Martial Peak Chapter 661 - It Would be Your Honour

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Chapter 661, It Would be Your Honour

In front of Yang Kai who had activated his Demon G.o.d Transformation, the beautiful mature woman who led the Ancient Demon Clan also couldn’t summon the slightest bit of her strength, but she still maintained her calm appearance.

“I’m not an outsider?” Yang Kai pointed to himself with a blank expression.

Li Rong gently nodded, “As for the specific reason, please allow me to explain it to you later. This is not a place to talk.”

Yang Kai swept his eyes around and nodded, the erupting volcano and the thunder and lightning shooting across the sky seemed to be growing more and more intense. Soon, it would begin to negatively affect Li Rong and the other Ancient Demon Clan masters even at this distance.

“You’re a perceptive person, so you should know by now that I have never had any malice against you since the first time we met,” Li Rong said gently, “Now, could you please lift your Demon G.o.d Transformation so we can leave this place?”

Saying so, she stared at him expectantly with her beautiful limpid eyes.

Behind Li Rong, the other Ancient Demon Clan members also looked towards Yang Kai, waiting for his reply.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that their lives were currently completely in Yang Kai’s hands, as long as he wished for it, they would all die.

Deeply staring at the beautiful woman in front of him, Yang Kai thought for a moment before nodding, “I believe you.”

Li Rong let out a sigh of relief and her expression relaxed, smiling light as she said, “You’ll be glad you made such a wise decision.”

Yang Kai showed neither approval nor disapproval to this statement but still restrained his surging evil power. The Demon Crests that covered his body also quickly faded and the potent Demonic Qi quickly receded.

All the Ancient Demon Clan masters regained control of their strength and bodies at that moment.

“Hua Mo, protect him. Let’s go!” Li Rong softly order, her tender body flickering and arriving next to the unconscious Han Fei, gently picking her up before turning and shouting towards Chen Jian’s surviving subordinates, “Chu Jian is dead, if you still wish to remain loyal to him, I won’t stop you, but if you choose this path, there will be no place for you in this Mysterious Small World in the future. If you choose to follow me instead, as long as sincerely pledge your loyalty to Demon G.o.d Citadel, I will not hold you responsible for what has happened here.”

Chu Jian’s henchmen all glanced around at each other briefly before quickly falling to the ground and shouting in unison, “We are willing to obey Senior Li’s commands!”

Chu Jian was already dead. There was no benefit to remaining loyal to him, right now their first priority was to stay alive.

Li Rong nodded with satisfaction before quickly flying off with Han Fei.

A large group of people quickly evacuated from the volcanic region.

Hua Mo had a complex look upon his face mixed with a bit of nervous panic as he stuck close to Yang Kai in order to protect him.

After half an hour, the group of masters had traveled a fair distance from the volcano.

Looking back, the sky behind them had turned a brilliant red and orange colour. The aftermath of the volcanic eruption was still apparent even this far away, the ground beneath them even trembling lightly.

Everyone couldn’t help feeling some lingering fear in their hearts.

After taking a moment to stabilize Han Fei’s injuries, the group set off towards Demon G.o.d Citadel.

Yang Kai remained vigilant the whole way and quickly noticed that every member of the Ancient Demon clan was unconsciously staying away from him, as if they were very fearful of him. Only Li Rong continued smiling the whole time, seemingly very happy. While she held Han Fei close, she would occasionally whisper to Yang Kai about various trivial topics.

Most of what she talked about were the incredible feats Great Demon G.o.d had accomplished that were recorded in her clan’s ancient book, some of these tales were things even Hua Mo and her clansmen hadn’t heard before.

Everyone listened to these stories with great enthusiasm.

One day later, Han Fei woke up, and although her injuries had not healed yet, they didn’t cause her any significant difficulties.

