuetong had actually come in with such a wealthy young master. She looked towards Long Tianyi beside her. She initially believed he was pretty good, but after seeing Jiang Xiu spend such an amount, she immediately realized the difference.

"500 Million Euros once!"


Every count off seemed like a loud slap to Mr. Lee's face.

"Thrice and sold!"

The guests began to clap with crazy enthusiasm. This matter was bound to overwhelm the entire upper cla.s.s of Europe and America by tomorrow. It was too crazy.

After being defeated twice. Mr. Lee didn't bid again. Was there a need for him to suffer again after his face took so many hits that it was swollen?

He looked at Jiang Xiu with an indifferent gaze, "Young man, you don't know the immensity of heaven and earth. Sometimes, showing off can make you regret for an entire lifetime."

Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation Chapter 241

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