Immortal Mortal Chapter 1041

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Chapter 1041: Indeed It's You, Mo Wuji

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When he spoke, Mo Wuji took a glance at the rusty Buddha Shovel on Kun Yun's back. This Buddha Shovel was still a cause of fear. If he didn't know the background of Kun Yun, he might have ended up like everyone else – treating the Buddha Shovel as an ordinary magic treasure.

But now Mo Wuji clearly knew that this Buddha Shovel was a top notch magic treasure. His guess was that Kun Yun carried it not to show off, but because Kun Yun didn't have anything that could store the shovel.

Once he thought about this, Mo Wuji's heart trembled.

If Kun Yun's strength had completely recovered, Mo Wuji was sure that even if Cang Zhengxing and Xing Mu joined forces, they would just be ants in front of Kun Yun, much less if he did it.

Kun Yun didn't even have a magic treasure capable of storing the Buddha Sovel, which meant that Kun Yun was still an elementary Heavenly G.o.d.

“You're Mo Wuji right? That's right, not long ago I saw someone send a message, and it seemed like he wanted to capture you.” Kun Yun said causally, almost as though as he didn't care that Mo Wuji wanted to kill him.

Mo Wuji was also aware that someone like Kun Yun wouldn't dare to show up unless he had absolute confidence. As for killing him, Mo Wuji didn't care about it even more. In the New G.o.d Domain City, as long as Unity G.o.d experts did not show up, no one had the ability to kill him.

“Kun Yun, you can cross your wooden bridge, while I walk my own path. We'll just care about our own issues. If you want to convince me of something, I still haven't got back at you for the issue of collecting the Immortal World's fate.” Mo Wuji knew that Kun Yun was a slippery eel, hence he didn't want to be a.s.sociated with this person as much as possible.

Ignoring Mo Wuji's words, Kun Yun carried on, “Mo Wuji, you cultivate the Mortal Dao, which makes you a pioneer of sorts. Although I want to strip the Immortal World of its fate, but because of you, I couldn't help but give up integrating my sea of consciousness and wasted a significant amount of effort. I was thinking, why don't we work together. With our combined intelligence, we can definitely get whatever we need. Oh yes, don't think about making a move against me, you're not qualified enough…”

Even though Mo Wuji knew that Kun Yun was too scheming, he thought of himself as a worthy opponent for this person. Now that Kun Yun wanted to join forces with him, he declined the offer without hesitation, “Sorry, I don't intend to work together with you.”

“This isn't that urgent. Many years ago, I saw a few girls around here. One of them was named something like Cen Shuyin, and she secretly went around looking for information about you. Back then I even stepped in to allow the few of them to safely leave this place. But you have to know that I was just at Nascent G.o.d Level 1, so you still owe me…”

“You know where Shuyin is at?” Mo Wuji grabbed Kun Yun's shoulder and asked frantically.

Without breaking a sweat, Kun Yun swatted Mo Wuji's hand off his shoulder and replied casually, “Look, if I really wanted to trap you, I would have done so the moment when you placed your hand on my shoulder.”

Mo Wuji laughed coldly, “I'd like to see you try.”

He didn't believe that Kun Yun was kind hearted enough to help Shuyin and co.

“Let's find somewhere to discuss this further.” Kun Yun didn't care about Mo Wuji's threat and continued to chuckle while speaking.

“Sure.” Although Mo Wuji didn't want to get involved with Kun Yun, but he couldn't disagree with Kun Yun's words.

The both of them left the Hall of Missions, arriving at an average sized spiritual teahouse.

When the spiritual tea was served, Kun Yun activated the restriction on the room, and said, “Mo Wuji, the reason why I gave up on my sea of consciousness really had some link to you. Firstly, you damaged my sea of consciousness. Secondly, you disrupted my plans.”

Mo Wuji replied unfeelingly, “I don't dare to agree with you. If you didn't try to strip the Immortal World's fate away, how would I have landed in your sea of consciousness? Even me landing in your sea of consciousness was orchestrated by you right? It was only that I didn't fall for your trick in the end. Moreover, the person that wanted to split up the fate of the Immortal World wasn't me either. That person is still in the G.o.d Domain. If you want to look for her to cause trouble, it shouldn't be that difficult to catch wind of news about her.”

Kun Yun waved it off, “I, Kun Yun, have lived to this day, hence I won't bother with these pointless things. While you have damaged part of my sea of consciousness, its effect on me isn't that great. The reason why I didn't want to continue staying there to repair my sea of consciousness was that if I didn't come out, once you grew further, I wouldn't get anything at all.”

“What do you mean?” Muji stared at Kun Yun, puzzled.

Chuckling, Kun Yun explained, “You'll understand this in due time. Let's discuss about our collaboration first.”

Calmly, Mo Wuji spoke, “Tell me where my wife, Shuyin, went first, then we'll move on to other topics.”

Mo Wuji was very aware how scary Kun Yun was. This person in front of Mo Wuji might have been only a Heavenly G.o.d, but his treachery knew no bounds.