She was in a coma when Yang Kai had used his Demon G.o.d Transformation, so she wasn’t aware of what had happened afterwards, but now seeing Li Rong holding her, she naturally a.s.sumed that Li Rong had dealt with Chu Jian and didn’t bother asking much.

Two days later, everyone returned to Demon G.o.d Citadel.

Yang Kai returned to his stone room and waited for Li Rong to arrive and finally tell him what was going on.

There were a great many things he didn’t understand so he was quite anxious for Li Rong to dispel his doubts, but she had said that that the volcano was not the place for such a discussion and had promised to explain everything later.

Demon G.o.d Citadel was still in a state of tranquility, apparently the news that one of the four Great Commanders had fallen had not been made public yet.

Overall, Yang Kai was quite satisfied with the results of this trip, the amount of Yang Liquid he had acc.u.mulated in his dantian was quite significant and as long as he didn’t waste it, he estimated he wouldn’t have to worry about having enough for around ten years or so.

On top of that, he had harvested the unimaginable amount of Crystal Stones which was an incredible amount of wealth.

However, what made Yang Kai happiest was that he now knew his Devil Transformation, which was referred to as Demon G.o.d Transformation by the Ancient Demon Clan, can be used to suppress them.

He had been here for more than a year now and during this time Li Rong had been quite good to him, neither imprisoning him nor restricting his freedom, allowing him to relax and pursue his studies of the Alchemic Way, and even sending a Third Order Transcendent master to secretly protect him.

However, Yang Kai always felt like he was under a kind of house arrest which made him quite uncomfortable.

But that feeling had disappeared as Yang Kai now had confidence to stand on equal footing with the Ancient Demon Clan and even restrain them in certain circ.u.mstances.

With this change in perspective, Yang Kai managed to finally relax somewhat.

Over the next few days, everything was tranquil. Li Rong had not appeared yet, but Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry. He knew that with Chu Jian’s death, Li Rong must have a lot to deal with, so he simply continued studying Alchemy quietly while he waited.

The door of the stone room was suddenly pushed open and Guan’er rushed in with an excited look upon her face. Arriving in front of Yang Kai, her pair of beautiful eyes filled with wonderment as she hurriedly asked, “Yang Kai, I heard that you killed Chu Jian, is that true?”

“Who told you that?”

“Senior Li told me, is it true?”

“What do you think?” Yang Kai chuckled.

“What do I think?” Guan’er blinked before letting out a snort, “With only your insignificant strength, it’s impossible for you to have accomplished that, but since Senior Li said so, it’s definitely the truth,” Saying so, she suddenly hugged Yang Kai’s arm and shook it like a spoiled child, “Come on, tell me, how did you manage to kill the b.a.s.t.a.r.d? Even Senior Li had always had a big headache about how to deal with him.”

As Guan’er swung back and forth, Yang Kai clearly felt a couple of amazingly soft yet elastic mounds press against his arm.

Noticing Yang Kai’s vision unconsciously being drawn downwards to where they were connected, Guan’er suddenly became alert, leaping backwards as she used her arms to cover her chest, grinding her teeth, “You hoodlum, what are you looking at.”

Yang Kai’s face went black, “Why are you asking a question you know the answer to already?”

Guan’er snorted, “You humans are really not good things! I’m going to tell Senior Li that you are trying to hara.s.s me!”

“Don’t try to slander me!” Yang Kai shot back angrily.

Guan’er’s eyes narrowed slightly as a cunning smile appeared on her face, “Then tell me honestly how you killed Chu Jian, I’m quite curious.”

“Can’t you just ask Senior Li yourself?” Yang Kai felt a slight headache.

“Senior Li has been taking care of Great Commander Han Fei these past few days and has also been dealing with the members of our clan that were close to Chu Jian. She’s very busy, how can I bother her with such trivial things?” Guan’er pouted, her red lips puckering attractively.

“I’m also quite busy,” Yang Kai sternly replied.

