Martial Peak Chapter 143 – Is it Certain Death?

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In that moment, time didn’t seem to move.

Several hundred people were still vacant and shocked. There were still screams echoing in the battle’s wake.

For now, a shadowy figure engulfed in red can be seen das.h.i.+ng at high speed. The figure left a trail so obvious that his start point and path of travel could be deduced, from where he stood to where Su Yan was falling.

The huge Monster Beast was still sliding fast from inertia. A few feet from it, a man and a woman could be seen in each other’s arms, as though they planned to stay together through life and death.

In that instant, Kai Yang and Su Yan’s eyes met.

Su Yan looked with terror, but in eyes of Yang Kai there was sadness, as if he took pity on her.

That kind of look gave Su Yan an undescribable, unfamiliar feeling. No one has ever looked at her like that. It was always an elder who looked with respect, her colleagues and friends with admiration, her juniors and disciple with respect and wors.h.i.+p and perhaps, a few others who stared with envy.

But this pitying and sad look, it was actually the first ever for Su Yan.

She is so beautiful and talented that no one has ever found the need to look at her the way Yang Kai does right now.

Why is he taking pity on me? Why does he look so sad? Those eyes were like a needle, piercing Su Yan’s heart and mind, still feeble from the aftermath of her move. She felt unbearable pain.

And yet, she could feel why he would look that way.

Her focused changed, and she noticed how warm and comfortable she felt. The body of the one who held her is very warm. It has been a very long time since she last felt like this. She cultivated Ice Heart Secret Art which froze her heart and mind to all emotions. In her world, everything is frozen. There was nothing else there but the cold for any of the d.a.m.ned who would find himself there.

Warmth and cold are opposite elements, they repel each other. She should loathe this feeling but why does she feel the most comfortable in a long time? She wanted to forget everything in the warmth. She laid in his arms and thought that even if seas were to dry and mountains were to crumble, or even if the sky fell, she would never want to leave the mysterious person’s embrace.

Su Yan couldn’t help but hug him tightly again.

As people came back to reality, time moved once again.

“Its Yang Kai!” Hu Jiao Er called out snappily. She didn’t notice that it was Yang Kai who moved to catch Su Yan. She was too shocked by the method she used. When she came out of her trance, Yang Kai was no longer by her side.

Hu Mei Er covered her mouth in shock. With s.h.i.+vering eyes as she looked upon the turtle Monster Beast, she could not see straight from fright.

“He is seeking death!” Long Jun commented loudly.

Yang Kai’s back was. .h.i.t by the frozen turtle Monster Beast. Yang Kai tried to dodge as he was far from being able to follow up with Su Yan and continue attacking the beast, but he could not evade it even if he wanted to. His strength was still not up to par.

When the turtle Monster Beast and Yang Kai were about to collide with each other, Yang Kai bent his back like a bow and took advantage of this opportunity to face forward to draw support to reduce as much damage as he could like a cus.h.i.+on.

Inevitably, Yang Kai and Su Yan crashed with the turtle’s chest and were sent flying dozens of feet. As they rolled from the impact of the landing, they still held each other tumbling and b.u.mping until they came to a stop.

Yang Kai was in a bad position. His face was pale white, but Su Yan, who remained in his arms was unharmed. Only her clothes and hair were dishevelled.

Yang Kai lost all of his strength and spat blood onto Su Yan’s chest.

Su Yan’s eyes quivered. There were mighty waves filling her inner emotions and this movement was something she could not calm. She slowly and gently placed her left hand on Yang Kai’s forehead, to stroke and to comfort him as they both laid motionless.

Yang Kai protected her with his own body when they tumbled. Almost all of the impact was absorbed by him. She remained unscathed and untouched.

The frozen Monster Beast slid along the ground, making a screech like scratching gla.s.s with a sharp object, leaving a deep mark. It then gradually came to a stop, not too far from Yang Kai and Su Yan.

The world became deadly quiet. Everyone muttered nothing. They looked at where Yang Kai and Su Yan were, witnessing a tired and

hurt couple embracing.

If it was somewhere else it would have caused public criticism and jealousy.

Who dares to be intimate with Su Yan? Every inch of her flesh is sacred and n.o.ble. A common person can only look but never touch.

But right now, not only is a man is hugging her, he is also burying his head in her chest, smelling and touching her soft and fragrant body.

Even with all of that going on, n.o.body thought of it as improper. Could you be angry at a dead person?

Is there any use in being mad at the deceased? He sacrificed his life to protect Su Yan. He could have enjoyed paradise instead of dying.

Everyone had little doubt that Yang Kai had died under the direct impact of such force.

Only Xie Hongchen’s eyes turned after seeing this.

The last time he saw Yang Kai holding hands with Su Yan he almost went mad with jealousy. That is a scene that he cannot forget, like a nightmare. Remembering it is akin to a hot knife cutting through his skin. But now, this person has crossed the line in making a move on her in front of so many people. How could he be expected to endure this?

