Immortal Mortal Chapter 1027

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Chapter 1027: You Are Mo Wuji?

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“There's no need. With me, Da Huang, here, why would we need my lord to personally intervene?” Da Huang had already charged forward and thrown a punch towards this G.o.ds Race cultivator.

Da Huang cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique as well. Although he had few opportunities to fight, his body was formed from Phecda Clay. Thus, he had the innate abilities for combat.

Feeling Da Huang's power late-stage Nascent G.o.d Domain, this G.o.ds Race cultivator cried out in shock, “You're a Nascent G.o.d. How could you be a Nascent G.o.d?”

This G.o.ds Race cultivator's domain was directly torn apart. Although Da Huang's Domain Crus.h.i.+ng Fist could not be compared to Mo Wuji, with Mo Wuji's guidance, it was definitely a true sacred art.

This G.o.ds Race cultivator had already brought out his magic treasure. Just as he summoned all his energy to block against Da Huang's Domain Crus.h.i.+ng Fist, Shuai Guo shouted by the side, “There's also me…”

Shuai Guo didn't even care about his surroundings. He directly jumped into the battle. Its sharp beak went open and it started sucking.

What shocked this G.o.ds Race cultivator was that he actually saw that a huge part of his domain being sucked away by Da Huang. His domain, which had originally started to collapse because of Da Huang's fist, was now even weaker. There was actually a demonic beast that could eat domains in this universe? What kind of thing was that?

“Boom!” Da Huang's second fist had already come over.

This G.o.ds Race cultivator's domain could no longer hold back. He could only use his magic treasure to try and defend against Da Huang. At this moment, Shuai Guo's sharp beak pierced through his armour, stabbing into his skin.

Suddenly, this G.o.ds Race cultivator felt his vitality disappearing rapidly. An aura of death loomed over him. He was so afraid that his soul started to quiver. What exactly was this beast? Why was it like a mosquito?

This was Mo Wuji's second visit to G.o.ds Precipice Cliff. Back when he sealed the runes, he only felt an intense sensation of decay and death.

Now, his seal had disappeared and a huge gap hole had appeared in the middle of the runes.

Boundless corpses laid by the side. Although many of these corpses were already turning into dust, Mo Wuji could still feel a sinister aura from them.

Clearly, there was still curse energy left over. It seems like his previous guess was right. These were indeed curse runes.

Around the broken runes, Mo Wuji saw several void array runes.

These array runes were enigmatic and complicated. At the same time, they were extremely complete. Mo Wuji was a person who took part in the installing of a Grade 7 G.o.d transfer array. Moreover, he also knew how to inscribe void array runes.

Although he didn't understand these array runes, he could tell that they were definitely transfer array runes. Back then, his guess was right. There was an extreme-distance transfer array here. Just from these array runes alone, he could tell that the transfer distance definitely wouldn't be short.

Deep within these array runes, there was some energy which even caused Mo Wuji's heart to palpitate. He did not intend to study it further. Since he had come here, the first thing he needed to do was to get rid of these transfer array runes. After which, he would need to seal this place.

With his current capabilities, he could not prepare such transfer array runes. However, it was still possible for him to destroy it.

Just as Mo Wuji was prepared to attack, the transfer array runes suddenly began to flicker with white light. Mo Wuji instantly knew that someone was coming and he immediately prepared himself to destroy the array runes. As long as he destroyed the transfer array runes here, there would be a problem with the transfer. The person being transferred might even be left to die within the s.p.a.ce in between.

However, Mo Wuji immediately stopped himself. If the transfer array runes were destroyed during a transfer, the other side would definitely know that something had gone wrong here. More importantly, Mo Wuji believed that with his cultivation, he didn't even need to fear any of the G.o.ds Race cultivators that came over.

With the Laws of the Heaven and Earth helping him, there was nothing he needed to be afraid of.

As the white light flashed, a bloodied cultivator suddenly appeared within the transfer array runes.

Before Mo Wuji could do anything, this bloodied cultivator had already activated two talismans. Currently, Mo Wuji was a Grade 3 G.o.d Talisman Master. Also, he possessed the Sage Dao Talisman. Thus, Mo Wuji could immediately tell that one of the talismans was a regulation talisman while the other was an explosive talisman.

That regulation talisman was a Grade 5 G.o.d talisman. Although this talisman didn't have attack or defence abilities, it was extremely valuable. Only top-cla.s.s Grade 5 G.o.d Talisman Kings could craft them.

Even though this cultivator moved quickly, the Laws of the Heaven and Earth still tore his bones apart, leaving him paralysed on the floor. Fortunately, his talisman took effect in time before his body started to collapse.

The explosive talisman didn't explode immediately. This cultivator struggled to swallow some healing pills, then he shouted at Mo Wuji hoa.r.s.ely, “Why aren't you retreating? This place is about to explode.”

Mo Wuji didn't move. These void array runes definitely couldn't be destroyed by a mere Grade 4 explosive array. If he didn't understand void array runes, he might not necessarily be able to destroy them even with his Kun Wu Sword.

Seeing that Mo Wuji was ignoring him, this cultivator could no longer be bothered with Mo Wuji. He hurriedly retreated to safety. At the same time, he whipped out a defensive-type treasure.

“Boom!” The explosive talisman exploded. Indeed, it was as Mo Wuji predicted. The instant the explosive talisman exploded, a faint s.h.i.+eld appeared around the void array runes, blocking away all the destructive force from the talisman.