“How are you busy?” Guan’er swept her eyes over his lazy figure before shouting, “Good, then I’ll just go find Senior Li now and tell her that you’re a rogue who was blinded by my beauty and tried to force yourself onto me!”

“Guan’er, you mustn’t be rude!” From the void, a light scolding voice rang out.

The air distorted and Li Rong, Han Fei, and Hua Mo appeared on the scene.

Guan’er’s expression became slightly awkward as she quickly waved her hands, “Senior Li, I was just joking with him, he didn’t really do anything to me.”

Knowing her little argument with Yang Kai was heard by Li Rong, Guan’er was apparently worried that she would believe her and really punish Yang Kai.

“I know,” Li Rong gently nodded, “But don’t say he didn’t do anything to you, even if he really did do something, it would be your honour!”

(Silavin: Wow. Just Wow.)

Guan’er’s jaw couldn’t help dropping as she carefully digested the words her respected Senior Li had just said, becoming completely dumbstruck in the process.

Although officially she was just an ordinary clansman, she had always been together with Li Rong, so her status in Demon G.o.d Citadel was not low. Plus, Guan’er was quite beautiful and her apt.i.tude was good, thus many young men in the citadel had intentions towards her, similar to Pan Lang who was thrashed by Yang Kai a while ago.

However, no matter how those people begged, Li Rong never showed the meaning of betrothing Guan’er to them, because Li Rong felt that none of those young men were worthy of Guan’er. Li Rong had always said that she would find a suitable candidate for Guan’er to marry or wait for the one in question to find someone she was interested in herself.

But now, Li Rong had actually said such words, how could Guan’er not be shocked?

How was being together with this human possible a good thing?

“Sorry I’ve made you wait a few days, I really couldn’t get away,” Li Rong nodded to Yang Kai gently.

“No problem, it gave me a chance to relax anyways,” Yang Kai laughed.

Guan’er’s brow wrinkled slightly as she noticed that Senior Li had a different att.i.tude towards this human this time. She couldn’t tell why, but Guan’er now felt like Senior Li was actually somewhat cautious and respectful when she was addressing him.

As soon as this thought crossed her mind, Guan’er couldn’t help feeling a bit scared.

Not only her, Han Fei and Hua Mo also didn’t understand and thus had suspicions of their own.

Even if this human boy was able to use the Demon G.o.d Transformation and restrain their Ancient Demon Clan, was that really reason enough to act respectfully towards him? Them not executing him for stealing their Demon G.o.d Transformation was already showing him great benevolence.

“Han Fei, Hua Mo, I know that you have doubts in your hearts, just like Sir has.”

“Sir?” Besides Li Rong, everyone else inside the stone room gasped in unison and stared towards Yang Kai.

“Don’t look at me, I’m just as confused as you are,” Yang Kai said.

“I’ll explain everything now,” Li Rong smiled, “Please sit down.”

Saying so, she sat in front of Yang Kai.

Han Fei and Hua Mo glanced at one another and saw each other’s helplessness, but in the end they decided to trust Li Rong and also sat down beside her.

Li Rong looked at Yang Kai gently for a moment before lightly saying, “Please lower your Soul’s defences, we need to enter your Knowledge Sea.”

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed upon hearing this request, “Enter my Knowledge Sea?”

“Yes, only there can I explain everything clearly and allow Han Fei and Hua Mo to believe what I say.”

“You’re not afraid?” Yang Kai stared towards Li Rong meaningfully.

Li Rong slowly shook her head, “As long as we have no malicious intent towards you, it won’t hurt us. Wasn’t that also the case last time?”

Han Fei and Hua Mo both wore confused looks upon their faces, neither of them understanding what Yang Kai and Li Rong were talking about.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed as he hesitated for a moment before nodding, “Fine, I’ll allow you to enter my Knowledge Sea, but don’t try to look through my memories, if any of you dares do so, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Martial Peak Chapter 661 - It Would be Your Honour

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