Immortal Mortal Chapter 972

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Chapter 972: Flame Evolution

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

When Qu Chendan and Di Jie were leaving, they were still in disbelief. According to Mo Wuji's words, they could easily grow top grade Green Dew Rice. If top grade Green Dew Rice could be grown so easily, then it wouldn't be so valuable.

However, they still held great expectations that Mo Wuji's words were true. Thus, after Mo Wuji finished teaching, the two hurriedly bade their farewells as they rushed back to try it out.

Mo Wuji's gains were not small too. After sending Qu Chendan and Di Jie off, he immediately left Shuai Guo and Chi Chuan some instructions, then left High Firmament City.

To Mo Wuji, what he needed to do most urgently was to evolve his Scholar's Heart. However, High Firmament City wasn't the same as Cosmos Edge; in High Firmament City, he wasn't the same overbearing Sect Head Mo.

With his current power, he completely didn't dare to bring out his primal fire crystal in High Firmament City to evolve his Scholar's Heart. Even if he had placed seals, he wouldn't dare to do so.

If the energy of a primal treasure ever gets revealed, people would definitely rush over in swarms. Mo Wuji knew that his power was extremely low. Back in G.o.d Domain, it was because he had been pressured with no means of retreat that he had to traverse the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction to get to G.o.d Continent.

Now that he had just arrived in G.o.d Continent, he did not hope to be forced into such a situation again.

At the same time, Mo Wuji also wanted to make a trip to Dew Drop G.o.d City. According to what Qu Chendan said, there will be an auction held in Dew Drop G.o.d City in a few days. Not only would there be a primal fire crystal, there would also be a Rootless G.o.d Steel.

The Rootless G.o.d Steel was a Houtian material, but the value of some Xiantian materials might not even compare to it. The reason was that the Rootless G.o.d Steel was a material that had no elemental affinity. Even a person that had no experience with forging equipment could forge a magic treasure with such a material.

The most important point was that after being forged into a magic treasure, the Rootless G.o.d Steel would evolve on its own. When it reaches its final state, it definitely wouldn't be weaker than a Xiantian treasure. This point was similar to Mo Wuji's Medicinal Cauldron Stone; it was just that the Medicinal Cauldron Stone was a Xiantian treasure.

But just this point alone makes the Rootless G.o.d Steel far more valuable. If your abilities were lacking, you wouldn't dare to use a Xiantian treasure even if you obtained one. However, this wasn't the same for the Rootless G.o.d Steel; after it becomes your magic treasure, it would have the aura of an ordinary magic treasure. No one could see through it.

Among the top five Houtian treasures in G.o.d World, the Rootless G.o.d Steel was ranked third. The other four materials were: World Stone, Void Waterseal, Ferry Bamboo, and Thoughtless Gold.

Ever since he was in G.o.d Domain, Mo Wuji's magic treasure had been that ugly halberd which is forged for himself. His Half Moon Weighted Halberd was no longer able to make the mark.

When the differences in cultivation levels weren't very big, the disparity between magic treasures would decide between victory and defeat. Thus, Mo Wuji intended to purchase this Rootless G.o.d Steel. That way, he would have something that he could protect himself with.

There wasn't a transfer array between Dew Drop G.o.d City and High Firmament G.o.d City, and the distance between the two cities was two days worth of travel. According to what Qu Chendan said, the auction will be held four days later. Thus, this was enough for Mo Wuji.

One day later, Mo Wuji appeared beside a vast canyon far from High Firmament City. Within this canyon, Mo Wuji found a nice, s.p.a.cious area. Thereafter, he prepared layers of arrays and seals. Only then, did he bring out his Scholar's Heart.

The nine sprouts within the Scholar's Heart were green in colour. Clearly, this Scholar's Heart was already at the peak of a Grade 9 immortal flame.

Mo Wuji then took out a primal fire crystal. This primal fire crystal really deserved its name as a primal treasure. Back when it evolved the Scholar's Heart to a Grade 9 immortal flame, it didn't even deplete by a single bit.

Indeed, the moment Mo Wuji brought out the primal fire crystal, his Scholar's Heart began to dance in glee. It directly swept away the crystal from Mo Wuji's hands.

The fire suddenly expanded till it was tens of meters tall. Thereafter, the four fire sprouts within the core of the fire began to merge. Mo Wuji could clearly feel the temperature of his Scholar's Heart rising. In a short time, the temperature rose to a terrifying degree.

Even though it was a fire, Mo Wuji could hear cracking sounds from within the flame. It seemed as though some Laws were being broken while new ones were being formed.

One hour later, Scholar's Heart rapidly receded. A blue, to the point where it looked like it could drip water, flame appeared in Mo Wuji's hand. Mo Wuji could clearly see three faint lines of gold on his Scholar's Heart.

A familiar feeling swept over. Mo Wuji could feel a terrifying temperature which was more than tens times stronger than an immortal flame. There seemed to be a life within the core of the Scholar's Heart; Mo Wuji could even feel its life force.

Grade 3 G.o.d flame. Mo Wuji was extremely contented. Indeed, the primal fire crystal was amazing; his Scholar's Heart was able to evolve to a Grade 3 G.o.d flame just like this. Moreover, this was with his low cultivation. Otherwise, it wouldn't be impossible for his Scholar's Heart to evolve to higher grades.

It definitely wouldn't be simple to purchase the primal fire crystal during that auction. With his current abilities, he could only bring out his Golden Nirvana Dao Sand. But as for whether that sand could be used to exchange for the fire crystal, it's hard to tell.

