Abyss Domination Chapter 449

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Chapter 449: Chapter 95 Hard Resistance!

Vampires were a type of powerful creatures.

Higher level Vampires were creatures that could compete with Liches. They were born with the ability to [Dominate Humans]; they could [Alter Self] into bats, gases, monsters, etc.; and could [Drain Energy] and reduced the enemy's professional level by two when attacking. Their inborn racial characteristics enabled them to have a high [Damage Reduction] ability. At the same time, their claws and teeth were regarded as [Natural Magic Weapons]. They had the properties of [Flash Heal], had the lowest level of [12 Points of Basic Health], and were the same level as the Barbarians, and they also had [Natural Additional Armor +6]. They were [Creature of the Night], they could [Create Sp.a.w.n], and after transforming into Vampires, [Strength +6, Dexterity +4, Intelligence +2, Wisdom +2, Charm +4] and many more.


These did not amount to much!

The DemiG.o.d Vampire was still chased, slas.h.i.+ng around like a dog by Soran. All his eroding abilities could be ignored in front of Soran's powerful immunity and resistance. Whatever [Dominate Humans], whatever [Drain Energy], whatever [Alter Self], whatever [Natural Magic Weapons], whatever [Flash Heal], whatever [Damage Reduction], Soran wielded the sword with both his hands like a whirlwind. No matter how high your damage reduction was, no matter how amazingly fast your regeneration ability was, as long as you were touched by the Holy Avenger, one could guarantee that within minutes, it would teach you to become a new man!

There was a saying that went —– “Amongst the world's martial arts, only the fast are not broken!”

Soran had no doubt that in the state of his own outburst at the moment, even if someone was crazily shooting at him with a machine gun, he could stop those bullets.

At last, he could understand the feeling during the War of Golems, where the legendary Sword Saint used his swords to block bullets while sprinting.

Although Soran chose the path of a Rogue, in fact, he has been influenced by many Sword Saints. He had the ultimate pursuit of a Sword Saint in his heart, but he did not have the belief of “Facing Death as Equanimity” like them. Only when he pursued both lethality and life preservation could Soran choose the way of a Rogue.

Maybe all the professionals in the melee specialization had been influenced by the Sword Saints.

After all, the existence of a Sword Saint itself was a benchmark!

With speed, strength, explosion, resistance, damage, and opportunity,

Soran had no doubt about it!

If he could not kill the DemiG.o.d Vampire today, it would be more difficult for him to kill the other party in the future. In this G.o.d-sent opportunity where he got a grade five artifact [Holy Avenger], and a group of Paladins nearby to help suppress the situation, he had to seize the day. He did not have to face the cannon fodder of the believers of the Vampiric Temple, and he did not have to worry about other people interfering with his fight.

——”Shadow Leap!”

——”Sword Form [Waist Chop]!”

Soran's use of the double wielding was fluid thanks to the Omnipotent Hands, which could allow him to use any weapon easily. More importantly, Soran's combat skills were very ferocious, and this kind of ferociousness depended on heavy weapons. Whether it was the Sword Form [Heavy Hack], Sword Form [Behead], Sword Form [Waist Chop], Sword Form [Spinning Strike] or any other combat skills, almost all of them were not able to be unleashed with small or light weapons.

Using two-handed weapons were much more invigorating than one-handed weapons!

Especially in the case of Sword Form [Waist Chop] and Sword Form [Behead], the DemiG.o.d Vampire did not even dare to undertake any of it.


The holy radiance was like fireworks, and the expression of the DemiG.o.d Vampire was more and more ferocious. At the end of the day, it has already become a frantic look. At this moment, he didn't look like the handsome n.o.ble he was once. Now he was in rags and looked like a dog that was so tragic. Because of anger and madness, his eyes turned red gradually, and his face turned into a pale, dark blue and gloomy terror. At last, the corners of his mouth revealed very obvious fangs. The outline of his face frame became much colder and crueler, and his chin was sharp. Dark black and green fingernails started to appear on his fingertips, and his skin seemed to have a metallic l.u.s.ter.

——”Vampire Form!”

Soran's second round of outburst finally enraged the DemiG.o.d Vampire, making him unable to maintain his handsome and elegant appearance, and revealing the true nature of the Vampire Form.

“d.a.m.n this guy! I will tear you into pieces! ”

In the Vampire Form, Rhinehart's speed has increased significantly. His dark blue claws were covered with an unspeakable energy glow. If other Vampires had claws and fangs equivalent to 'Natural Magic Weapons', then as the DemiG.o.d Vampire, his claws must have reached the standard above legendary weapons.


As expected, the DemiG.o.d Vampire parried Soran's attack with his claws.

