Immortal Mortal Chapter 1042

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Chapter 1042: The Strength of A Grade 7 Deathtrap Array

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Mo Wuji chuckled to himself. Kun Yun was scolding ‘f*ck you' at others but also criticising other people for lacking manners.

Seeing that a mere Heavenly G.o.d ant dared to speak so boldly to him, killing intent flashed in G.o.d King Dark Bodhi's eyes. He was a G.o.d King, but this amount of patience wasn't beyond him. In his eyes, Kun Yun was the the same as Mo Wuji: dead men. However, they couldn't be killed now. While he dared to break open the restriction in this small resthouse, he didn't dare to kill anyone here. The person in control of the New G.o.d Domain City wasn't some G.o.d King expert of G.o.d Domain, but a Unity G.o.d expert of the G.o.d Continent.

Without caring about Kun Yun, G.o.d King Night Bodhi added on, “Mo Wuji, there are some things I would like you to cooperate with me for. If you're not willing to leave with me, I'll just have to talk to you here.”

Mo Wuji stood up, “Then let's go outside.”

This small resthouse couldn't withstand an expert like G.o.d King Night Bodhi, hence Mo Wuji didn't intend to start a fight here.

Kun Yun continued sitting there, saying to Mo Wuji, “Come back soon. I've been waiting for you for a few years, not only a few days.”

In his eyes, it would be a piece of cake for Mo Wuji, a G.o.d Monarch, to kill a G.o.d King.

“You should come along as well.” G.o.d King Night Bodhi's gaze swept across Kun Yun.

Drinking the G.o.d spiritual tea in his cup in one gulp, Kun Yun coldly replied, “Who are you to ask me to move. Get lost!”

The last two words. .h.i.t G.o.d King Night Bodhi like a heavy hammer, causing a distasteful feeling to bubbling within.

This thoroughly shocked Night Bodhi and cold sweat appeared on his back. At this point, he was sure that Kun Yun definitely wasn't a simple Heavenly G.o.d. If two words from a mere Heavenly G.o.d could create an emotional imbalance in him, then he, Ding Zicheng, was too weak. The words ‘Get lost' also had top notch Laws of the Heaven and Earth integrated into them, which directly tore through his mental defences. G.o.d king Night Bodhi wasn't even sure if Unity G.o.d experts could pull this off as this required an extremely deep understanding of the Laws of Heaven and Earth.

Since Mo Wuji sat together with this expert of unknown strength, it made G.o.d King Night Bodhi doubt whether his decision to come here was the right choice.

“What now, didn't G.o.d King Night Bodhi come to invite me out? I've already stood up, why don't you lead the way?” Mo Wuji stared at G.o.d King Night Bodhi, whose expression didn't change. Deep inside, he was shocked as well. At this moment, he also suspected if he would be a match for Kun Yun if he tried to attack.

However, Mo Wuji soon felt relieved. He was the founder of the Mortal Dao, and when Kun Yun shouted out those two words, it should have included one of the Laws of Heaven and Earth in them. That might have affected G.o.d King Night Bodhi's dao and made him back off, but it might not have necessarily affected Mo Wuji's great dao.

“Sure.” G.o.d King Night Bodhi didn't want to stay here for another second at all and quickly backed off. He had already made up his mind. If Mo Wuji wasn't willing to follow him out of New G.o.d Domain City, he would leave temporarily. Only when he found enough help would he come back to see what Kun Yun was made of.

Once they exited the small resthouse, the large plaza of G.o.d Domain's Hall of Mission was before them.

With a few steps, Mo Wuji landed in the center of this plaza, looking at G.o.d King Night Bodhi and another G.o.d King that he didn't recognise while calmly speaking, “Night Bodhi, quickly ask whatever questions you may have.”

Originally, G.o.d King Night Bodhi wanted to forcibly bring Mo Wuji out of New G.o.d Domain City, but the appearance of the mysterious Kun Yun made him restrain himself, and instead he said, “Mo Wuji, back in the newly incubated G.o.d Domain Nest, were the tens of Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect disciples killed by you?”

Mo Wuji grinned, “They were killed by me. Back then I was acting out of self defence, hence I naturally had to fight back when they tried to kill me. Ok, now it's my turn to ask questions. Was the Heavenly Mortal Sect eliminated by the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect? Was Heavenly G.o.d Sect's G.o.d King Pang Jie killed by you and a few others? How many people were involved?”

“I don't know. Since you've already answered my question, I'll take my leave.” Due to his fear of Kun Yun, G.o.d King Night Bodhi, who originally planned to take Mo Wuji away, actually gave up on this idea for now.

Raising his hand and throwing out an array flag, Mo Wuji laughed coldly, “You want to leave? Wait for your next life.”

The moment that the array flag was thrown out, the deathtrap array of the New G.o.d Domain City appeared in Mo Wuji's consciousness with extreme clarity. At this point, if Mo Wuji wanted to trap anyone, he could do so by activating the deathtrap G.o.d array through this array flag.

Mo Wuji couldn't help but mutter to himself, “What a strong Grade 7 deathtrap G.o.d array.”

This deathtrap G.o.d array could take out tens of G.o.d Kings easily upon activation, much less if it were two G.o.d Kings only.

“The deathtrap G.o.d array of New G.o.d Domain City?” G.o.d King Night Bodhi screamed out in fear after being trapped by the deathtrap G.o.d array.

Many G.o.d Kings were aware that the New G.o.d Domain City had a Grade 7 deathtrap G.o.d array. However, no one knew how this array was set up and where the array base was.