Even if the Golden Nirvana Dao Sand was any more precious, it was a far cry from the primal fire crystal. His only hope was that the Golden Nirvana Dao Sand was something that all G.o.d Kings desired greatly; a treasure that could provide G.o.d Kings with a chance of stepping into the Unity G.o.d Stage.

This time, evolving his Scholar's Heart into a G.o.d flame did manage to deplete the primal fire crystal. However, this depletion was limited. Clearly, even a G.o.d flame wouldn't use too much of his primal fire crystal.

The evolution of his Scholar's Heart took an hour. Whether anyone noticed the aura of the primal fire crystal or not, he was definitely going to leave this place as soon as possible.

With his fastest speed, Mo Wuji kept his array flags. Thereafter, he activated his Wind Escape Technique and disappeared without a trace.

In just half an incense's time after Mo Wuji left, a gold-robed man landed at where Mo Wuji just was. He looked at the empty s.p.a.ce, then he suddenly bent down and observed the sand. He muttered to himself, “It's indeed a primal fire crystal.”

Just as he said this, his face changed and he instantly disappeared. Thereafter, another two shadows landed on that spot. These two stayed for an even shorter period of time before they left swiftly in the same direction as the gold-robed man.

At this instant, Mo Wuji was already in Dew Drop G.o.d City.

Since he entered High Firmament City, he never revealed his true appearance. Even when he was teaching Qu Chendan Di Jie, he was in the disguise of a yellow-faced cultivator.

Now that he was in Dew Drop G.o.d City, he changed his appearance to that of a middle-aged rogue cultivator. The intermediate grade mask that Qu You gave him had been extremely useful.

Dew Drop G.o.d City was livelier than High Firmament City. Even though it didn't have the same grandeur as High Firmament City, Mo Wuji could tell that Dew Drop G.o.d City had far deeper roots than High Firmament City.

There were even some signs for Tier 5 G.o.d pills outside some shophouses. Mo Wuji could even occasionally see shops selling high-grade G.o.d equipment.

In G.o.d Continent, even G.o.d Kings could only use high-grade G.o.d equipment.

Mo Wuji soon found the venue of the auction that Qu Chendan mentioned. This auction was organised by Dew Drop G.o.d City itself. Thus, huge advertis.e.m.e.nt arrays were installed everywhere. According to the introductions on the advertis.e.m.e.nts, this auction will be the biggest auction in Dew Drop G.o.d City since the last hundred years.

The purpose of the auction was also written clearly. It was in preparation for the upcoming a.s.sessment by Nirvana Learning Academy.

A ticket to enter the main hall required 5,000 high-grade G.o.d crystals. As for personal boxes, the prices were definitely, they would definitely cost much more. Even if Mo Wuji had enough G.o.d crystals, he still wouldn't be able to get one. This caused Mo Wuji to lament inwardly. Just from the entrance tickets alone, this auction was going to earn a huge fortune.

Mo Wuji was afraid that if he was too late, he wouldn't even be able to get a ticket to the main hall, so he hurriedly purchased a ticket. The ticket number was already approaching 10,000. His seat was the 132 seat of the 87th row.

With one day left to the auction, Mo Wuji didn't search for inns but headed to the biggest herb shop in Dew Drop City, Dan Qian Merchant House

Mo Wuji was not a complete stranger to G.o.d Continent. Moreover, he had also heard Chi Kun say it before, Dew Drop City's Dan Qian Merchant House had a huge supply of G.o.d herbs.

When Mo Wuji stepped into Dan Qian Merchant House, he found that while the shop was huge, it was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with people.

There were at least one to two thousand people squeezed in the first floor. From Mo Wuji's observation, most of these cultivators were here to sell their G.o.d herbs. There did not seem to be any others like him that were here to purchase G.o.d herbs.

Most of those selling herbs were selling those that were in Tier 4 and below. He rarely saw Tier 5 G.o.d herbs, and even if he did, he only saw one or two.

Without a salesperson to guide him, Mo Wuji could only squeeze in and ask, “I would like to purchase large amounts of high tiered G.o.d herbs, may I ask whether there's a deacon around?”

Perhaps Mo Wuji's words attracted the attention of the people inside, a cleanshaven man greeted him with a smile, “May I ask which pill house are you from?”

“I'm here to represent my clan. I will need large amounts of G.o.d herbs,” Mo Wuji smiled and said.

Typically, those that came to purchase large amounts of G.o.d herbs were either sent here by pill houses or pill refiners.

Hearing that Mo Wuji was sent by a family clan, this man said with a wider smile on his face, “I'm Deacon Gong Kai of Dan Qian Merchant House. May I invite Dao Friend to the second floor.”

Dan Qian Merchant House's first floor was messy and squeezy, but the second floor was extremely clean. Mo Wuji only saw few other cultivators and they were all led along by the sales attendants of the shop. These cultivators should also be like him.

Under the guidance of Gong Kai, Mo Wuji was led to a quiet room. Just as the two sat down, a female cultivator came over and served two steaming hot cups of tea.

“Dao Friend requires which G.o.d herbs?” Gong Kai didn't ask which clan Mo Wuji was from. With his experience, he only needed a single glance to tell that Mo Wuji wasn't representing a clan. But this didn't mean that he wasn't to do this business. Usually, such shady business earned the most money and there was even the likelihood of obtaining a rare treasure.

“I need Tier 5 G.o.d herbs, the more the better,” Mo Wuji went straight to the point.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 972

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