Immortal Mortal Chapter 1043

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Chapter 1043: Kun Yun Shows His Hand

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Kun Yun lazily patted the rusty Buddha Shovel on his back and casually said, “I, Kun Yun, have walked down a path many times longer than yours, so don't tease me with these small issues. If you were really angry, you could have asked Heng Tong to get rid of those two sects straight away. You probably have some feud with them right? That's why you want to go personally. Otherwise, those two pieces of trash wouldn't have come knocking on your door either.”

“So will you go or not?” Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to rebut Kun Yun. He didn't believe that Kun Yun hadn't done research into his background all these years. Everyone knew of the great enmity between him and the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect and Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate. Hence it wouldn't be difficult to find out about this, yet this fella made it sound like he had inferred everything.

If he, Mo Wuji, was so easy to fool, he wouldn't have lived till this day.

Ignoring Mo Wuji's att.i.tude, Kun Yun responded, “I can go. With your current strength, it's just not possible for you to wipe out two sects. I'm not underestimating your abilities.”

“That's why I'm asking for your help. If you can't even help me with this, why should I help you?” Mo Wuji said without hesitation.

This statement made Kun Yun almost jump up, “Let me make this clear, you're not helping me. We're working together. Working together. Do you understand?”

“Before we work together, I want to see your sincerity. Tell me, will you do it or not?” Mo Wuji didn't care about Kun Yun's anger. He was sure that Kun Yun had some way to take out those two sects just based on a hunch.

With a sigh, Kun Yun agreed, “Sure, I'll help. Actually I know that your intention is for me to settle the entire issue by myself. I don't believe that eliminating two sects will be of any use to you.”

Actually, even if Kun Yun didn't agree, Mo Wuji would have expected it and it would have given him an excuse to turn down Kun Yun's proposal. However, he never imagined that Kun Yun actually agreed to it.

No matter how impressive Kun Yun was, the current him was still a mere Heavenly G.o.d.

Seeing that Mo Wuji stopped talking,Kun Yun spoke, “Mo Wuji, you can't be going back on your word right?”

Mo Wuji laughed. “How could I, Mo Wuji, default on something I've agreed on?”

Kun Yun looked at Mo Wuji with approval, “That's the way. I thought that you would require me to swear not to attack you while we're working together.”

As Mo Wuji's gaze swept across Kun Yun once more, he replied, “Kun Yun, I don't know who you were in the past, but I am a G.o.d Monarch at the very least, so if I have to worry about a Heavenly G.o.d like you attacking me, then I don't have to cultivate dao anymore. If you want to fight, feel free to do so, as long as you don't regret it.”

Just as Mo Wuji had said, if he didn't have this bit of faith, he really didn't have to continue cultivating dao.

“Don't worry, I won't attack you.” Kun Yun chuckled. No one could predict what he had in mind.

“Before this, I have to make a trip to the border of G.o.d Domain Nest.” Mo Wuji decided that he had to go to the border to look for Shuyin first.

Casually, Kun Yun remarked, “Mo Wuji, even if we disregard the fact that your dao companion has gone to the border of G.o.d Domain Nest for around 10,000 years and had just gone over, do you have the ability to find her in a short period of time? The border of G.o.d Domain Nest is boundless and has over a trillion cultivators, countless restrictions, and many complex factions at work. How will you carry out your search?”

Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji became silent. He knew that Kun Yun was right, but he wasn't about to resign to fate. After some time, he asked, “Kun Yun, tell me what you want to cooperate with me on.”

“To search for something. Don't worry, it won't harm you in any way and it isn't very dangerous. After you've exacted your revenge, we can increase our strength a little more before we go over.” From the start, Kun Yun expected Mo Wuji to ask this, hence his response came very quickly.

If no large sects from the G.o.d Continent came over, the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect would definitely be considered a large sect. There was at least one G.o.d King in the sect, G.o.d King Night Bodhi. Moreover, thousands of years ago, the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect produced another G.o.d King as well.