The collision of the two directly made a metallic sound, but it was obvious that there was a clear sword mark on the claws of the DemiG.o.d Vampire, and there were traces of burning holy energy on it. Although the recovery speed was very fast, the suppression effect of the Holy Avenger was still quite obvious. On the other hand, Soran, who was holding the Holy Avenger, had no problems at all. In a round of collision, Soran did not suffer any damage. However, the DemiG.o.d Vampire received 10 points of holy damage and 15 points of shadow erosion damage.

Shadow strikes would only take effect if it touched the enemy.

The damage did not fully work on the DemiG.o.d Vampire. The s.h.i.+elding effect of the Divine Energy Field was still there. The opponent was relying on the strong recovery ability to resist part of the damage, and the other part was transferred to the energy s.h.i.+eld.

“I need to break his defense threshold!”

Soran's pupils slightly contracted, his entire body disappeared again on the spot, and the next moment the brightness of the Holy Avenger was like a whirlwind, sweeping directly to the DemiG.o.d Vampire in front of him.



It was obvious that the sound of breaking was heard, and the claws of the DemiG.o.d Vampire were broken into two by Soran.

The Divine Energy Field has weakened!

Soran's crazy attacks were constantly reducing the strength of the Divine Energy Field. As one of the most powerful weapons in the material plane, the Holy Avenger could cause nearly 100 points of damage at a time. Although the DemiG.o.d Vampire had the s.h.i.+elding of the Divine Energy Field, he has finally approached the brink of collapsing after withstanding so many attacks.

There was a trace of anxiety on the face of the h.e.l.lpoemer.

He did not know who the newcomer was, but he knew that this guy was very difficult to deal with. The DemiG.o.d Vampire was suppressed by him in his Avatar form. The h.e.l.lpoemer even doubted that he could not withstand several rounds of attacks. But even if he wanted to support the DemiG.o.d Vampire, he did not have any means to. The Warden in front of him was clinging him to death. No matter how he got the upper hand, it still could not be changed. That was the obvious advantage of a Paladin, and the Warden in front of him was also an old legendary who has been famous for hundreds of years.

The h.e.l.lpoemer has no doubt that the other party has the ability to restrain him, or even take the opportunity sneak an attack at the wounded DemiG.o.d Vampire.

But the fight could not go on like this.

He had to support the DemiG.o.d Vampire, or Rhinehart's defeat was only in a matter of time, and the sudden appearance of that madman seemed to have gone insane.

——”Fallen Praise [Legendary Warsong]!”

The h.e.l.lpoemer finally gave up relying on [h.e.l.l Song] to interfere and kill the enemy but chose to use [Fallen Praise] to strengthen the ability of the DemiG.o.d Vampire.

The odds of this battle were still in the air!

Although the Slaughterer was seriously injured by the Holy Avenger, its strength was still not able to be suppressed by ordinary Paladins. As long as the young Paladins could not hold up first, then the Slaughterer could get out of their control. At this time, the h.e.l.lpoemer's opportunity would arrive. As long as the Slaughterer interfered with the other party a little, he could rush over to help the DemiG.o.d Vampire to kill Soran!

Now, it depended on who could not hold on first!

It was either the group of young Paladins or the DemiG.o.d Vampire who was now completely suppressed by Soran.

For this, there was still a little faith in the heart of the h.e.l.lpoemer. No matter how tragic Rhinehart was suppressed into, he should be able to last longer than those Paladins, right?

The situation of the Paladins was really bad.

In fact, their casualties have already been very serious. In the beginning, they were attacked by the DemiG.o.d Vampire and the h.e.l.lpoemer, and they have lost their forerunners. Later, they were affected by “Time Stop.” Several people were either directly killed or seriously injured. If Soran did not show up at that time, perhaps they would have been wiped out. But now, although Soran suppressed the DemiG.o.d Vampire and affected the situation of the battle, their situation did not get much better.

The Warden still had to hold back the h.e.l.lpoemer

Although the remaining young Paladins were all above the high grades, they still had to hold back the Deformed Demon, who was seriously injured but yet appeared even crazier!

It was hard to hold back this horrifying monster.

How could they hold it back?

Almost all the surviving young Paladins were risking their lives to hold it back!

One of the figures was so striking. He was wearing mottled silver-white armor, standing in the front of the first line, strongly resisting the Slaughterer. The breath of wind and frost made his face look a little tender, revealing a vicissitude of life. His injuries were actually very serious. The red blood drops flowed down his fingertips, but he still did not step back.

Because he could not!

In this case, if he retreated, everyone would die here!

Blood, fatigue, pain.

He had already unconsciously started to get used to these things. From the moment he left the City of Wealth, he walked thousands of miles, slept in the open, and saw too many things he could not imagine in the past. He had once fallen and lost his way, but he found his faith again. At last, he understood why there was always a trace of sadness in the eyes of the elder Paladins, because his heart had also begun to be filled with sadness!

He did not lose himself, nor was he fallen, his faith was firmer; his will was as strong as steel!

But, his heart was still filled with sorrow. He did not give up justice. He just did not know what was wrong with the world…..

Abyss Domination Chapter 449

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