Martial Peak Chapter 1395 - Digging Their Own Grave?

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Chapter 1395, Digging Their Own Grave?

The extraordinary st.u.r.diness of Dragon Cave Mountain’s Mountain Defending Array was of particular concern to the observing masters.

Needless to say, Thunder Typhoon Sect, Heaven Battling Union, Twin Heart Valley, Grand Fire Temple, Floating Mist Palace, Clear Sky Sect, Flame s.h.i.+eld Union, and the various other great forces from Shadowed Star were coveting this Mountain Defending Array.

A small, trivial hill possessing such a powerful defensive array, the question all of them was asking was, [Who arranged it?] No one cared whether Dragon Cave Mountain survived or not, but all of them cared about the Grandmaster who arranged this formation. If they could rescue this master at a critical moment, they might be able to recruit them for their own force.

Everyone was silently making such plans, but all of them had tacitly chosen to stand by and let the Xie Family take the lead along with its allies that were attacking Dragon Cave Mountain.

At the same time, inside Dragon Cave Mountain, Wu Yi and Qian Yue, who had retreated back behind the Mountain Defending Array, couldn’t help going slightly pale.

The two of them had stepped forward just now in order to negotiate, and although they appeared calm and composed, not displaying the slightest fear or cowardice, anyone who saw so many masters gathered against themselves would feel pressured. When had either of these two young women encountered such an astonis.h.i.+ng scene? What was especially troubling though was that neither Yang Kai nor Yang Yan were present at this critical moment.

If it weren’t for Wu Yi having a thorough understanding of Dragon Cave Mountain’s various Spirit Arrays, she would likely have already fallen into a panic.

In terms of familiarity with the grand Spirit Arrays covering Dragon Cave Mountain, after Yang Yan who had arranged them, Wu Yi’s understanding was the best; even Yang Kai didn’t know these Spirit Arrays as well as she. After all, when Yang Yan was arranging these formations, Wu Yi had often accompanied and a.s.sisted her, so she clearly knew just what kind of terrifying heritage lay in the region surrounding Dragon Cave Mountain.

As such, even though she was somewhat anxious, her emotions remained relatively stable and she was able to withdraw calmly while issuing instructions to the other cultivators present.

However, relying on the protective barrier was not a long term plan. Even if the Mountain Defending Array was incredibly st.u.r.dy, under a persistent bombardment, it would eventually break. Wu Yi’s only hope was to somehow establish contact with Yang Kai and Yang Yan. As long as either of them could return to take charge of the situation, Dragon Cave Mountain would be able to mount an effective defence.

Unfortunately, Wu Yi had no idea where the two of them had gone, nor when they would return.

Just as her anxiety was beginning to well up, Qian Yue beside her suddenly let out a cry of surprise and pulled out her communication artifact. Pouring her Divine Sense into it, Qian Yue soon smiled and reported, “Yang Kai and Yang Yan are back.”

“Really?” Wu Yi was overjoyed and hastily asked for confirmation, almost like a drowning person catching hold of a life-saving straw.

“En, Yang Kai sent me a message.”

“Where are they?” Wu Yi looked around, but was unable to spot any trace of Yang Kai or Yang Yan.

“They’re in a hidden spot nearby. Yang Kai said there are too many people outside so it’s difficult for them to sneak in without anyone noticing, so they haven’t returned yet, but…”

“But what?”

“But, he sent a message saying to deactivate the Mountain Defending Array and then let everyone hide inside the cave mansion while Foreign Elder Chang and Foreign Elder Hao confront the enemy. He and Yang Yan will also find an opportunity to act in ensuing chaos.”

“Is that so…” Wu Yi showed a thoughtful expression while everyone else wore calm expressions. Everyone except for Ning Xiang Chen, who had only been here for two days, was calm.

[Could it be that this little brat surnamed Yang has gone crazy? Why else would he issue such an outrageous order?] Although he had not been on Dragon Cave Mountain for long, Ning Xiang Chen knew that there were only a few dozen cultivators here, most of whom were just Saints or Saint Kings, there were even a few Transcendents. There were only two First-Order Origin Realm cultivators, Chang Qi and Hao An.

