Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 39-40

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Ji Wenbei is Ji Wenbin

Just as the two people were talking, a low, gentle voice rang out, "Hongzhuang lady."

Baili Hongzhuang looked up to see Ning Hong's smiling face. She walked over to him and saluted in a greeting before she asked, "Imperial Physician Ning, how come you came personally?"

"Thanks to Hongzhuang lady, the Crown Prince's illness is completely cured."

Ning Hong waved and a servant immediately handed Ning Hong a red package. "I came today to give you the reward for curing the Prince."

Baili Hongzhuang accepted the package. At first she had wanted to buy a yin yang pouch after she had gotten the money, but she never expected that they'd actually just give it to her directly.

The yin yang pouch . Although it only looked like a small bag on the surface, it contained a much larger s.p.a.ce within.

Moving around becomes far easier with the help of a yin yang pouch, but it's price also isn't cheap. Ordinary people simply wasn't able to afford them.

"I also have the 100,000 gold coins from Pang Tangping inside, totalling to 200,000 gold coins."

"Thank you, Physician Ning." Baili Hongzhuang said gratefully.

At the side, Ji Wenbin looked at the scene emotionally. 200,000 gold coins, this wasn't an amount that one could easily make in their entire lifetime.

"Hongzhuang lady, His Majesty, the Emperor had appreciated you very much and deliberately sent me here to inquire if you wished to join the imperial physician's inst.i.tute." Ning Hong said, "I promise you, as long as you join the inst.i.tution, we will never intervene with your matters."

Such a talent, if they could recruit her into the inst.i.tution, then their strength would be improved greatly.

Ji Wenbin was startled. Imperial Physician's Inst.i.tute, who knows how many doctors wished they could enter, but couldn't.

With Baili Hongzhaung's skills, if she enters the inst.i.tute, her life would become one of wealth and glory.

The patients in G.o.dly Doctor Square were both disappointed and envious. When Baili Hongzhuang leaves for the Imperial Physician's Inst.i.tute, they would lose her as their doctor.

But unexpectedly, Baili Hongzhuang declined.

"Many thanks for His Majesty, the Emperor's appreciation and his kindness to invite me, but I don't plan on entering the Imperial Physician's Inst.i.tute."

Ning Hong was startled when he heard her reply, "Hongzhuang lady, may I ask why?"

"Inside the palace cannot be compared to the outside, where I can be free and unrestrained. Plus, I still intend on managing G.o.dly Doctor Square."

She had no good impression what so ever of the palace. Whether it was the Emperor, or Xuanyuan Huan, they both made her feel disgusted, let alone work under them.

"Hongzhaung lady, with your skill, working as a doctor here is rather a waste."

Ning Hong was clearly reluctant to pa.s.s up such a great talent, and continued to try and sway her.

Baili Hongzhuang shook her head lightly, "Imperial Physician Ning, thank you for valuing me so highly, but I don't want to. My apologies."

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang's determination, Ning Hong could only sigh, "Well, if you ever want to join the inst.i.tute, then feel free to come visit me anytime."

"Many thanks."

After Ning Hong left, Ji Wenbin was puzzled and asked Baili Hongzhuang, "Hongzhuang girl, joining the Imperial Physician's Inst.i.tute is much better than opening up your own hospital. Why would you decline?"

"Big brother Ji, to tell thhe mainstream choice , so Baili Hongzhuang;s choice was only reasonable. Therefore, he could do nother but support her. e truth, opening up this hospital was just a side job." Baili Hongzhuang anwsered with a smile.

"Side job?" Ji Wenbin was baffled, "Then what's your main job?"

"Cultivation!" Baili Hongzhuang replied righteously, "I am a cultivator!"

Ji Wenbin's mouth dropped, his eyes turning round as he stared at Baili Hongzhuang, not knowing what to say.

Ji Wenbin wondered if word was spread out that Baili Hongzhuang with such amazing medical skills, didn't plan on nurturing it, but instead keeping it as only a side job, just how many people would be shocked.

However, cultivation was the common choice in Shengxue Continent, so Baili Hongzhuang's choice was reasonable, and he could only choose to support it,

"If you want to be a cultivator,then you need to focus on cultivation. Don't hesitate to point all your attention to one activity."

"Don't worry, I have a sense of proportion."

With this sentence, Ji Wenbin seemed to deflate like a ball. He wasn't going to interfere in this nay longer, it looks like she has her own plans already.

"Little lord, the girl's medicine skills aren't simple!" Hei Mu's face was astonished. At first, he had been suspicious over her skills after the lack of customers, but now, he completely and thoroughly believed in her medical skills.

Many doctors were helpless against Xuanyuan Huan's illness, yet Baili Hongzhuang could easily cure it. Then does that mean what she said to the little lord about being able to cure his legs, was true?

Dibei Chen was as calm as ever. In fact, when she had listed his symptoms, he had already known that Baili Hongzhuang's skills couldn't be simple.

Even the world-famous G.o.dly Doctor's first a.n.a.lysis was rather lacking compared to Baili Hongzhuang's.

"Little lord, will we be asking Baili Hongzhuang to diagnose and treat your leg?" Hei Mu couldn't help but ask.

As long as Baili Hongzhuang could really cure his little lord's legs, then whatever reward she wants, she'll get!

Dibei Chen just waved his hands, "There's no rush."

He had been already waiting for so long and didn't mind waiting some more. But what was suspicious, was Baili Hongzhuang's sudden rise to power. It was strange, too strange.

With how Xuanyuan Huan treated Baili Hongzhuang, it'd be reasonable to say that Baili Hongzhuang was the one who had poisoned him initially and then just cured Xuanyuan Huan now.

A smile that held a trace of laugher bloomed on his lips as he thought about Xuanyuan Huan. With their relations.h.i.+p, there was no way Baili Hongzhaung would have any good intentions to him.

Like this, there is only one answer- Xuanyuan Huan's illness was caused by her!

Not only did this scheme bring her G.o.dly Doctor Square money and fame, it even got Xuanyuan Huan to lower his head and apologize to her! This was truly what was called killing 3 birds with 1 stone,so cost-effective, ah!

Dibei Chen felt that this woman was becoming more and more interesting. She was intelligent and wise, cunning yet not treacherous, ruthless, but not emotionless, destined to become her own individual!

3 days later, East Palace.

Xuanyuan Huan was fully recovered, his pain completely gone. He felt as if he was reborn, the comfortable feeling was simply indescribable.

A white, fairy-like figure couldn't help but emerge in his mind, and Xuanyuan Huan quickly pulled over a maid to ask, "While I was in my coma, did a girl in white feed me medicine?"

"Reporting to Your Royal Highness, that would be the one who had cured you, Lady Hongzhuang." The maid obediently answered.

Knowing she was real, Xuanyuan Huan's eyes lit up with joy, "Which Lady Hongzhuang?"

"G.o.dly Doctor Square's Doctor, Lady Hongzhuang."

"Hongzhuang?"Xuanyuan Huan was a little startled as the misty figure in his mind started to clear up, finally revealing her face.

So, it was actually the girl he had met on that day in the streets, Hongzhuang!

"I say, Hongzhuang had probably fallen in love with me, and my handsome, romantic, charming, suave aura."

Xuanyuan Huan smiled self-satisfiedly. He firmly that Hongzhuang couldn't have written those words on Song Ji's back. After all, she loved him so much, so how could she possibly bear to slander him?

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 39-40

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