Martial Peak Chapter 1611 - Extinguish Your Soul

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Chapter 1611, Extinguish Your Soul

Mad Crocodile Monster King had never regarded Xue Lian’s body as important.

He had pretended to launch a desperation attack on Yang Kai in order to get close enough to break into the latter’s Knowledge Sea with his Soul Avatar the moment Yang Kai relaxed his guard. From there, Mad Crocodile’s plan was to seize Yang Kai’s body.

His plan had succeeded so far!

His Soul Avatar had crashed into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea as he had planned, and now, all he needed to do to occupy Yang Kai’s body and enjoy the many treasures it held was to swallow Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar.

Mad Crocodile was confident he could accomplish this last part. Although his Spiritual Energy had continued to weaken for the past ten thousand years, almost to the point where his Soul was about to dissipate, a thin camel was still bigger than a horse, and his Spiritual Energy was not something an ordinary Origin Returning Realm boy could contend with.

If this wasn’t the case, he would not have been able to possess Xue Lian’s body in such a short time.

After all, Xue Lian was also an elite among Origin Realm cultivators.

However, when he broke into this scorching hot Knowledge Sea, Mad Crocodile immediately had a bad premonition.

“You actually have a Mutated Knowledge Sea!” Mad Crocodile exclaimed.

“Indeed,” Yang Kai looked at him lightly, not rus.h.i.+ng to take action, his hands folded and his tone indifferent, as if he was just chatting with a friend.

Mad Crocodile frowned as he looked around, but soon his eyes were attracted to a certain seven coloured island at the centre of Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea. In an instant, his eyes bulged as disbelief filled his face. Pointing his trembling finger, Mad Crocodile hesitantly asked, “Is this the legendary Soul Warming Lotus?”

“Senior knows about the Soul Warming Lotus?” Yang Kai was surprised.

Mad Crocodile’s face sank, “This King has drunk more water than you have crossed over. How could this King not know about a Supreme Treasure like the Soul Warming Lotus?”

This boy actually possessed a Soul Warming Lotus! What’s more it was a fully evolved Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus.

With this kind of Supreme Treasure nurturing it, it wasn’t surprising that this boy’s Soul was unusually strong and that his Spiritual Energy was so rich. It was said that this Supreme Treasure would constantly nourish and strengthen its owner’s Soul. In a short time, it may not yield much effect, but as time pa.s.sed, its effect would be astonis.h.i.+ng.

It could save a cultivator countless years of hard work!

Ten thousand years ago, when Mad Crocodile was still alive, he had naturally heard about the Soul Warming Lotus, but unfortunately he had never seen one. Now, unexpectedly, he was able to witness this treasure with his own eyes after trying to seize Yang Kai’s body.

The only question was whether this boy managed to obtain this Soul Warming Lotus in its seven coloured form, or if he had managed to grow it to this point on his own.

The former possibility seemed more likely though! Evolving a Soul Warming Lotus was said to be extremely difficult, so how could it be possible for such a young boy to cultivate one to its final seven coloured form?

[This boy’s luck is too Heaven-defying!] Mad Crocodile thought to himself.

Mad Crocodile was a Monster King, so his apt.i.tude and bloodline were naturally extraordinary. On top of that, he had many fortuitous encounters across his life and managed to achieve his peak strength after many years of hard work, but when he compared himself to Yang Kai, his own opportunities seemed like complete trash.

After staring at the seven coloured island greedily, he took a deep breath, as if to calm his excitement, turned his head, stared at Yang Kai solemnly, and shouted loudly, “Boy, this King truly looked down upon you. It seems what will follow will be a bitter struggle, all that is uncertain now is in the end, whether you die or I peris.h.!.+”

The power of this boy’s Soul wasn’t below his own, and with the support of the Soul Warming Lotus, Mad Crocodile Monster King didn’t have complete confidence he could consume Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar.

