Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! Vol 15 Chapter 18

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Published at 3rd of July 2019 05:47:16 AM Chapter 18
From Now On, I Can Smile (Part 6)

I arrived at the derelict house . The White Deer King ran too fast, causing me to feel sick . I went to the side to throw up for a while before looking up at the rundown house . The house didn’t qualify as a house . It reminded me of temporary dorms set up on construction sites . Actually, this one was worse . This one was essentially rocks piled on top of each other and held together with mud . There wasn’t even a piece of cloth to keep the rain out for the flat ceiling . If it rained, it was unlikely you could take shelter inside . It wasn’t a house . It was barely better than the house Inard put together in the desert . However, I saw Elizabeth, who wore a surprised expression, there .

Befuddled, Elizabeth asked, “Son… Wait… Son… Why did you come from the Imperial Palace? Why? Shouldn’t you have come back from this direction?”

I nodded: “Yes . You’re right about that, but we may have missed each other . I never thought you’d be waiting for me here, either… Sorry, Mom, sorry . I made you wait long . How are you supposed to live here…? Come back to the Imperial Palace with me . ”

Elizabeth didn’t reject me . Instead, she gently grabbed my hand and hopelessly smiled: “Maybe I’m not suited to being a mother . I did my best to construct a small house to wait for your return . I wanted to be the first to see you return, only for me to completely fail . I truly am not worthy of being a mom . ”

“No, that’s not true, Mom . I am very touched that you were willing to wait for me here . You’re my Mom . Don’t say sort of stuff again . ”

I firmly held Mommy Elizabeth’s hand . She nodded with a smile, and then affectionately stroked my face . Her gaze was filled with boundless gentleness and satisfaction . In a soft voice, she said, “Son, you look fine now . Mommy can finally feel rea.s.sured . Mommy can’t sleep whenever Mommy thinks about your condition as a consequence of protecting Mommy . Mommy was very worried something would happen to you . Mommy was very worried that you couldn’t be saved, but you’re now here and looking so healthy, so Mommy is very, very satisfied and happy . Mommy is so glad you’re here with Mommy, Son . ”

Once she finished, Elizabeth put me into her gentle embrace . I gently hugged her back . I felt her warmth . I had lots I wanted to say to her, lots and lots, from my adventure to Inard . I just didn’t know where to start . At the very least, I only asked I could hug Elizabeth then . I just wanted to give her a good hug .

Elizabeth gave me gentle strokes as though she was frowning, because she felt sorry for me, since my skin had become scales: “It’s all right . It’s all right, Son . It hurts, doesn’t it? It must hurt, right?”

Mom apologetically touched my face and scales . I vigorously shook my head . I replied, “It’s fine . It doesn’t hurt whatsoever . Plus, thanks to these scales, blades won’t be able to hurt me henceforward . Not even magic can harm me . ”

“I see . I’m glad, then . I’m glad, then . ” Mommy Elizabeth revealed a bright smile and hugged me tightly in her embrace once again . She stroked my head with relief and consolation . In a shaky voice, she said, “I’m so glad; I’m so glad . Son, Mommy can’t always protect you from your side in the future, so you’ll have to protect yourself . You must be wary of those around you . Mommy is glad that you have people who love you around you and people who are willing to protect you . You’ll have lots and lots of people coming to you in the future . They’ll come to you with all sorts of requests . They all have all sorts of ambitions . Some may even try to usurp your rule . Lots of loyal soldiers will die, but you’ll also have people who work sincerely . Distinguis.h.i.+ng between them is something everyone must go through . Those who can do a good job distinguis.h.i.+ng them will become wise rulers . ”

Elizabeth then cupped my face and went on in her soft voice, “Mommy knows you want to be a fair and just King, but Mommy must tell you that being fair and kind will always put you on the weak side . If you want to control fairness and kindness, you may have to go through countless adversities . Not even Mommy wants to let you continue down that path, but you’re my son…”

