Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 590

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Chapter 590  Fifth Level Hong Border, Bais.h.i.+!

"Wifey, I haven't seen you for these few days, did you also miss your hubby?"

Baili Hong Zhuang was stunned at Di Bei Chen's shameless words, this guys slickness was really getting better.

"Too busy, didn't think about you."

Baili Hong Zhuang said, and took two steps back, letting Di Bei Chen enter the room and Di Bei Chen closed the door behind him.

"Wifey really made me worry, and she is busy being in closed-door cultivation all day. I see you are working very hard."

"I am also trying to improve my strength as soon as possible."

Baili Hong Zhuang blinked. During this time she had put all her energy into learning Inscription and improving her cultivation. There were not many opportunities for her to meet with Di Bei Chen.

However, a part of her reason for this was also because of their relations.h.i.+p.

She believed that Han Xi Ling was not someone who just put on an arrogant air. The previous things must have made Han Xi Ling very angry. Even if she had returned to Tian Gang Zong, she would not give up on trying to make trouble for her.

Due to this, she must also improve her strength as soon as possible. Only in this way, in the future, when facing the people sent by Han Xi Ling, she could stand bold and firm.

Seeing the tenacity of Baili Hong Zhuang, with her expression with a little bit of seriousness and apology, Di Bei Chen smiled and said, "I am just joking, wifey does not have to take it seriously."

The next moment Di Bei Chen's eyes couldn't help but fall on Bais.h.i.+ who was still being held by Baili Hong Zhuang.

During this time, he had not seen Bais.h.i.+ appear. Now that Bais.h.i.+ had appeared, he had already succeeded in breaking through.

"Bais.h.i.+'s strength broke through to this level?" Di Bei Chen's lips curved a bit more, and there was a bit of unconcealable happiness in his bright eyes. "Bais.h.i.+ is the Beastmaster, so presumably each breakthrough would have no small progress in his strength."

Baili Hong Zhuang nodded slightly, and there was a bit of pride and joy in her smile.

"Bais.h.i.+ has broken through to the Innate Realm, this progress is much faster than mine."

Hearing those words, Di Bei Chen gazed at Bais.h.i.+, and in the deep and bright starry eyes flashed some thoughtfulness, as he said, "Bais.h.i.+ should have broken through to the Fifth Level of Hong Border. This progress is indeed great."

Bais.h.i.+'s eyes widened, he had still been thinking of selling meng, he didn't expect Di Bei Chen to see through him.

Baili Hong Zhuang also paused. She only thought that Bais.h.i.+ progressed faster than her. She hadn't expected Bais.h.i.+ to reach the Fifth Level of Hong Border. This progress… was too much against the norm!

"Bais.h.i.+, you broke through to the Fifth Level of Hong Border?" Baili Hong Zhuang asked.

Although he had not said anything, he had directly been seen through by Di Bei Chen, and so Bais.h.i.+ very proudly nodded. He too was very satisfied with his own progress.

Seeing that Bais.h.i.+ admitted, the smile in Baili Hong Zhuang's eyes also deepened a bit. "Haha, Bais.h.i.+, you are really amazing!"

She had noticed that she could not see through Bais.h.i.+'s level. It was because Bais.h.i.+'s strength was a lot higher than hers so she could not see through it.

Listening to Baili Hong Zhuang's praise, Bais.h.i.+ seemed to be excited and shyly dropped his head in front of Baili Hong Zhuang, extremely cute.

However, when this scene was in front of Di Bei Chen, this was not the case.

All along, Bais.h.i.+ had been a demonic beast who was extremely helpful to Baili Hong Zhuang, but he did not expect that this guy would be a pervert.

This was going on, but where was he touching?

That was a place that even he hadn't touched. And this little guy had touched it first?


This was absolutely not good!

Thinking of this, Di Bei Chen directly reached out and took Bais.h.i.+ out from Baili Hong Zhuang's hands.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

Bais.h.i.+ is being held by BHZ, so right now his face is directly on *cough cough*…

DBC became a vinegar jar. This chapter is cute, especially that end…

Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 590

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