Immortal Mortal Chapter 993

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Chapter 993: Charging To First Place

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This time, Mo Wuji only spent a short time to break through this Grade 3 trap array.

When he left this array, Mo Wuji saw a stone arch bridge. There was a stone tablet at the side of the bridge. He was instructed to write his name on this stone tablet.

After inscribing Rogue Cultivator 2705 on the stone tablet, Mo Wuji used a few steps to cross the stone arch bridge. It was just as Mo Wuji had expected. A vast field had appeared in front of him.

Clearly, he had easily pa.s.sed the first test and had arrived at the second test of growing Green Dew Rice.

Mo Wuji had the seeds of peak-grade Green Dew Rice. With them, he was confident that he could grow peak-grade Green Dew Rice and in huge amounts.

However, Mo Wuji did not intend to use his Five Leaf Gra.s.s grafting method, nor his transplanting method. He didn't even intend to use his peak-grade Green Dew Rice seeds.

He took out the seeds of his high-grade Green Dew Rice. The quality of his high-grade Green Dew Rice seeds was definitely good. He believed that even if he couldn't grow high-grade Green Dew Rice, he would at least be able to grow intermediate-grade ones. This was because his high-grade Green Dew Rice seeds were filled with gold lines and runes. It was definitely the best among high-grade Green Dew Rice.

As long as he could grow intermediate-grade Green Dew Rice, he should be able to pa.s.s this a.s.sessment.

After quickly organising the field, Mo Wuji planted his high-grade Green Dew Rice. After which, he took out his Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow and started to water the seeds.

Mo Wuji was sure that this a.s.sessment was monitored. He would rather reveal his Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow than his ability to sense the five elements within Green Dew Rice.

Whether it was the Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow or the high-grade Green Dew Rice, they both shouldn't be considered invaluable treasures to Nirvana Learning Academy. On the other hand, his ability to control the five elements might make him a specimen of Nirvana Learning Academy's studies. As for his peak-grade Green Dew Rice, Mo Wuji was less willing to reveal it.

Actually, it was a mistake to have left peak-grade Green Dew Rice for Xi Lingru. Fortunately, Xi Lingru's character was not bad. Now that they had become friends, Xi Lingru probably wouldn't divulge his ability to grow Green Dew Rice.

After planting the Green Dew Rice, Mo Wuji started to study the Talisman Dao.

Compared to his Pill, Equipment and Array Dao, his Talisman Dao was extremely lacking. As of now, he could only barely craft a Grade 2 G.o.d talisman.

Theoretically, crafting a Grade 2 G.o.d talisman should be enough to prevent him from being eliminated. However, Mo Wuji wholeheartedly wanted to go to the Land of Mortals, so it was better for him to play safe.

Although the Rogue Cultivator Duel Compet.i.tion had already ended, the plaza was still filled with people.

There was a huge array screen at the centre of the plaza. Plenty of people had come here to see how their sect's disciples performed in the a.s.sessment.

“It's out, a name is out!” A cry of pleasant surprise sounded within the crowd. Indeed, a name had appeared on the screen.

Nirvana Learning Academy a.s.sessment First Place – Luo Xianjiao; Points: 96.10.

“My guess was right. The first place in the Array Dao Test is True G.o.d Path's genius fairy, Luo Xianjiao. How long did she take? She was able to pa.s.s the Array Dao Test in that short time.”

“Was there a need to guess? Luo Xianjiao is a Grade 4 G.o.d Array Master. It would be strange if she didn't take first place in this kind of test.”

“Right. If Luo Xianjiao chose to focus on her cultivation instead, she definitely wouldn't be weaker than her sister Luo Xianyan.”

“Then who do you think would get second place? I guess that it would be Star Concealing Mountain's Fi Feiyan. I heard that he had just advanced to the Grade 4 G.o.d Array Master level.”

“Nonsense. That's obvious…”

Immediately, this cultivator abruptly. He cried out in astonishment, “Who's Rogue Cultivator 2705? How come I've never heard of this person?”

At this instant, another name appeared on the screen: Nirvana Learning Academy a.s.sessment Second Place – Rogue Cultivator 2705; Points: 95.50.

“Who's Rogue Cultivator 2705?”

At this point in time, it wasn't simply one person asking that question. Almost everyone was asking about Rogue Cultivator 2705. The placing of Nirvana Learning Academy's a.s.sessment was the focus of the entire G.o.d Continent. It wasn't strange for some rogue cultivators to occasionally pa.s.s the a.s.sessment. However, it was extremely weird for a rogue cultivator to obtain second place.

“I know who he is.” A voice suddenly cried out.

When this person said that, a whole group of people crowded around him and stared at him.

“He is a rogue cultivator. He obtained his placing for the a.s.sessment through the Duel Compet.i.tion and it was through winning 31 battles in a row. Although this person is impressive, he only has one sacred art, which was a fire-powered punch. If you are able to defend against his fire punch, you would be able to win him…”

A rogue cultivator? A rogue cultivator actually obtained second place in Nirvana Learning Academy's a.s.sessment?

After hearing this news, the eyes of several sects and powers started to light up. A rogue cultivator was easy to control. If they were able to get in contact with this cultivator immediately after the a.s.sessment ends, they could recruit this rogue cultivator into their sects.