But after many large sects from the G.o.d Continent came to the G.o.d Domain, the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect could only be considered a decent sect.

At this point, outside of the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect, Mo Wuji watched as Kun Yun set up an explosion G.o.d array.

The array flags in Kun Yun's hands were like musical notes that bounced around, and they were continuously added outside of the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect's sect defensive array without leaving any traces behind.

While Mo Wuji was a Grade 5 G.o.d Array King, he knew that his level of Array Dao paled in comparison to Kun Yun's as he looked at the way Kun Yun set up the array. Even Cang Zhengxing's Array Dao wouldn't be good enough in Kun Yun's eyes.

Finally, he understood why Kun Yun wasn't frightened in New G.o.d Domain City. With such Array Dao at his disposal, Kun Yun could have definitely made use of Cang Zhengxing's deathtrap array.

Although there were many aspects of the array flag placement that Mo Wuji didn't really understand, he still managed to learn a lot from Kun Yun.

A Grade 7 explosion G.o.d array was completely set up by Kun Yun in a mere five days. Mo Wuji was aware that this was due to Kun Yun's insufficient strength. If Kun Yun's cultivation level was higher, with his Array Dao methods, it would have taken just a few breaths to complete this explosion G.o.d array.

“Let's go, we'll go to Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate.” After setting up the explosion G.o.d array, Kun Yun didn't trigger this deathtrap array, instead proposing to go to Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate.

“Why don't you activate the explosion G.o.d array?” Mo Wuji thought that Kun Yun was about to set off the array and was ready to speak up.

“You're really still a novice. You appearance in New G.o.d Domain City probably reached the ears of Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate right? Now if the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect blew up out of nowhere, would the Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate still allow us to set up an explosion G.o.d array outside easily? Who do you think you are?” Kun Yun said while staring at Mo Wuji.

In his heart, Mo Wuji thought, “This guy must do this on a frequent basis.”

“Kun Yun, I have an acquaintance in Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect. I want to find a way to let her know so that she can escape first.” Mo Wuji ignored Kun Yun's stare.

Kun Yun casually replied, “You're talking about the female cultivator Xi Nianmo right? You're really a casanova. She went to the border of G.o.d Domain Nest in search of opportunities a long time ago. The amount of hate she carries is no less than you, and based on my estimates, her cultivation level should be at elementary G.o.d Monarch as well.”

Not another word was uttered by Mo Wuji as he expected that Kun Yun had investigated everything there was to find out about his past. From the way those old fogey did things, they wouldn't have waited for him for so many years.

Days later, Kun Yun finished setting up the explosion G.o.d array of the Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate.

The moment that Kun Yun activated the array flags, two terrifying explosions simultaneously ripped through where the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect and Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate stood.

A Grade 7 explosion G.o.d array could even tear the G.o.d Domain or Laws of s.p.a.ce apart. It would be difficult for G.o.d King cultivators to escape death as well. Two sects were totally wiped off the face of G.o.d Domain, and G.o.d King Salt Pavillion, who was absent from Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate, was able to escape this tragedy.

As he observed the two locations blow up, Mo Wuji's heart was at peace. Back then the Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate and Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect had wiped out the Heavenly Mortal Sect, killed Heavenly Mortal Sect disciples, and sent out a warrant for his arrest over some minor issues, which made him swear to get rid of such sects. Today, although he had used Kun Yun to achieve his goal, he did not regret it at all.

“Kun Yun, you can tell me what you need help with now. I'll go with you.” Once the explosions at both sects died down, Mo Wuji looked directly at Kun Yun and said.

Since he had agreed to it, he would follow through with his words.

Kun Yun chuckled once more, “You said it wrongly again. How many times have I told you, it's not that you need to help me with something. We'll be working together, do you understand what working together means? We still can't go over there now because we are not strong enough. What we need is to go to the border of G.o.d Domain Nest to improve our cultivation level. There are complete laws and large piles of cultivation resources there. Once I've reached G.o.d Monarch Stage, we can continue.”

Coldly laughing, Mo Wuji responded, “In the end it's your cultivation level that's too low and not mine right?”