On the other hand, there were more than thirty Origin Returning Realm masters attacking them, a number of whom were Second-Order. As for Saint Kings, there were more than two hundred among the enemy’s force. In this situation, if Dragon Cave Mountain continued to use its Mountain Defending Array, it could hold out for a while longer, but once the barrier was lowered, the only option left would be to fight a hopeless battle. How was this any different from digging their own grave?

Even if Yang Kai’s strength was exceptional, he was still just a single person. How were Yang Kai, Chang Qi, and Hao An planning on overcoming such impossible odds?

Ning Xiang Chen’s mind was simply unable to keep up with all of these sudden developments, and just as he was about to ask what exactly was happening, he suddenly saw Wu Yi smile and calmly declare, “If that’s the case, then we’ll do as he says! It’s about time we show those shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.ds Dragon Cave Mountain’s fangs.”

With how she so categorically issued this order, it was as if she didn’t place the invaders outside in her eyes, like Yang Kai’s presence alone gave her unlimited confidence.

Ning Xiang Chen on the other hand nearly bit his tongue off.

Qian Yue responded immediately by issuing orders to everyone to take shelter inside Yang Kai’s cave mansion as it was the most secure and strongly fortified position on Dragon Cave Mountain. Unless one had a token to open it, Yang Kai’s cave mansion’s barriers would be even more difficult to break through than the Mountain Defending Array itself.

After Yang Kai’s order was given, Wu Yi understood what he wanted to do and naturally wouldn’t make any objections.

The other cultivators on Dragon Cave Mountain acted swiftly after receiving orders from Qian Yue, all of them rus.h.i.+ng over to the cave mansion. In the blink of an eye, only Chang Qi, Hao An, Qian Yue, Wu Yi and Ning Xiang Chen remained.

At this time, Wu Yi frowned as she glanced towards Ning Xiang Chen. Despite her insight and intelligence, she didn’t know what to do with Ning Xiang Chen at this moment.

Allowing him to enter the cave mansion to take refuge was clearly impossible; the cave mansion was Yang Kai’s retreat where many incredible secrets were hidden, and although all of the important treasures were protected behind powerful barriers. If Ning Xiang Chen accidentally discovered something, it would inevitably lead to trouble.

But it was even more impossible to simply make him leave at this point. Just now, Ning Xiang Chen had taken the initiative to stay and offer his a.s.sistance to Dragon Cave Mountain, earning him Wu Yi’s grat.i.tude. If she were to shut him out at this point, making him fend for himself, it would be too ungrateful. Not to mention, Ning Xiang Chen couldn’t even leave if he wanted to because Dragon Cave Mountain was completely surrounded by enemies.

Wu Yi immediately felt a headache.

Fortunately, Ning Xiang Chen was a worldly person and was quickly able to discern Wu Yi’s concerns, so he actively proposed, “If you have use for this old master, please don’t be polite. Although this old master’s strength is not high, he is still willing to contribute.”

In that short moment of time, Ning Xiang Chen had again weighed the pros and cons in his mind and decided to gamble once more!

Although he didn’t know where Wu Yi and others were getting their confidence from, their calmness and indifference facing their current situation put him more at ease. Perhaps this Dragon Cave Mountain really was as dangerous as a dragon’s den!

What’s more, after having shown himself to everyone outside and torn face with Xie Li, even if he wanted to withdraw now, he didn’t possess the necessary strength or status, so he might as well see this through to the end.

Ning Xiang Chen had encountered many desperate situations throughout his life, some even more dangerous than the one he currently found himself in, so he was well aware that the greater the investment, the higher the return.

This was the best time for him to make his standpoint clear.

Moreover, even if Dragon Cave Mountain really wound up powerless to resist this foreign invasion, he may still be able to escape.

Based on these considerations, Ning Xiang Chen decided to take a risk.

“Alright. Since Senior Ning is willing to contribute, this Junior won’t be polite. In light of this, I hope Senior Ning can join Foreign Elder Chang and Foreign Elder Hao to meet the enemy. This Junior will retreat first. I wish the three Seniors a swift victory!” Saying so, Wu Yi cupped her fists respectfully before turning around and entering the cave mansion.