Of course, the premise was that this rogue cultivator had to pa.s.s the test.

Among the crowd, a tall man with thin eyes revealed a sinister expression when he saw the name ‘Rogue Cultivator 2705'.

This man was exactly Rogue Cultivator Alliance's G.o.d King Luo Yu. It was true that he had been sent to a different place but this did not mean that he couldn't stay in Nirvana Dao City. This was a matter of mutual understanding. He only had one reason why he stayed here: to kill Mo Wuji.

With his savings and pay for supporting the Rogue Cultivator Selection, he was sure that he could step into G.o.d King Level 4 and become an expert in the intermediate G.o.d King Stage. However, all this was foiled by this puny Nascent G.o.d. Not only did he lose his lucrative job, he was also humiliated and ridiculed.

To him, it was best if Mo Wuji obtained horrible results. He was waiting for Mo Wuji to be eliminated, then he would slowly deal with Mo Wuji. He didn't expect that this ant would actually obtain second place in the first test, and his score was only lower than the first place by 0.6 points.

He did not know that if Mo Wuji didn't choose to spend time gaining insights on the Grade 3 illusion array, Mo Wuji might have gotten full marks.

Mo Wuji continuously crafted various kinds of talismans at the side of the field. Occasionally, he would go into the field to check on his Green Dew Rice.

The growth of his Green Dew Rice was good even without the help of his five elemental array disc. This was because his seeds were from the highest quality of high-grade Green Dew Rice. Moreover, he was using the Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow to water them. Thus, each strand of Green Dew Rice was tender and exuberant.

Three months later, Mo Wuji crafted his first Grade 3 G.o.d talisman. Even though it was a simple Grade 3 G.o.d talisman, it still showed that he had become a Grade 3 G.o.d Talisman Master.

In the following months, Mo Wuji continued to craft Grade 3 G.o.d talismans. Six months pa.s.sed and the quality of his Grade 3 G.o.d talisman became increasingly better. However, he knew that there was still a distance away to being a Grade 4 G.o.d Talisman Master, and this wasn't simply due to a lack of materials.

Until now, the primary reason why he could become a Grade 3 G.o.d Talisman Master was his Sage Dao Talisman. His methods and legacy basically came from the Sage Dao Talisman.

However, he cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique. If he wanted to step into the Grade 4 G.o.d Talisman Master level, he would need to detach himself from the Sage Doa Talisman and craft something which was exclusively his.

If he continued to follow the methods according to the Sage Dao Talisman, it would be hard for him to become a Grade 4 G.o.d Talisman Master. It didn't matter even if he spent a lot of time. All this was because he cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique.

Regardless of his cultivation technique or his Dao, he would eventually have to walk out of the beaten path and find his own dao insights. This was the arduous journey in pursuit of the Dao.

Six months had pa.s.sed. His Green Dew Rice had matured.

Keeping his talismans, Mo Wuji walked into the field. He was greeted by a patch of greenish-silver.

This was within Mo Wuji's expectations. Originally, he only intended to grow intermediate-grade Green Dew Rice. Now, he had exceeded his targets. Moreover, there were some hints of gold among his field. Those were high-grade Green Dew Rice. However, there were very few of them, only one or two strands.

Mo Wuji used his fastest speed to harvest the field of Green Dew Rice. Then, he removed the husk.

This was an a.s.sessment for Green Dew Rice. He did not wish for his points to be deducted because of the husk.

Mo Wuji estimated that he had grown approximately 38 catties of intermediae-grade Green Dew Rice and 2 to 3 catties of high-grade Green Dew Rice.

After Mo Wuji harvested the Green Dew Rice, a transfer whirlpool appeared in the middle of the field. Mo Wuji packed the 40 catties of Green Dew Rice nicely, then sent it into the transfer whirlpool.

In less than a minute, a whirlpool array door appeared at the end of the field. By the side of the whirlpool door, there was also a white jade stone tablet.

Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief, stood up and engraved ‘Rogue Cultivator 2705' on the stone tablet. After which, he stepped into the whirlpool door. He wasn't sent out, which meant that he had pa.s.sed this test.

This time, a small stone hut appeared in front of Mo Wuji. Within the stone hut, there was only a black coloured ore and a low-grade fire stone. This was the common Grade 2 G.o.d material, Black Meteor Steel.

It was already not bad to use a Grade 2 G.o.d material to forge a low-grade G.o.d equipment. Although Mo Wuji still couldn't forge an intermediate-grade G.o.d equipment, he was familiar with the Black Meteor Steel.

With seasoned hands, he sparked the fire stone and threw the Black Meteor Steel into the flame. Although this was only a low-grade G.o.d fire, it was enough to melt the Black Meteor Steel.

Mo Wuji intended to forge a halberd. He was best at forging halberds.

As Mo Wuji was forging his equipment, his name had become a hot topic of discussion in Nirvana Dao City's plaza.

Although he only grew intermediate-grade and a little bit of high-grade Green Dew Rice, his name still went to the first place. With a total score of 167.5, he had pa.s.sed the original first place, Luo Xianjiao.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 993

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