Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! Vol 19 Chapter 51

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Chapter 51
Coronation Ceremony

“My G.o.ddess, with the scale and sword in hand, watches over us . The balance is as natural as gra.s.s and wood . Punishment is decisively meted out to evil . Power and fairness are both necessary to becoming a monarch our G.o.ddess blesses . Our G.o.ddess watches us from above . The people look up . Fairness, justice and might are the qualities required of our nation’s monarch . The previous King was dedicated . May our new monarch remember the mission of our G.o.ddess . Once our G.o.ddess has pa.s.sed on authority, she shall be crowned with her blood as the land . Now, we are gathered below G.o.ddess, her scales and sharp sword . Welcome new Queen, Queen Vera Galaluocia!!”

Servants opened the door . The va.s.sals on either side bowed . They hid their eyes from the gaze of the G.o.ddess, one that contained excitement, hatred, ambition, deep thoughts, gazes that a monarch would never lack . No matter when it was, a monarch was destined to experience those things, but Vera had already beared more than any other monarch had .

Vera’s lover abandoned her at a young age . Then, she came through despite every meeting with schemes and dangers every step of the way . She went from a small, weak Princess into a Queen clothed in extravagance . The crises she experienced each step were the steps she had to ascend to reach the throne . The naivety in her gaze gradually vanished and was replaced with an empty smile . She didn’t want that young man anymore; she desired the crown before her .


“Everyone,” called Vera, raising her eyebrow just lightly . She swept her gaze over the lowered heads on both sides . n.o.body present held a higher status than her . There was n.o.body with a more prestigious status than her . She wore a confident and proud smile . She waved her arm clothed in a white glove . With a smile, she stated, “You may raise your heads . ”

Vera’s white cloak rustled along with the sounds of her shoes stepping onto the ground . Vera walked with the poise of a composed and confident monarch . The nation never had a female monarch before . While she was wrapped in prosperity and luxury, she was in a more precarious situation than her father was . Despite that, though, the dangers were comparable to just another meal from her perspective . There were still people after her life . The rumours, gossip, slander and deliberate difficulties the va.s.sals would impose upon her were insignificant to her .

The four sisters nervously followed her while trembling as they looked at the va.s.sals on both sides . Though it felt somewhat shameful to wear such revealing clothing in front of people, the gazes of the people weren’t on them but on Miss Vera . Nona and Vera, who walked ahead of their sisters, were more worried about stepping on Miss Vera’s long cloak . Daisy could see Liu Yue’s fur that was standing up due to tension if she turned her head .

“Miss Vera?”

The pope at the other end watched Miss Vera approach . He went to proceed to the next step of the ceremony where Miss Vera would pray before the G.o.ddess to ensure she wouldn’t do anything to shame the G.o.ddess and pray for everyone . The pope would then wear the crown on for her . However, just as he approached her, she gently pushed him away .

Vera gave the pope a smile . She took the crown from his hands and wore it on for herself . She then looked over her shoulder and said, “Don’t stand on ceremony, my esteemed four maidens . Come . Come to me . ”

The sudden change to the original plan left the four sisters and people down below at a loss for what to do . Nevertheless, the four sisters immediately went over to Miss Vera the way they rehea.r.s.ed . Miss Vera planned it beforehand . The a.s.sa.s.sins wouldn’t hurt the four sisters; thus, she believed herself to be safe as along as the four sisters were by her side . There wouldn’t be any martyrs who’d blow themselves up along with the four sisters . She was certain Ikana would rather spare her than hurt the four sisters because destroying her own nation for a personal vendetta was beyond foolish . Subsequently, Vera was fearless .

“Everyone, I know what you are thinking . You’re wondering if there’s something different about my coronation this time . I can explain it to you . ” Miss Vera didn’t sit down on her throne right away . With a confident and proud voice, she declared, “I don’t accept G.o.ddess’s blessings for she didn’t bring me here . Everyone, think about it . What are you right now? Can you call yourselves high-ranking va.s.sals, officials and n.o.bles? No . You are but traitors . You’re either male traitors or traitors of tradition .

“When I stood up to succeed my father, how many of you supported me? Have you all forgotten what you did? I remember all of it . It was just yesterday when I heard your rage and moral claims, yet here you are now, not daring to utter a word . You’re all traitors . You’re traitors even if a revolt was to happen . You’re shameless cowards, you snakes . I’m curious why my father didn’t see through your disgusting facades when he reigned . I’ve seen through you, though .

“So then, traitors, I wonder how you feel now . G.o.ddess had nothing to do with my ability to be here . I got here with my determination, my competence and loyalest soldiers, who put their lives on their line to escort me here . G.o.ddess never protected me when I was in jeopardy, yet she’s now supposed to be the witness to my ascension? This G.o.ddess is also a traitor . Why should I accept a crown from a traitor and her blessings? I’m my father’s daughter, a descendant of the Galaluocia’s . I am Vera .  I personally crown myself to inherit my clan’s rule over our nation and you traitors . I am the first Queen, but I believe countless Queens will emerge in the future to step all over your prejudices and ego as men . Henceforth, I shall rule as Queen of Galaluocia until the day I die . I won’t disappoint my father, friends or people . That is my ascension speech .   Thank you, Pope, but I shall wear my crown on myself . ”

Once Miss Vera finished speaking, she adjusted her crown on her head then sat down on her throne . It was dead silent down below . Vera looked left then right before the first applause came . Miss Vera’s bold and defiant speech stunned the four sisters . Three sisters, who finally came back to their senses, finally clapped . The people below slowly began to clap, filling the entire hall with resonating applauses .

The pope was left to awkwardly stand alone in the hall . His humiliation evolved into anger . A sovereign doesn’t care for a clown’s feelings . Queen Vera never spared the pope another look . After all, what a sovereign needed to look at was something greater .

Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! Vol 19 Chapter 51

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