The sight of them made his emotional floodgate open and reveal all his resentfulness and anger as he huffed like an angry bull, losing all sense of reason. He glared lividly at Yang Kai, full of murderous intent from the bottom of his heart.

Su Yan who is lied under Yang Kai, both a thousand feet away from Xie Hongchen, lifts her eyes slowly and looks at him with an ice-cold look.

Xie Hongchen twitched at her stare and pulled himself together. He turned his gaze to the floor as he was filled with chagrin and remorse.

If he had been bold instead and rescued Su Yan, he would have been the one enjoying all of this, wouldn’t he? He was much stronger than Yang Kai, meaning he would have likely avoided death should the turtle Monster Beast collide with him.

If all he had to do was to get severely injured to receive Su Yan’s favour, he would have looked like a winner as Yang Kai does right now.

So, why? Why is it that at that moment he was unable to react? Why was he so immersed in Su Yan’s illusionary shadow, neglecting her crises? Why was Yang Kai not immersed himself?

He missed such a great but unexpected opportunity… He missed it!

A strong wind blew and the world stayed silent.

Su Yan’s beautiful hair swayed in the win. Yang Kai’s clothes fluttered, too.

None dared to go forward. Everyone stood in their places like statues.

Su Yan looked up towards the chaotic sky. A gentle sound came from her mouth, a singing that could not be heard by anyone but Yang Kai.

The singing voice had a trace of longing for a person she yearned for. Her hands continued to pat Yang Kai’s head like a loving mother, like she was fulfilling her duty to coax her child to sleep in peace.

Nearby, the giant turtle Monster Beast raised a forelimb, a ferocious expression frozen and framed in ice as if he was getting ready to turn Yang Kai and Su Yan into little more than a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp.

The song was like a picturesque story of a tragedy suffered by a beautiful but bleak woman.

As the song ended, Su Yan stopped and exhaled. The wind blows apart Yang Kai’s fringe as Su Yan says in a soft voice, ”Let’s get up.”

“What song is that?” Yang Kai asked in a soft and a weak voice still staying motionless in the same spot.

Su Yan remained silent for a long time, then slowly replied, “I don’t know, it is a song from my memories.”

“It’s a good song.” Yang Kai sat up slowly. The corner of his mouth was still dripping with blood, face still pale and body still s.h.i.+vering as he supports himself with a little strength.

Su Yan looked at him lightly as a variety emotions which welled up in her settled down and vanished, leaving behind only coldness.

Yang Kai sighed. He knows that Elder Sister forcefully suppresses emotions in her heart, making her tranquil like a frozen lake.

He puts out a hand to ask for her support. Su Yan helps Yang Kai with her strength and both of them got on their feet.

Su Yan was covered in dust, her hair ruffled. But she still gave out a sacred aura and hasn’t lost her imposing manner.

“How is this possible?” People called out in alarm. Everyone looked at the pale young boy with disbelief.

The person who they thought had just died, is now standing like it was nothing, though he was clearly injured. Though he seemed frail and miserable, his life was no longer in danger.

Is his body made of iron or something similar? He bore that enormous. .h.i.t and still lived. How is that possible? On the side of the b.l.o.o.d.y Battle Gang, Long Jun’s jaw was wide open. The shock robbed his speech away from him.

Even Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er could not calm down; they were taking deep heavy breaths. Hu Mei Er was hanging a wide, light smile like a heavy load was been lifted off her chest. The corner of her eyes glittered with her tears while she muttered to herself quietly, “Good, good.” In saying this, she covered her mouth and sobbed.

Hu Jiao Er who was also staring at the pair hurriedly lifted her hand to her own tears.

What is going on with her? Hu Jiao Er was startled. Yang Kai was no longer repugnant to him, but for a moment there was a sharp pain in her heart. But Hu Jiao Er also knows that no attention would be paid to her in the climax of such a moment.

It is possible for her to weep for a person who she doesn’t even know well? Besides, though she no longer hated him, she still did not harbour positive feelings about him.

Looking at her own younger sister, the sisters felt relief in their mind after such great tension. This relief from anxiety and weight was filled with ecstasy, and it came from the bottom of Hu Jiao Er’s heart.

Hu Jiao Er’s eyes were traced with respite and confusion.

Storm House’s Fang Ziji’s eyes gleamed with comfort and said slowly,” Elder sister Du, he is alive!”

Du Yishuang felt a rush of excitement as her cheeks flushed beet red. Patting her chest, she says,” He frightened me a moment ago. It would have been a great pity should he have died. He is a good person.”

On the High Heaven Pavilion side, Xie Hongchen looked defeated and lifeless.

If only he had seized that opportunity. Now that Yang Kai had basically become a loved one to Su Yan, he became green with envy to the point of dread. He had never suffered such a painful and costly defeat. He couldn’t think properly.

Martial Peak Chapter 143 – Is it Certain Death?

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