Immortal Mortal Chapter 1028

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Chapter 1028: Re-entering The Cosmos Wall

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“Right, right, you are Mo Wuji.” Before Mo Wuji replied, Jing Xinjue waved his hand awkwardly. “Junior Brother Mo, Qu You calls me Senior Brother, so I will address you as my Junior Brother. That, I view you with… Erm, I'm very envious of you…”

Mo Wuji could only say, “You wanted to say respect, right?”

“Right, and also envy. I also liked Junior Sister Qu You. However, after hearing the matter between you and Qu You, I immediately set my eyes on a different junior sister…”

Mo Wuji hurriedly stopped Jing Xinjue from speaking any further. He didn't think that this fella could actually be so talkative. Moreover, this fella was an expert that had already stepped into the G.o.d Monarch Stage.

“Brother Jing, I've already said this previously. Qu You and I are only acquaintances. Moreover, I already have a dao companion.” Mo Wuji felt that it would be hard to convince such a garrulous person.

Jing Xinjue slapped Mo Wuji's elbow and chuckled, “Junior Brother Mo, who are you trying to kid? If she wasn't your dao companion, why would you give the Primal G.o.d Lattice to her? Moreover, it would be weird if a person like you didn't have a dao companion or two in the lower worlds.”

Jing Xinjue wasn't the only person who had such thoughts. In fact, anyone else would think the same. This was the Primal G.o.d Lattice. If Mo Wuji didn't like Qu You down to her bones, would he have given her the Primal G.o.d Lattice?

Mo Wuji could only change the topic, “Let's not talk about this. How did you come here?”

When Jing Xinjue heard that Mo Wuji was asking him how he got to the G.o.ds Race, he instantly started to gabble unceasingly, “Wuji, I realise didn't expect that you would flee to a lower world. No wonder why G.o.d King Salt Pavilion was unable to find you. Let me tell you, after you left, there were multiple incubations of G.o.d Domain's G.o.d Domain Nest. In the most recent incubated G.o.d Domain Nest, we made contact with those G.o.ds Race b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds think that they're the most esteemed ants in the entire universe. They killed everyone that they laid their eyes on. This time, almost all the genius disciples that went to the newly incubated G.o.d Domain Nest were ma.s.sacred. I had also gone into the G.o.d Domain Nest. Fortunately, I have a unique sacred art which allows me to change my aura. I changed my aura to that of a G.o.ds Race cultivator and I managed to mix in with their lower-levelled cultivators…”

This fella was truly a natural socialiser. He went from Junior Brother Mo to addressing Mo Wuji by his name so smoothly.

“Then were those G.o.d Race cultivators blocked?” Even though Mo Wuji knew the answer, he still wanted to verify it.

Spittle seemed to splatter out of Jing Xinjue's mouth as he said, “Those G.o.ds Race b.a.s.t.a.r.ds definitely have a talent for cultivation. The Laws of Heaven and Earth over their land do not seem as complete as our G.o.d Domain, however, they still have experts which transcend the G.o.d King Stage. Moreover, within the same cultivation stage, those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are extremely powerful. Still, the Heavens do not wish for G.o.d Domain to be destroyed. At this moment, the transfer array between G.o.d Domain and the land across the Nirvana Ocean, G.o.d Continent, was completed. The Unity G.o.ds from G.o.d Continent came over and chased the G.o.ds Race out of G.o.d Continent. Now, the two sides are facing off at the fringes of the newly incubated G.o.d Domain Nest. Every day, countless cultivators from G.o.d Domain and G.o.d Continent are killed. Of course, we also kill many G.o.ds Race cultivators every day.”

“Then how did you get here?” Mo Wuji asked.

Jing Xinjue seemed to have lingering fears as he said, “I was hiding secretly among the low-levelled G.o.ds Race cultivators and I continuously looked for a chance to go back to G.o.d Domain. I didn't expect that before I could escape, some b.i.t.c.h discovered me. This woman looked like a vixen, she even started to smell me. This woman seemed to like me but the moment she discovered that I was a cultivator from G.o.d Domain, she immediately started shouting…”

Seemingly celebrating that he had escaped with his little life, Jing Xinjue slowed down and continued, “Back then, no one noticed me and I had only just broken through to the G.o.d Monarch Stage. Thus, I frantically escaped. Along the way, I got injured and I almost didn't manage to flee.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to prepare a peak-grade escape talisman. My talisman actually brought me to some G.o.ds Race secret domain. There, I saw this transfer array. At that time, a G.o.ds Race cultivator was preparing to use the transfer array. I immediately kicked him away. Just as I stepped on the transfer array, it was activated. You know the rest of the story.”

“Wait for me. I will completely destroy this transfer array before we continue.” Mo Wuji was secretly praising Jing Xinjue's good luck. As he spoke, he walked towards the transfer array runes and started to inscribe his own void array runes.

“There's no need. I have already destroyed this transfer array with my explosive talisman,” Jing Xinjue waved his hand casually when he saw Mo Wuji walk over.

Mo Wuji could only explain the truth, “That Grade 4 explosive talisman of yours is unable to destroy that transfer array. This transfer array isn't a traditional transfer array, but one made from void array runes. Typical methods wouldn't be enough to destroy it.”

“That means to say, you were the one that did something previously?” Jing Xinjue finally realised what Mo Wuji was saying.

“That's right.” Mo Wuji continuously drew void array runes. He could only sense the void transfer array runes. However, because they were too enigmatic, he was unable to comprehend them. Either way, Mo Wuji knew that it was enough for him to destroy the runes.

Looking as Mo Wuji continuously drew runes which he was unable to even detect and hearing the sounds of explosions, Jing Xinjue knew that he had truly been overthinking things previously.