“You can think whatever you want. Regardless, our strength is insufficient. We can stay for at most 10 years at the border of G.o.d Domain Nest, and after that we can go over…”

Mo Wuji interrupted Kun Yun, “You're saying that you can become a G.o.d Monarch in 10 years?”

While he already felt that his rate of cultivating was very fast, Mo Wuji didn't dare to claim that he could progress from elementary Heavenly G.o.d to G.o.d Monarch in a mere 10 years.

“Other people might not be able to do it, but that doesn't mean I can't do it.” Kun Yun remarked.

“You're now at the Great Circle of Heavenly G.o.d? So the elementary Heavenly G.o.d Stage that I detect is fake?” Mo Wuji asked after regaining his composure.

“You're wrong. I'm now half a step into G.o.d Monarch already. With your insignificant cultivation level, don't even dream about sensing my cultivation level.” Kun Yun rolled his eyes.

“Ok, we'll set a time for 10 years later then.” It was apparent to Mo Wuji that it was normal to not be able to get an accurate read of an old monster like Kun Yun. It would be abnormal if he could actually get an accurate read instead.

Kun Yun replied by vigorously shaking his head, “No, definitely no. I've waited here for you for so many years but you can't wait for me for 10 years? In this 10 years, you must be by my side at all times. Oh, that's not right, we must be together at all ties.”

Mo Wuji coldly commented, “You're trying to gain insights into my Mortal Dao while I cultivate?”

Wen he heard Mo Wuji's words, Kun Yun, who had always been in control of the conversation, suddenly choked and spoke in a slightly awkward manner, “You can't really put it as gaining insights into your Mortal Dao. Your Mortal Dao is indeed exceptional, and I need to take reference to it. Do you know what it means to refer to it? Of course, if there's anything you don't know, you can ask me as well.”

In his heart, Kun Yun thought to himself, “This is a devil.” The reason he could guess what Mo Wuji would do next was that he had investigated Mo Wuji for many years. However, Mo Wuji simply used one sentence of his to predict what he wanted to do. It seemed like he had to be more careful while cooperating with Mo Wuji, otherwise he might end up getting the short end of the stick. The number of low levelled cultivators he had met wasn't that small, but this fella in front of him was the most sly and the hardest to settle. Anyway, he had been the only one putting in any effort so far, hence there wasn't much headway made for the cooperation.

“If you don't agree, it's fine. You can simply not cultivate, and I can't gain insights into anything if you don't cultivate. Anyway when I cultivate, feel free to try to gain some insights.” Seeing that Mo Wuji had a pretty ugly expression on his face, Kun Yun said awkwardly once more.

Calmly, Mo Wuji asked, “If we went up against a G.o.d King, can you deal with it?”

“What are G.o.d Kings, I, Kun Yun, can totally take care of them.” Kun Yun waved it off.

“So that means you can take care of me whenever you want to?” Mo Wuji stared at Kun Yun.

Kun Yun shook his head, “Those are two different things. You won't understand even if I explained it. This difference is caused by the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Your dao has nothing to do with the Laws of Heaven and Earth here, which is also why I want to work together with you.”

“Sure, I agree. Let's go to the border of the G.o.d Domain Nest now.” Mo Wuji didn't probe any further and nodded in agreement without hesitating.

Since the time that Mo Wuji and Kun Yun strolled off after eliminating the two large sects, the entire G.o.d Domain fell into disarray.

Regardless whether it was Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate or Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect, they were the top sects of the G.o.d Domain. However, they were destroyed overnight. Hence this was definitely a very significant incident.

The surviving G.o.d King Salt Pavillion of Phoenix Soul G.o.d Estate wasn't in the state of mind to do anything else and rushed straight to the G.o.d Protection Hall.

The G.o.d Protection Hall was jointly built up by experts from the G.o.d World and G.o.d Domain. It was located at the border of G.o.d Domain Nest, and this was where the final headquarters of the battle between the G.o.d World and G.o.ds Race was at.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1043

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