Kun Yun also knew that Mo Wuji feared him, and in reality, he feared Mo Wuji as well. Not only did Mo Wuji possess all sorts of means, Mo Wuji also created the Mortal Dao – a Great Universal Dao that he didn't even dared to think about in the past. If it weren't for the fact that he would benefit the most from collaborating with Mo Wuji, he definitely wouldn't have come here to wait.

Countless experts had fallen into his sea of consciousness before, but Mo Wuji was the first that could leave and force him to give in.

He gave up on repairing his sea of consciousness further, other than because an unparalleled genius landed in it which gave him the idea of going with possession instead, but also as Mo Wuji had appeared.

Others might have thought that Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to achieve much based on the Mortal Dao foundation of Mo Wuji giving off nearly nonexistence spirituality. However, Kun Yun had a complete opposite interpretation. He believed that if there were anyone that would stand at the peak of the universe, it would undoubtedly be Mo Wuji.

Therefore he had to come out to take the advantage of the fact that Mo Wuji wasn't at the top yet, and at least fight for the opportunities that belonged to him. Otherwise, it would be too late by the time his sea of consciousness completely healed.

“Mo Wuji, I came to New G.o.d Domain City just to wait for you. I knew that you would definitely come to New G.o.d Domain City once you appeared. Actually, I didn't meet you first, but instead I met your dao companion, Cen Shuyin. She came here looking for you, and if it were not for me, she might have landed in the hands of others. Hence, you should be thankful towards me.” Kun Yun calmly spoke while looking in Mo Wuji's direction.

This time, Mo Wuji began to believe Kun Yun's words. He believed that Kun Yun didn't need to lie to him. There was some enmity between them but that was because he had ruined Kun Yun's plans and sent all of the fate that Kun Yun collected from the Immortal World back to the Immortal World. Someone as intelligent as Kun Yun shouldn't have been that petty anyway. Surely he knew that even if he killed Mo Wuji, it wouldn't benefit him at all and the lost fate wouldn't come back either.

“Just tell me where she is.” Mo Wuji eased up on his tone.

Nodding, Kun Yun replied, “This is the kind of att.i.tude you should have. Your dao companion seems to know that you had some relations with a woman named Qu You in G.o.d domain, which made her rather unhappy…”

“Nonsense.” Mo Wuji retorted.

Kun Yun simply ignored the comment and continued, “Women are always like this. Nothing happens without reason. Thankfully she met me then and I spoke to her. If she dared to secretly dig around for information on your whereabouts, it would have ended terribly for her group. Your dao companion was respectful though, as she asked me politely. I told them to stop mentioning your name completely, and go to fight on the frontlines against the G.o.ds Race…”

“You sent Shuyin to her death?” Mo Wuji shot up with a cold look in his eyes.

Kun Yun chuckled, “Mo Wuji, ah Mo Wuji, I still somewhat admired you even though you ruined my plans. But now, I think I was probably mistaken. When I saw your dao companion, what cultivation level was she at? A mere Immortal Reverent which can't be considered to be an ant. This sort of cultivation level makes her as good as a blade of gra.s.s in the G.o.d World.

The battles of the G.o.d Domain and G.o.d Continent at the border of the G.o.d Domain Nest might be dangerous, but there are countless opportunities. She might die at any moment after I sent her there, however, she will also be reborn in the battles for life and death to become truly strong. Otherwise, will you protect them for the rest of your life? I don't know if your wife was killed, but I know that if she didn't die, she wouldn't be any weaker than you now. Moreover, at that location, one's battle experience would grow constantly, so can you still say that I sent her to her demise?”

This statement calmed Mo Wuji down, and a good while later he slowly sat down. If Shuyin went around searching for him, it would be as Kun Yun said, she would die in G.o.d Domain one of these days. This was because he had offended one too many experts here.

“I'm going to the border of the G.o.d Domain Nest.” Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. The border of the G.o.d Domain Nest was the most dangerous area of all battlefields with the G.o.ds Race. One's life would constantly be at risk there. While it was as Kun Yun had said, and Shuyin could receive training there, at the same time, her life could reach its end at any moment.

“There's no rush for going to the G.o.d Domain Nest. That girl knows that you've moved on, so perhaps she has done the same and no longer cares about you anymore.” Kun Yun seemed like he wanted to intentionally affect Mo Wuji psychologically

Mo Wuji coldly replied, “That's my own problem, I don't need you to worry about it for me. Speak, what do you want to cooperate with me on? I'll make my decision after listening to your explanation.”

In response, Kun Yun shrugged, “Our cooperation isn't that urgent. You'd better settle that G.o.d King from Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect first. I believe he came here to apprehend you himself.”

Indeed, after Kun Yun just finished speaking, the restriction on the room they were in was forcibly broken, and two G.o.d Kings appeared before Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji recognised one of them – Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect's G.o.d King Dark Bodhi. That goatee was almost his symbol by then. The other person had probably become a G.o.d King recently, hence Mo Wuji didn't know him.

“Indeed it's you Mo Wuji. It's been so long.” G.o.d King Dark Bodhi grinned, seemingly adding emphasis to every single word.

“Sigh, youngsters nowadays have no f*cking manners.” Kun Yun didn't even bother opening his eyes as he carefully took a sip of G.o.d spiritual tea.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1041

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