Immortal Mortal Chapter 971

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Chapter 971: Conditions For Evolution

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Mo Wuji didn't even bother replying Chang Haoji. He only said to Di Jie, “My time is limited and the number of people I can impart my knowledge to is limited. I will not waste my time on students that don't have talent in growing Green Dew Rice. Thus, I have to find students that have the greatest talents. In my perspective, the second group of 30 students that stood up were the most talented.”

“To decide who will leave this hall, I'm afraid Rice Teacher Mo doesn't have the authority for that matter.” Chang Haoji sat down; his tone was laced with disdain. He didn't behave amicably with Mo Wuji because he treated Mo Wuji as his teacher. Instead, it was because Mo Wuji was a guest invited by the sect to teach them.

“Since that's the case, then I will leave.” Mo Wuji turned and left without even saying a second word.

He couldn't even decide how he was going to impart his own knowledge? How could be such a lack of reason?

“Pill Master Mo, please hold your steps.” A grinning, short man appeared at the entrance.

Mo Wuji naturally wasn't going to leave; he immediately stopped walking. He had long detected a faint spiritual will observing the entire area. Now that he turned to leave, this fella really appeared.

The way Mo Wuji looked at it, this short man was a G.o.d King expert.

“Greetings Elder Ren.” When they saw this short man walk into the hall, all the students stood up and bowed respectfully.

“Mo Wuji greets Senior.” Towards a G.o.d King, Mo Wuji also didn't dare to show disrespect.

The short man chuckled and said, “My name is Ren Fei, I'm an elder of High Firmament G.o.d Sect. There's no need for you to be so courteous to me, it's enough to call me by Dao Friend.”

After saying that, Ren Fei turned towards the students and said, “Anyone that can sit here is a genius disciple of my High Firmament G.o.d Sect. Just now, Dao Friend Mo's words were right. This is his knowledge and he has the authority to decide who he will impart it to.”

Even though Chang Haoji was a genius from the Chang Clan, he didn't dare to utter a single word when facing the scolding of a G.o.d King Elder.

Fortunately, Elder Ren was solely scolding them. After that bit, he continued, “Master Guang Zhang has just arrived at our High Firmament G.o.d Sect. Thus, besides Master Mo, everyone can also choose to learn to grow Green Dew Rice from Master Guang Zhang…”

What Mo Wuji didn't expect was that at a single mention of Master Guang Zhang, almost everyone stood up emotionally.

Mo Wuji might not know about Master Guang Zhang, but none of these disciples was the same as Mo Wuji. Master Guang Zhang's fame in Green Dew Rice was not limited to High Firmament G.o.d Sect and High Firmament City; he was renowned throughout the entire High G.o.d Land. Moreover, Master Guang Zhang was the only rice growing expert that entered Nirvana Learning Academy and voluntarily chose to leave.

Master Guang Zhang was also one of the few in the entire G.o.d Continent that could grow peak grade Green Dew Rice.

“Master Mo, Master Guang Zhang had just arrived at my High Firmament G.o.d Sect. We also didn't know about it beforehand. So…”

Mo Wuji was a guest that they had specially invited from Low G.o.d Land. Previously, they had already gone back on their words with Mo Wuji once. If they did so again, it would be their second time. Even though Ren Fei was a G.o.d King, he also felt embarra.s.sed.

In Mo Wuji's heart, he was thinking: No wonder why Ren Fei spoke with such moral character. So this fella didn't even intend for me to continue teaching these disciples.

Even though Mo Wuji revealed an unpleasant expression on his face, he didn't actually feel uncomfortable. He had never intended to casually share his knowledge. The only unfortunate thing was that he would no longer be able to ask Chi Kun for Tier 5 G.o.d herbs.

“No problem. Master Guang Zhang's ability to grow Green Dew Rice is superior to me. Naturally, his teachings would also be better,” Mo Wuji said calmly.

Chang Haoji's eyes swept across Mo Wuji disdainfully. If Elder Ren Fei wasn't here, he might have already pointed to Mo Wuji and humiliated Mo Wuji publicly.

“Elder Ren, Disciple Qu Chendan wishes to continue to learn under Teacher Mo. Is that possible?” A voice suddenly broke the silence, attracting the eyes of everyone.

Mo Wuji only needed a single glance to know that this was the same cultivator that transmitted a message to him.

Ren Fei was slightly shocked. Master Guang Zhang was going to personally impart his knowledge of Green Dew Rice but there was still a person willing to learn under Mo Wuji?

Ren Fei instantly reacted and said smilingly, “Of course you can. Anyone else that wishes to learn from Master Mo can feel free to do so.”

“This disciple is also willing to learn from Teacher Mo.” Another person walked forward. Mo Wuji also recognised this person; it was Di Jie who he had previously rejected.

“Pill Master Mo, what are your thoughts?” Ren Fei looked towards Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji laughed faintly, “Of course they can. But they need to come to my shop for the lesson.”

“Disciple is willing.” Qu Chendan and Di Jie both bowed and said.

Surrounded by looks of confusion, Qu Chendan and Di Jie followed Mo Wuji and left High Firmament G.o.d Sect towards High Firmament City.

Even if Mo Wuji wanted to continue his lesson here, it would not be possible. With only two disciples willing to follow him, the sect wouldn't provide him with a hall for his lesson.

When they returned to the shop, Mo Wuji brought Qu Chendan and Di Jie to the second floor, set down seals and asked, “Why didn't the two of you choose to learn from Master Guang Zhang? Instead, you chose to follow a farmer that's only in the Nascent G.o.d Stage?”

