Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! Volume 6 Chapter 44

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"Your majesty."


I looked at Castell who was smiling in front of me absolutely stunned. Castell bowed as he smiled. He then looked at me and said: "Your majesty, it looks like you are very busy. We arrived last night but I did not see you. Miss Freya said that you were very busy so I came to see you during the day."

My face went red. You wouldn't be wrong if you said I've been very busy every night recently…… mainly because of Nier's need. I ran away from Nier last night, saying that I needed to go and see mom when I actually went to comfort Luna…… I genuinely feel that I'm the most useless dimensional traveller. Others who dimensional travel are prominent overpowered figures, beating people to a pulp and surrounded with countless beauties glued to them. I'm the only one who has to betray his body to keep his life and career intact!

How is my life so miserable?! Did I really dimensional travel here?! I'm so miserable that I have to betray my body…… I'm a guy! I'm a guy!

I sent Luna off today. I a.s.signed a Valkyrie and an imperial guard team-captain to guard her for her safety. There shouldn't be any problems.  I also sneakily handed the necklace to Luna so that Vyvyan could immediately come to her rescue when she was in danger. Even if Vyvyan gets mad and goes berserk, I just have to give her hugs and kisses and we're good.

Most importantly though, I won't let Luna meet with mishap.

When I came back, I saw Castell. I was still lingering. What looks perfectly normal is completely abnormal when it happens here. Castell shouldn't be here right now. He should've already returned to the royal capital to handle matters in place of the empress, but here he is in front of me now. Did he dimensional travel or did I dimensional travel?

"You look very surprised…… Your expression makes me wonder if I have done something wrong…… But is it not normal for me to be here? Or am I not welcome to your wedding?" Castell chuckled and then continued, "Your wedding is coming up. I brought the major ministers here because her majesty invited us. What is the matter, your majesty? Are you not supposed to be happy right now?"

"Ah yeah…. my wedding… yeah."

Honestly, I almost forgot about that…… Too many things happened recently. My two wives have behaved themselves too. Neither of them rushed me since I told them that I would marry them once I was done with work. But I almost forgot about it…… Our life right now is the same as married-life after all……

"You did not almost forget about it, did you? That is not good, your majesty. Your wedding is important to the princess, her majesty and you as well. Of course, please excuse my rudeness, but your wedding is very important to me too."

Castell made a small bow. He then raised his head and spoke with a smile, "Her majesty has never held a wedding before after all. You will be the first person in the empire to receive the blessings of the entire empire. As such, the news of your marriage has already shocked all the va.s.sal states. Their gifts are already on their way. I believe they will soon arrive. They have also arranged for large groups of representatives to come. They will join the hunting festival in spring."

I felt my head go numb. It's just a wedding so what are they doing treating it like it's the empress's birthday like last time……? Actually, they're making it grander than the empress's birthday. It looks like the empire's first wedding really is a grandeur event…… However, I've never seen such a large-scale parade. All of the va.s.sal states… doesn't that mean half of the continent….? Ah, wait, the elves are counted too! So in other words, everybody on the continent is paying attention to my wedding.

I used to only care if I had a girlfriend or not and yet the entire continent was called on just because I'm getting married! Such a grand event is freaking scary. Wait. I don't know what it's like since it's on a scale I've never witnessed.

"Therefore your majesty, please look forward to your wedding. Her majesty initially wanted to plan your wedding herself, but you delayed it over and over again so her majesty got impatient. She therefore chose a day but it does not sound like she has told you. Is there something bothering you?"

Castell smiled. His smile carried a sense of proudness he had for himself as well as flaunting himself. It looks like he was the one who made most of the plans for my wedding. But since he was able to be the one to plan my wedding, it indicates the degree of trust he empress has for him. Was he showing off his competence to me or was he trying to show off how much he was trusted?

I shook my head and then asked: "Nothing really…… It was mainly because I was too absorbed in my work. I would've forgotten if you didn't remind me. But this is fine. I too feel that this can't be delayed any further. I'm kind of letting Nier down. Oh, right, is Nier's wedding dress ready?"

"Of course it is. I promise that it will definitely be captivating because there are diamonds all over it! The empress had the crown made according to her own crown's standards." Castell nodded proudly and continued, "You could buy a small nation with Miss Nier's clothes. As the princess of the empire, she naturally needs to show off her most extravagant and best side at her wedding. It looks like you are very surprised, your majesty. It is alright, it is alright. It is but a simple matter for us to make such a wedding dress given the empire's treasury."

"No… I was just thinking that… only Nier would be able to wear that dress……" I pressed my palm onto my forehead and sighed. I couldn't help but grin. How heavy would all that be……? Not even mom was willing to wear her crown. Lucia wouldn't even be able to move if she wore it.

I feel sorry for you Nier.

Lucia's wedding dress looks better. I really did see creatures like fireflies fly around following Lucia's wedding dress like a small elf clearing trees out. Lucia's wedding dress was very exquisite and filled with mana. So humanity who fitted Nier's dress with luxurious gems… it feels a little low-cla.s.s.

But it doesn't matter since humanity brought out their best just like the elves.

Castell nodded and then said with a smile: "I need not say anymore then, your majesty. If I say anymore, I will have revealed too much. Your majesty, please look forward to your wedding. And one more thing your majesty. Though work is certainly important, you must spare more time for your wife and mother, your majesty. Her majesty's mood has been slightly strange recently. I hope you can go and see her."

"Ah, alright. Thank you, Castell. Oh, and also, don't you have a wife?"

"No." Castell made a short pause and then looked at me to say, "I do not have a wife. I have always been looking after her majesty. I am not interested either. But you need not worry. I do have a woman I like."


I scanned Castell. He is a talented person and is the empress's valued minister. Given his status, there would definitely be a ma.s.s of women rus.h.i.+ng over if he were to say he wanted to get married, right? But why is he still single? Wait. Is it a one-sided love?

Well, whatever, I hope it works out for him. As someone who's about to get married, I feel like I want to make everyone happy. I hope Castell can be happy too.

Castell bowed with a smile and watched his majesty leave. He turned around and took out a gold coin from his pocket. He looked at the empress's face on it and chuckled softly. He then placed it back into his pocket and left.


Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! Volume 6 Chapter 44

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