There wasn't even a single impact on the void array runes.

At this time, Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel started to inscribe void explosive array runes around these void transfer array runes. It was hard to install an array but it was easy to destroy one.

Mo Wuji's explosive array runes destroyed one of the transfer array runes. This was equivalent to destroying the entire transfer array. Unless a top-cla.s.s array expert came to mend that destroyed void transfer array rune, this transfer array could not be used.

“Just like that?” The injured cultivator stopped in his tracks and he stared blankly at where his explosive talisman just ignited.

After some time, he consoled himself, “That transfer array should be destroyed. Otherwise, they would have chased over by now.”

It's true that the transfer array was destroyed. However, Mo Wuji knew that it wasn't due to this fella's explosive talisman but his own void array runes.

Mo Wuji started to size this injured fella up. Before this person's regulation talisman activated, Mo Wuji had sensed his cultivation. He should be in the early G.o.d Monarch Stage. Currently, his cultivation had been restricted to the Nascent G.o.d Stage.

Mo Wuji had killed many G.o.ds Race cultivators. G.o.ds Race cultivators had a certain aura about them. This fella shouldn't be a G.o.ds Race cultivator.

“Don't just look at my injuries. In reality, if I want to kill you, I only need to use one finger. So don't have any weird ideas.” As he was speaking, this injured cultivator used a dust-removing technique, expelling the blood and grime from his body.

A thick-browed, big-eared and unique-faced person appeared in front of Mo Wuji.

“Where are you from?” Mo Wuji casually asked. This person clearly wasn't a bloodthirsty person. And even if he was a bloodthirsty person, he wasn't speaking blindly. If he saw Mo Wuji as an Immortal Emperor, he could indeed kill Mo Wuji in seconds.

“Some rotten place where some bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds live. All those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds think that they are at the top of the universe and that they can control the primordial chaos. What a wretched place. Let me introduce myself, my name is Jing Xinjue. I come from a place called G.o.d Domain. Don't be mistaken, G.o.d Domain isn't that rotten place.” This injured cultivator introduced himself. Clearly, he didn't view Mo Wuji as a threat.

Although Jing Xinjue didn't say where that rotten place was, Mo Wuji could guess that it was where the G.o.ds Race lived. This Jing Xinjue was really not bad. He actually managed to enter the lands of the G.o.ds Race and he even escaped using their transfer array.

“I'm Mo Wuji,” Mo Wuji casually said.

Perhaps the healing drugs were taking effect, this Jing Xinjue's injuries looked better. He stood up and said, “Let me tell you, I just helped you out just now. I heard from those G.o.ds Race b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that this was a lower realm? Those G.o.ds Race b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are all cold-blooded trash. They simply wish to slaughter all the other races in the universe. If I hadn't destroyed that transfer array, you guys would be screwed. This entire realm would be refined by them.”

Jing Xinjue seemed to notice that Mo Wuji didn't look at his words highly. He harrumphed, “Indeed, the kind isn't repaid with kindness. Forget it, you wouldn't understand it even if I told you… Eh, what did you call yourself? Mo Wuji?”

Mo Wuji nodded, “That's right. I am Mo Wuji.”

Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't find it weird for Jing Xinjue to have heard his name. He had come from G.o.d Domain as well. Moreover, back in the newly incubated G.o.d Domain Nest, he had slaughtered a bunch of genius disciples.

Jing Xinjue seemed to forget that he was fleeing not long ago and that he still had heavy injuries. He began to gabble unceasingly, “In G.o.d Domain, there's also a genius called Mo Wuji. When that fella was in the early Nascent G.o.d Stage, he faced the encirclement of 49 Nascent G.o.ds and several Heavenly G.o.ds. Ultimately, he ma.s.sacred all of them. Oh, I think one escaped. Pretty impressive, right… If that's not enough, several G.o.d Kings tried to hunt him but they could only return empty-handed. They didn't even know where he escaped to.

Oh right, do you know of the Nascent G.o.d Stage? Your cultivation should be the Immortal Emperor Stage, right? The Laws of Heaven and Earth around this place are broken. Thus, you probably wouldn't have a chance to step into the Nascent G.o.d Stage. Let me tell you, the Nascent G.o.d Stage comes after the Great Circle of the Heavenly G.o.d Stage. After which, Great Circle Nascent G.o.ds would condense their G.o.d lattice before stepping into the Heavenly G.o.d Stage. Do you understand now? I have a junior sister called Qu You. She is a person that was regarded as the number one beauty in the entire G.o.d Domain. This Mo Wuji is her dao companion…”

Mo Wuji stared blankly at Jing Xinjue. It was true that he had killed several Nascent G.o.ds and Heavenly G.o.ds. But since when was Qu You his dao companion?

However, he did find out that this Jing Xinjue was from the Forgotten Creek Dao School. Only those from that school would address Qu You as a junior sister.

“Dao Friend Jing, you can come here but you can't simply spout nonsense. I'm not dao companions with that Qu You,” Mo Wuji said speechlessly.

When he heard Mo Wuji's words, Jing Xinjue went still. Immediately, he pointed at Mo Wuji and said in a trembling voice, “You, you are Mo Wuji?”

Mo Wuji remained silent. He had already introduced himself as Mo Wuji.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1027

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