Qu Chendan said respectfully, “Teacher Mo, I have always thought that growing Green Dew Rice was related to the Laws. Thus, when Teacher Mo said that, I decided to learn under Teacher Mo.”

“What about you?” Mo Wuji turned to Di Jie.

Di Jie hurriedly said, “Because I have seen the Green Dew Rice grown by Pill Master Mo, it's definitely not inferior to Master Guang Zhang. Master Guang Zhang has to teach more than 100 students by himself. I'm afraid that he wouldn't be able to personally tutor every single person.”

Mo Wuji was slightly speechless. This Di Jie was really very pragmatic. She probably thought that he wasn't comparable to Master Guang Zhang. It was just that he had fewer students, so he would be able to teach her better.

Mo Wuji said indifferently, “I'm afraid I don't have that much time to teach the two of you how to grow Green Dew Rice. I'm a pill refiner and I would rather spend my time learning to concoct pills… Oh right, do the two of you know where I can find a treasure to evolve an immortal flame?”

Di Jie and Qu Chendan shot glances towards each other. They hadn't even learnt anything from Mo Wuji, but Mo Wuji was the one that asked them a question.

“Four days later, Dew Drop G.o.d City will be hosting an auction. It's rumoured that there will be a primal fire crystal being sold during that auction. The primal fire crystal is one of the best treasures used to evolve an immortal flame,” Qu Chendan said.

Mo Wuji asked in astonishment, “Primal fire crystals could be used to evolve an immortal flame to a G.o.d flame? Who said that?”

He had 11 pieces of primal fire crystals on him. However, his primal fire crystal only evolved his Scholar's Heart to a Grade 9 immortal flame before it lost its effectiveness.

This time, it was Qu Chendan's turn to be confused. He even suspected that his words were wrong. But if even a primal fire crystal couldn't evolve an immortal flame, then what could?

Mo Wuji didn't understand what's going on. Could it be that there were some secondary things he needed to do to supplement his primal fire crystal in order to evolve his immortal flame? But he had never heard of such things.

“Teacher Mo, he is correct. Primal fire crystals are extremely rare treasures. They can definitely allow an immortal flame to evolve to a G.o.d flame,” Di Jie said by the side.

Mo Wuji came to a sudden realisation. The reason why his Scholar's Heart couldn't evolve to become a G.o.d flame wasn't because of a deficiency in his primal fire crystal, nor because he needed to do some secondary things. Instead, it was because he was in Cosmos Edge back then. There, the restrains of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth wouldn't have allowed his Scholar's Heart to evolve into a G.o.d flame. Thus, even though his primal fire crystal had the power to evolve his Scholar's Heart, it was restricted by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth.

If he tried now, he should be able to succeed.

“Many thanks to the two of you. Indeed, there's something that you can learn from everybody. Now, let me impart to you my method of growing Green Dew Rice. Before I do this, I need the two of you to swear that with without my permission, you will not spread what I will be teaching you.” As Mo Wuji got to his final sentence, his tone became extremely serious.

Di Jie and Qu Chendan didn't hesitate to swear that they would not reveal Mo Wuji's imparted knowledge. In reality, this oath didn't even place much pressure on them because they had no intentions of sharing this knowledge in the first place.

“Alright.” Mo Wuji didn't dally around. After that simple word of acknowledgement, he started, “My method of growing Green Dew Rice is self-created. This method is called grafting and transplanting.”

Hearing Mo Wuji say that his method was self-created, Di Jie and Qu Chendan were instantly spirited. This was exactly what they wanted to hear. Methods about adding a particular liquid which could be easily circulated on the street were the most worthless methods.

Mo Wuji brought out a Five Leaf Gra.s.s and said, “This is a Five Leaf Gra.s.s. My method is to first cut a Green Dew Rice sprout in half, then graft it onto a Five Leaf Gra.s.s. Each Five Leaf Gra.s.s could graft five Green Dew Rice. Thus, my yield of Green Dew Rice is five times that of other people…”

“What?” Mo Wuji's words left Di Jie and Qu Chendan standing in shock.

Ever since Mo Wuji started teaching, each sentence was astonis.h.i.+ng.

Mo Wuji gestured for the two to sit down, then he continued, “After each Green Dew Rice sprout is cut in half, there will be a rice bud. Peel this bud in half. Each leaf of the Five Leaf Gra.s.s will also have a bud. When you're grafting, you need to peel each bud of each leaf of the Five Leaf Gra.s.s in half. This half of the Five Leaf Gra.s.s's bud will be joined with the half of the bud from the Green Dew Rice. That is the first step.”

Although Qu Chendan and Di Jie were Nascent G.o.d cultivators, this was their first time hearing about grafting; they listened as though they were intoxicated with Mo Wuji's words.

Mo Wuji paused momentarily before continuing, “As for transplanting, you can use a five-element-type array disc. When you're transplanting, you will need to use your own instincts. If you feel that the Green Dew Rice is lacking in a particular element, then transplant the rice to the appropriate array disc.”

Qu Chendan and Di Jie definitely couldn't be like here and sense the exact element that each Green Dew Rice was deficient in. Thus, Mo Wuji could only ask them to use their instincts. If they tried many times, they would be able to get one right, wouldn't they? If they could strike one out of the five, then they would be able to grow top grade Green Dew Rice at the usual production rate.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 971

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