Fortunately, he was open-minded and did not care too much about such things.

After destroying multiple void transfer array runes, Mo Wuji started to prepare a seal.

This time, Mo Wuji spent an entire day to install a Grade 5 sealing array. He even planted a high-grade G.o.d spiritual vein to provide G.o.d spiritual energy.

With a seal of such a degree, even a G.o.d King would be stalled for a long time. If this G.o.d King was careless, he might even be killed.

Jing Xinjue did not understand the Array Dao but this did not mean that he was inexperienced. As Mo Wuji was installing the sealing array, he sighed, “Wuji, I didn't think that your Array Dao would be so strong. No wonder why you are able to escape here and why such an amazing person like Junior Sister Qu You would like you.”

By now, Mo Wuji had a rough understanding of Jing Xinjue's character. He did not respond to Jing Xinjue's words. Only after completing the sealing array, Mo Wuji asked, “Brother Jing, what do you intend to do now?”

Jing Xinjue spread his hands and said helplessly, “I also don't know what I should do. My regulation talisman definitely doesn't last forever. The day that my regulation talisman shatters, I would shatter along with it…”

As he said this, Jing Xinjue suddenly thought of something. He stared at Mo Wuji in delight and said, “Wuji, you also came from G.o.d Domain. You definitely have some way to return back to G.o.d Domain, right? I will follow you.”

“Brother Jing…”

“There's no need to call me Brother Jing. Just call me Xinjue. You are Qu You's dao companion and I am Qu You's Senior Brother. We are basically family. On account of Junior Sister Qu You, you need to help me.”

Mo Wuji could only remain silent. Explaining to a person like Jing Xinjue would only make things more complicated.

By the time Mo Wuji brought Jing Xinjue back to Cosmos Edge, all the surviving cultivators already knew what happened and they were all extremely grateful to Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji did not see any familiar faces, nor did he have any intentions of staying in Cosmos Edge.

On the other hand, Shuai Guo's actions of sucking the G.o.ds Race Great Circle Nascent G.o.d dry had left Mo Wuji with a pleasant surprise. Ever since Shuai Guo became a G.o.dbeast, it had never personally gotten into any battles. In this battle, Mo Wuji could finally see the ferocity of this fierce bug. Indeed, the bloodline of the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito was amazing.

Shuai Guo was only in Nascent G.o.d Level 5 but he was able to easily suck a Great Circle Nascent G.o.d. No wonder why a Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito was even able to devour a Xiantian treasure.

“Sect Head Mo, you are returning back to the Immortal World? Lu Ziting asked nervously.

He had left the Immortal World for many years. In his heart, he had some yearning for his Revolving Soul Dao. With Mo Wuji's current power, he should be able to tear apart the seal between Cosmos Edge and the Very High Heavens.

Mo Wuji did indeed want to go to the Immortal World. However, the place he wanted to go to more was the Cosmos Wall. He turned to face Ni Kai, “Dao Friend Ni Kai, how long more till the Cosmos Wall opens?”

When he heard Mo Wuji's question, Ni Kai hesitated briefly before saying, “Back when Dao Friend Lu and I were in Heaven's Beyond Corridor, the Cosmos Wall opened twice. The two of us were too weak and we were completely unable to reach the top. According to my experience, it will not be more than three days till the Cosmos Wall opens again.”

Hearing that there were only three days till the Cosmos Wall opens, Mo Wuji directly gave up his idea of returning to the Immortal World. He took out a World Rending Talisman and handed it to Lu Ziting, “Sect Head Lu, I need to take a look at the Cosmos Wall. You can use the World Rending Talisman to return to the Immortal World. If my Ping Fan Immortal School is in any trouble, I seek Sect Head Lu's help to solve them.”

Mo Wuji didn't have any World Rending Talismans from the G.o.d World to the Immortal World. However, he did have a whole pile of World Rending Talismans from Cosmos Edge to the Immortal World.

As for Cen Shuyin's matter, Lu Ziting naturally heard a little about it. He understood Mo Wuji's thinking. After accepting the World Rending Talisman, Lu Ziting said, “Sect Head Mo, rest a.s.sured. As long as I return to the Immortal World, Ping Fan Immortal School's matters are my, Lu Ziting's, matters.”

Even though Mo Wuji really wanted to return to the Immortal World and even Zhen Xing, he still curbed his thoughts. After biding farewell to Lu Ziting, he had Shuai Guo and Da Huang return back to his Mortal World while he hurriedly brought Jing Xinjue to Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

This Cosmos Wall opens in frequencies of years. Sometimes, it might only open after decades. Mo Wuji did not want to miss this chance.

Ni Kai had been living in Cosmos Edge for countless years. His judgement was right. In two days, a huge black whirlpool appeared about Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

Several junk G.o.d herbs and low-grade G.o.d crystal shavings feel out of the hole. Mo Wuji sighed emotionally. Those years ago, how many people were here fighting for materials? Now, there was only Jing Xinjue and him. Moreover, the two of them were too lazy to pick up such low-grade resources.

“This is the Cosmos Wall? The universe is truly filled with anomalies…” Jing Xinjue sighed when he saw this Cosmos Wall.

Mo Wuji looked at the black hole and said, “I intend to enter this Cosmos Wall. Even I do not know where this Cosmos Wall will lead to. Thus, it might be dangerous. If…”

Before Mo Wuji could finish speaking, Jing Xinjue cut him off, “Wuji, do I, Jing Xinjue, look like a person who's afraid of death? Moreover, there's a strand of hope in this Cosmos Edge. If I don't go in, I would only be waiting for my death here.”

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1028

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