Only after Mo Wuji activated the deathtrap G.o.d array did G.o.d King Night Bodhi know how terrifying it was.

The s.p.a.ce around him turned deathly grey, and when he raised his hand to tear the grey s.p.a.ce apart, his primordial spirit seemed to be stuck in sludge, unable to make any moves at all.

The other G.o.d King that was in the deathtrap G.o.d array wasn't any better. He had just advanced to G.o.d King for a short period of time, and he knew very clearly that this G.o.d array wasn't something that he could break through at his current level of strength. Hence once he entered the G.o.d array, he shouted, “Dao Friend Mo, the incident back in the day had nothing to do with me. I was always in closed door cultivation and didn't know anything about the Heavenly Mortal Sect.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji regained his senses as well. His deathtrap array's trap portion had only been partially activated and these two G.o.d Kings had already been successfully trapped, even without activating the killing array part. This made him even more impressed with how strong Cang Zhengxing's Array Dao was. That array flag was an unparalleled existence in the New G.o.d Domain City.

With the entire plaza outside of the New G.o.d Domain City under the control of Mo Wuji's deathtrap array, Mo Wuji was aware of every single cultivator inside the array.

Thus, Mo Wuji quickly threw out a few runes which ejected all unrelated cultivators from the deathtrap array.

“Today, two members of the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect started an attack in the New G.o.d Domain City and will be dealt with. All related personnel please leave the area immediately…” As Mo Wuji spoke, he activated the killing array portion.

Those cultivators who were thrown out had already long fled the area without Mo Wuji saying anything else.

“Boom boom!” Once the killing array was activated, two flashes of blood burst out. Regardless whether it was G.o.d King Night Bodhi, who was at G.o.d King Level 4, or the newly minted G.o.d King, they didn't have the ability to fight back at all and were directly eliminated by the killing flashes within the deathtrap array.

After the deed was done, Mo Wuji stood there, stunned. How could it have been this easy?

Two G.o.d Kings were killed just like that but not even a splash was made.

Noticing many beams of light coming his way, Mo Wuji quickly kept the array flag and swept up the storage rings of both G.o.d Kings.

“There's not much use in taking their storage rings. Their good stuff will definitely not be inside.” Kun Yun's voice echoed out.

Yet, Mo Wuji didn't care about Kun Yun and incinerated both G.o.d Kings with two b.a.l.l.s of fire while a few beams of light landed in front of him.

Mo Wuji took out the array flag, “There's nothing concerning you here. Not long ago these two men openly destroyed the Black Mustard G.o.d Merchant House, and I've already killed them.”

“New G.o.d Domain City's Castellan Heng Tong greets the Flag Controller.” A middle aged cultivator rushed over and bowed respectfully before Mo Wuji.

This array flag from Cang Zhengxing was a good tool indeed – even the castellan had to pay his respects. It seemed like this Heng Tong was stronger than G.o.d King Night Bodhi, probably at G.o.d King Level 5 or 6.

As a Grade 5 G.o.d Array King and a Tier 5 G.o.d Pill King, a G.o.d King bowing to him wasn't much, and Mo Wuji nodded, “Just now the Black Mustard G.o.d Merchant House had an argument with these two G.o.d Kings and in the end the two of them actually dared to make a move in New G.o.d Domain City, directly destroying the merchant house. To uphold the laws of the city, I killed the both of them in a fit of rage.”

“Roger, does the envoy have any other instructions?” Heng Tong didn't have any questions about the killing of two G.o.d Kings, instead asking Mo Wuji if there were any further instructions.

“Mhmm.” Mo Wuji replied. “Although the Black Mustard G.o.d Merchant House was destroyed, they had it coming. They exchanged low levelled cultivators' lives for G.o.d lattice crystals. In the name of New G.o.d Domain City, go to round up everyone related to the Black Mustard G.o.d Merchant House. Don't let a single piece of Black Mustard trash escape.”

“Roger.” Heng Tong bowed respectfully once more before leaving swiftly.

The area outside of the Hall Of Missions returned to its peaceful state. Even those who had witnessed everything quickly left. No one dared to stay here for long.

Kun Yun chuckled, “You sure like to concern yourself with useless things.”

Mo Wuji casually responded, “I do like to concern myself with useless things. If you're not happy about that, you can not work with me.”

“Why would I be unhappy with it. What has this nonsense have to do with me. Let's go, we'll go back to continue our discussion.” Kun Yun waved his hand.

“You must have your eyes in the Mortal Dao that I cultivate right? Does the thing we're cooperating on require my Mortal Dao?” Mo Wuji was still wary of Kun Yun. While Kun Yun appeared to be a Heavenly G.o.d, a mere two words from him could shut a G.o.d King up. This level of strength was way beyond his own.

Although he got rid of two G.o.d Kings without executing an attack himself, it was because he could control the Grade 7 deathtrap G.o.d array of New G.o.d Domain City. Once outside of the city, he might not have been an ant to G.o.d Kings, but he would only be able to run away.

“You're not wrong. But I a.s.sure you that there are great benefits to be reaped for you.” Kun Yun patted his chest.

Waving it off, Mo Wuji replied, “The benefits can wait. If you want me to help you, you will have to help me first.”

“Speak, what help do you require?” Kun Yun had a bad feeling about this.

“I'm very angry that those two G.o.d Kings interrupted us just now. I want to wipe out both of their sects.” Mo Wuji decided to make use of this opportunity to get rid of the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect and the Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate.

All this while he never liked to hold a grudge overnight, but now so many years had pa.s.sed and he had not gotten his revenge yet.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1042

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