Wu Yi was just a Second-Order Saint King, so she understood that there was no point in her remaining outside. As such, she decisively entered the cave mansion.

Ning Xiang Chen was once again left with his mouth slightly agape, standing in place with a dumbfounded look upon his face.

He had thought that Wu Yi would have some kind of clear instructions or proper plan, but what he received instead was just a request to wait here to confront the enemy. It was simply too irresponsible.

[Have I just dug my own grave?] Ning Xiang Chen’s heart filled with bitterness as he wondered to himself.

But Chang Qi just patted him on the shoulder and laughed, “Brother Ning, you will definitely rejoice you made this decision in the future!”

[This sentence again!] Ning Xiang Chen had now heard this line twice within a stick of incense worth of time, but as for what kind of cards this place had hidden, he had no idea, so how was he supposed to rejoice? As far as he could tell, he had made a stupid decision in the heat of the moment and as a result dug his own grave! Ning Xiang Chen really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Old Hao, you still have two bottles of that Moon Beam Wine don’t you?” Chang Qi suddenly remembered something and turned to ask Hao An.

“What are you trying to say?” Hao An asked back vigilantly.

Chang Qi grinned widely, “You and I are old brothers, are you still unclear what I’m trying to say?”

Hao An was immediately filled with righteous indignation, “Last time, little Wu Yi bought back ten bottles of that wine and you and I split them evenly between us, five bottles each. You drank all of yours already so now you’re having ideas about this old master’s? You think this Hao is so easy to bully?!”

“We’re all one family, why speak such distant words? Brother Ning has also joined us so you shouldn’t act so stingy Old Hao, take those bottles out and let us have a drink before we kill our enemies!” Chang Qi pestered Hao An with both logical and emotional pleas.

Hao An ground his teeth as he glared at Chang Qi with grief and anger for a time before finally letting out an exasperated sigh, “d.a.m.n it, I know you’re just coveting this old master’s two bottles of good wine, but since you’ve involved Brother Ning as well, this Hao won’t be stingy lest others accuse me of being mean-spirited.”

Saying so, he wiped his s.p.a.ce Ring with his hand and took out two bottles of wine from it.

Chang Qi laughed happily before quickly taking out a few plates of splendid spirit fruits from his s.p.a.ce Ring along with a table and a set of chairs.

Hao An opened a bottle of the Moon Beam Wine and filled three with it before sitting down in an exhausted manner.

At the same time, Chang Qi beckoned to Ning Xiang Chen before reaching out and picking up one of the and sipping it, his face filling with joy as he urged Hao An to continue to fill it.

Ning Xiang Chen looked at this absurd scene and couldn’t help his expression from contorting weirdly. He couldn’t understand anything anymore. With such strong enemies literally knocking on their door, knives placed against all of their necks, how could these two old fogeys still have the thought to drink and make merry? Could it be that they really not know how to write the word ‘death’?

After a long hesitation, Ning Xiang Chen let out a sigh and asked, “Brother Chang, Brother Hao, if it is convenient, could you enlighten this Ning how you plan to repel the enemy outside? With just the three of us, how are we supposed to overcome so many masters?”

Hearing this, Chang Qi and Hao An both looked at each other and laughed.

Ning Xiang Chen secretly felt irritated seeing this and anxiously asked, “Do you two think my words are so funny?”

Chang Qi waved his hand lightly before adjusting his expression to a serious one and declaring, “Brother Ning, you’ve only recently come to Dragon Cave Mountain, so although this Chang is quite impressed with your temperament, it is a bit inconvenient for us to disclose too much. However, this Chang suggests you just wait and see how this group of clumsy mischief-doers brings about their own destruction. En, this gla.s.s of wine is by no means the last toast before our demise, but rather one to our coming victory. Each of these bottles is worth 100,000 Saint Crystals and is exceedingly difficult to buy. Brother Ning should really give it a try.”

Martial Peak Chapter 1395 - Digging Their Own Grave?

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