He now regarded this boy as an equal opponent he needed to confront head-on.

“I think the latter possibility is much higher actually,” hearing this declaration, Yang Kai could only chuckle, his expression calm and relaxed, displaying complete confidence, as if he didn’t even put Mad Crocodile Monster King in his eyes.

“Don’t get too, boy! It’s time you learned a painful lesson, lest you continue to underestimate this world’s heroes.”

“You don’t believe me?” Yang Kai tilted his head and looked at Mad Crocodile with a sneer, “Forget it, I have no time for nonsense with you. The sooner you die, the sooner this will be over.”

Saying so, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and pointed to the sky.

Mad Crocodile didn’t know what Yang Kai was doing and looked up suspiciously.

A strange oval-shaped object with a long slit running horizontally across its centre appeared up above, looking like a closed eye, radiating a profound and mystical aura.

But with a snap of Yang Kai’s finger, this slit slowly began to open.

Soon, a brilliant golden light flashed.

This golden light became more and more intense until finally it formed a beam of light which shot out and covered Mad Crocodile Monster King’s Soul Avatar.

Contained within the golden light there was also a multi-coloured radiance!

As soon as this beam of light enveloped Mad Crocodile Monster King’s Soul Avatar, he was instantly frozen in place, unable to move, as if he was completely restrained.

“What is this?” Mad Crocodile exclaimed in horror.

As soon as he was struck by this golden light, he realized that something was terribly wrong. Instantly, he felt as if his consciousness was melting away, like snowflakes exposed to the scorching sun. This discovery shocked Mad Crocodile, and he fought desperately to resist.

The golden and multi-coloured light began to disperse, seemingly not capable of completely restraining Mad Crocodile Monster King.

Yang Kai raised his brow and revealed a slightly surprised look.

The Demon Eye of Annihilation was one of Great Demon G.o.d’s Divine Abilities and was capable of producing a golden ray of light that could completely extinguish an enemy’s Soul. This powerful technique had been used by Yang Kai countless times and never had any difficulty in the past.

Although Great Demon G.o.d only reached the Saint King Realm before he died, he was an extraordinary genius and this Divine Ability he created only grew in power as Yang Kai’s cultivation increased.

What’s more, the current Soul destroying golden light had been merged together with the Coloured Gla.s.s Divine Light’s power.

Coloured Gla.s.s Divine Light was able to suppress an opponent’s Soul, so when combined with the extinguis.h.i.+ng power of the golden light, both dramatically increased one another’s power.

Even so, Mad Crocodile Monster King’s Soul apparently couldn’t be wiped out in one fell swoop, showing just how pure and powerful his Spiritual Essence was.

But this was also understandable; after all, Mad Crocodile was a Monster King level master, if he could be so easily killed, that would truly be strange.

Yang Kai grinned wickedly as his thoughts flashed and the tumbling, roaring flames down below swelled up and from all directions and transformed into a ma.s.sive wave that crashed towards Mad Crocodile’s Soul Avatar .

In an instant, the place where Mad Crocodile was located was enveloped by burning hot Spiritual Energy.

“No!” Mad Crocodile roared as he struggled to resist the sea of flames, releasing one powerful Soul Skill after another.

“Mad Crocodile, I am the master here! You daring to come here was nothing short of digging your own grave!” Yang Kai shouted as he pushed his Spiritual Energy even more ferociously.

The combined a.s.sault of Yang Kai’s Golden Light, Coloured Gla.s.s Divine Light, and Conflagrated Spiritual Energy caused his Knowledge Sea to tumble violently.

Mad Crocodile’s roars continued to echo, but no matter how hard he struggled to resist, he still couldn’t escape the golden light. Under the golden light, his Soul was being scattered at an extremely terrifying speed and his aura rapidly grew weak.

Soon, Mad Crocodile’s cries weakened and his resistance grew less intense.