Elizabeth paused . She then hoa.r.s.ely choked over my shoulder . She was unable to continue speaking due to her tears torturing her . I kept silent and just tightly hugged her . Elizabeth released her arms around me to wipe her tears . She then took in a deep breath so that she could continue speaking . She hugged me again and continued on my shoulder: “You’re my most cherished treasure . Mommy won’t stop you from walking the path you wish to walk, but Mommy should stay by your side to protect you . Unfortunately, Mommy can’t do that… Mommy can’t continue staying here . Mommy is very happy to confirm you’re okay . Mommy will think of you from Hilles City . You must take care of yourself for Mommy’s sake . If it’s still possible, come see Mommy more often . ”


Elizabeth smiled helplessly . She then touched my cheek . Her hand was warm . She slowly ran her hand across my face with firm strokes . It was as though she was trying to remember every inch of my face, yet as though she was feeling despair and anguish, as she didn’t want to let go . She then sincerely, yet sadly, said, “It can’t be helped . It can’t be helped, Son . Mommy has to go back . Rosvenor Empire needs me; Hilles City needs me, too . Mommy wants to stay by your side, but Mommy can’t… It’s impossible… Mommy has to go back; else, there’s no way Rosvenor can operate . ”

The smile Elizabeth looked at me with contained so much helplessness and sorrow . I went to speak, but my mind drew blanks . I was planning to inform her of the good news that I could live, and then live together with her . I suddenly realised, though, that she didn’t say she’d be living with me forever when she came up .

As the Empress of the Rosvenor , humanity needed Elizabeth; therefore, she couldn’t stay in the North forever . My body was now impervious to blades and magic, but I couldn’t get her to stay .

I should’ve known at the start . Elizabeth couldn’t stay by my side forever . She had to return; I didn’t want to let her go, though . I seriously didn’t . It was so hard for me to survive the ordeal, yet I had to bid my mom goodbye . She visited the North to see the birth of her grandchild, but what about next time? She couldn’t leave Hilles City citing, “I want to see my grandchild” next time . She had no reason to visit again . She’d never be able to visit again, as a matter of fact .

Henceforward, only I could go visit Elizabeth . Did I have the time for that? Would I be able to find time between work in the North, my wives and children to take Daisy to Hilles City for a vacation? I’d have time for a vacation, but I’d only have enough time to go to Troy City . I didn’t have enough time to go to Hilles City .

Once Elizabeth returned, the two of us would be separated by another layer of ident.i.ties . I’d be the King of the North, while Elizabeth would be the Empress of humanity . Logically, we’d have to avoid meeting in private . If we were separated, not only would it be hard for us to meet, but our mother-son relations.h.i.+p would also go stale . That was why she’s so upset and despondent .

Elizabeth knew it was her fate, but she couldn’t fight it . I didn’t know if she gave up due to what happened in the past . Either way, she had accepted it despite it hurting her more than anything .

Elizabeth had never been as strong and great as her exterior suggested . Deep down, she was still a teenage girl who was crying tears of despair inside the forest . She was still the young girl in the cold, misty forest desiring somebody’s warmth . She eventually identified as the Empress and had a military under her command . Still, when she was alone back then, she was a young girl who hugged her knees and wept . She had always been that sort of woman . Always . She had always been a girl who needed someone to protect her .

I reached out to hug Elizabeth tightly in my embrace . She froze for a moment when I hugged her, and then she began to tremble intensely . The tears she had held in came out . Solemnly, I stated, “Mom, you don’t have to leave . You don’t have to leave me . I’ll protect you, Mom . I told you, I’ll destroy your cage . I’ll give you the freedom you want . You’re my mom, so you should be by my side . I’ll protect you . In the past it was my father . This time, please let me stay by your side forever . Please, let me stay by your side forever… Mommy Elizabeth… I… I really love you…”

Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! Vol 15 Chapter 18

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