Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 49

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Black pupils as dark as ink stared fixedly at Dibei Chen's. Peering into those eyes that were as deep as an ocean, Baili Hongzhuang simply couldn't see through him.

The atmosphere in the sedan chair suddenly sunk into a peaceful calm. Both sides were face to face as if they wanted to see the other's intentions through their eyes.

Suddenly, Dibei Chen's body loomed over her, closing the distance between them in a flas.h.!.+

Baili Hongzhuang quickly drew back, a scowl forming on her exquisite face. In that moment earlier, her lips had clearly touched Dibei Chen's face!

"Wife, I can't help it if you stare at me so lovingly!"

With his words, the atmosphere seemed to turn ambiguous.

Although his now eyes twinlked with a smile, Baili Hongzhuang clearly saw how his eyes flashed with seriousness.


Baili Hongzhuang shook her head. When facing this guy's shamelessness, she had to be ashamed of her own inferiority.

When Hei Mu suddenly heard a shout, "Shameless!" from the sedan chair, his mind couldn't help but wander. Could his little lord possibly be doing something he shouldn't be too lady Baili?

"No, no no, how could that be possible!" A thought emerged in his brain. Hei Mu slapped his head, "I'm thinking too much!"

Imperial Garden.

The colorful flowers enchantingly bloomed, like s.h.i.+mmering decorations as a rich, floral fragrance dispersed in the air.

Expensive wine and delicious delicacies had already been laid out, an elegant, luxurious atmosphere inside the Emperor's garden.

But what was most appealing wasn't the flowers or expensive wine, but the beauitiful, young maidens strolling in the garden.

The maidens had all obviously dressed up carefully. Today, they were giving the Crown Prince the best possible them that they could be.

The various ministers and officials greeted each other in cl.u.s.ters of 2s and 3s. The ladies smiled at each other politely, silently studying whose hair was nicer.

"His Majesty, the Emperor, the Empress, and His Highness the Crown Prince has arrived!"

A crisp sound rang out and everybody immediately stopped talking, instead standing silently and respectfully.

A dazzling golden robed figure slowly walked in the crowded garden, the Crown Prince and Empress walking on either side behind him.

Xuanyuan Yutian was donned in a dragon robe, his appearance just a bit past his prime. But even from the contours of his face, you could envision the handsomeness he had possessed as a youth. Imperial pressure permeated freely through the air, turning the imperial garden solemn.

Dressed in a long, red dress embroidered with peonies, the Empress walked n.o.bly and gracefully, her face clear and intelligent.

Xuanyuan Huan wore a yellow robe, a crown 3000 inkstones thick sitting on his head. His posture was excellent, attracting the sights of many women.

"Long live His Majesty, the Emperor, the Empress, and His Highness, the Crown Prince!" Everybody kneeled.

His Royal Majesty, the Emperor Xuanyuan Yutian smiled and raised his hand, "You may rise!"

"Today is a feast! Everybody drink heartily, no need to be cautious!"

"Thanks the Emperor!"

"I believe everybody knows the intent behind today's banquet." Empress Jiang Jinying face held a graceful smile, her beauitiful face honorable as she spoke, "The Prince's age isn't small, and now it's time for him to choose his wife, a Crown Princess.

When everybody heard, their eyes all lit up. This was precisely what they've been waiting for!

The many madiens all looked at Xuanyuan Huan bashfully, their faces blushed scarlet as their hearts beat with excitement.

Crown Prince, how many girls dream of this!

Compared to the other ministers joy, Baili Zhentao's face seemed to be very gloomy. This position of Crown Princess had nothing to do with him.

"The evening banquet's already started. Baili Hongzhuang still hasn't come?"

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 49

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