Not long after, everything fell silent, and after Yang Kai waved his hand to calm the tumbling Spiritual Energy and take back the power of his Demon Eye of Annihilation, what was left, floating high up in the sky above his Knowledge Sea, was a ma.s.s of pure Spiritual Energy where Mad Crocodile’s Soul was completely extinguished!

Looking at the ma.s.s of energy, Yang Kai’s eyes burned.

This was what was left after Mad Crocodile’s Soul had been purified, and it contained his understanding of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao as well as his insight into Domain!

This was a Third-Order Origin King master’s lifetime worth of cultivation experience!

Its value was immeasurable.

If he could cleanly absorb this ma.s.s Spiritual Energy, Yang Kai knew he would experience tremendous growth and very possibly save himself many years of hard work.

Thinking so, Yang Kai sent his consciousness back to his body and began sweeping his eyes around. Walking over to the dead Xue Lian and the other dead Monster Race rising stars, Yang Kai collected their Monster Cores and s.p.a.ce Rings, used his Demonic Flames to burn their bodies to ashes, then turned around and flew back into the dark cave.

Xue Lian, Mi Tian, and ​​Lie Feng were all extremely famous and powerful Origin Returning Realm masters on Monster Emperor Star, representing what was essentially the highest combat strength in the Origin Realm.

Their Monster Cores were naturally extremely valuable.

Yang Kai didn’t use their corpses to condense Blood Beasts as, with his current methods, he had no need for such means to confront his enemies.

Three Monster Cores equivalent to those of peak Ninth-Order Monster Beasts, if used well as Pill Spirits, could definitely allow Yang Kai to refine three Origin King Grade Spirit Pills!

He decided to use these three Monster Cores to refine particularly precious pills as Monster Cores of this grade were quite rare.

Inside the cave, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged then began savouring the taste of the ma.s.s of Spiritual Energy he had obtained, his expression changing between exhilaration joy, shock, and wonder.

A hundred kilometres outside the Blood Prison, inside a stone pavilion.

Luo Hai sat motionlessly with closed eyes.

Meanwhile, he was focusing his Divine Sense to cover the entire Blood Prison.

Although he couldn’t perceive anything inside too clearly, he could still get a general idea of what was happening.

Right now though, all of his focus was on Monster Mountain.

It seemed he had discovered something amazing and, since half an hour ago, his body had been trembling slightly and a great storm had been surging in the depths of his heart.

Because of the request of the old woman surnamed Lei and the others, he had been paying more attention to Yang Kai’s movements.

When Yang Kai entered Monster Mountain, Luo Hai had naturally noticed it, as well as the changes that followed.

In particular, the disappearance of the aura of the Origin Essence Crystal which was hidden on Monster Mountain caught his attention.

That Origin Essence Crystal had sat there for over ten thousand years, undisturbed, but not long after Yang Kai entered Monster Mountain, its aura had vanished. What this meant, Luo Hai naturally understood immediately.

The Origin Essence Crystal had been taken away by Yang Kai!

That was a treasure that even Luo Hai greatly coveted. He concealed the deep excitement in his heart, without showing the slightest hint of disturbance on his face so as not to alert the others around him, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t constantly thinking about this treasure now.

A Monster King master had left that Origin Essence Crystal there after his death, and Luo Hai was not about to let it slip through his fingers as it was the key to him breaking through to the Third-Order Origin King Realm.

It was not just that Monster King that had dropped Origin Essence Crystals. Two other fallen Third-Order Origin King masters produced Origin Essence Crystals upon their deaths in that great war all those years ago. However, those two Origin Essence Crystals had already been taken, leaving only the Origin Essence Crystal of that Monster King, which was difficult to retrieve.

The rich Monster Qi enveloping Monster Mountain made no Human Race Origin Returning Realm cultivator dare to break in easily.

This time, however, someone had finally succeeded, so how could Luo Hai let him off?

Martial Peak Chapter 1611 - Extinguish Your Soul

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