Immortal Mortal Chapter 107 - Treasured Blood Lotus

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Meng Boyu did not know that Yan'Er was Mo Wuji's achilles heel. Otherwise, he would definitely have used Yan'Er to threaten Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji acted as though he did not hear Meng Boyu's words as he walked to the side, picked up the sharp knife and turned to the trembling Wu Kai, "Deacon Wu, this fella here is a Tier 2 Mortal Pill Refiner. Now that he dies here, what do you think should be done?"

Wu Kai gritted his trembling teeth and said, "Pill Master Meng can still be saved, saved..."

Compared to Mo Wuji, Wu Kai was more aware of the consequences of Meng Boyu dying here today. Let's not talk about the sect head; Mo Boyu's backer, the Second Elder, would directly thunder over and tear Mo Wuji to bits. On the other hand, he was the one who selfishly gave Mo Wuji the Blood Lotus Lake which triggered this event, and he was also the one who brought Meng Boyu over, it's difficult for him to avoid death.

He really did not understand why Mo Wuji was bent on killing Meng Boyu. After all, the Second Elder behind Meng Boyu was Qin Chen's master. And wasn't Qin Chen's sister, Qin Xiangyu, on very good terms with Mo Wuji?

Mo Wuji calmly said, "Actually, he could have been saved. But because he was causing a ruckus on Deacon Wu's territory, he induced Deacon Wu's rage and he was directly executed."

Since Mo Wuji put it in such a manner, how could Wu Kai not understand what he was meaning? Even though Wu Kai was very fierce, he was only like that towards the service disciples. Meng Boyu was a Tier 2 Pill Refiner; even if his guts were multiplied by 10 thousand times, he also would not have dared to act ah...

Now, Mo Wuji wanted him to prove his allegiance. If he did not act, he might very well be the second person to die here today. If he killed Meng Boyu, he might get killed by the sect in the future. But if he didn't kill Meng Boyu, he would definitely be killed by Mo Wuji there and then.

"Wu Kai, get someone to help... I, Meng Boyu, guarantee your life..." Meng Boyu did not manage to finish speaking before Mo Wuji used his foot to press against Meng Boyu's head.

Thereafteer, he spoke to Wu Kai in an icy, cold tone, "Since Deacon Wu is unwilling to act, I can only do it myself."

"No, I'm willing, I'm willing..." Wu Kai did not dare to hesitate, directly drawing the curved knife by his waist, pouncing forward and decapitating Meng Boyu's head off with a single slash.

After Mo Wuji's attacks, Meng Boyu had long lost his mobility. Wu Kai's slash easily took away his little life.

"Deacon Wu is wise and decisive; your future will definitely be limitless," Mo Wuji chuckled towards Wu Kai as he picked up the Treasured Blood Lotus.

Wu Kai mumbled, with a tear-filled face, "Pill Master Mo, how about we consider our actions now. Once this thing is leaked, we definitely wouldn't be able to bear the consequences ah..."

Mo Wuji walked over and patted Wu Kai's shoulders, "Don't worry. You're responsible of destroying the body of this Meng fella. After some time, this Meng fella will leave the sect. When he leaves the sect, many people will know. However, as to when he comes back, then that will be unclear."

"Pill Master Mo, you're saying..." Wu Kai suddenly understood Mo Wuji's words; a huge sense of joy emerged in his heart, this was the joy derived when one escapes death.

Mo Wuji chuckled and he walked over to Meng Boyu's body to pick up his ident.i.ty token. It was only then did he say to Fei Bingzhu, "Bingzhu, you're okay, right?"

Fei Bingzhu was still a little dazed. His injury had yet to heal, but seeing Mo Wuji personally kill Meng Boyu to take revenge for him, his injury did not mean much anymore, "Senior apprentice brother Mo, I'm fine."

"If you're fine then let's go. We'll leave Deacon Wu to settle things here. I believe that Deacon Wu will be able to manage this situation cleanly." With that, Mo Wuji smiled towards Wu Kai.

Wu kai felt a s.h.i.+ver go down his spine and he immediately patted his chest and said, "Rest a.s.sured Pill Master Mo. I will definitely make sure you'll be satisfied."

“Bingzhu, I'm really thankful. I really didn't expect you to find a Treasured Blood Lotus,” Mo Wuji said gratefully as they returned to Lotus Sword Summit.

When he met a dead end, and was worried about his helplessness, Fei Bingzhu found him the Treasured Blood Lotus.

Fei Bingzhu excitedly replied, “Senior apprentice brother, I didn't just find this one Treasured Blood Lotus. I also found one in the Lotus Sword Summit. I really don't know how Senior Guan did it; after more than ten years, the lotuses are still so well preserved. Previously, senior apprentice brother was practising your pill refining so I didn't go and bother you. That's when I started thinking, perhaps there might also be a lotus at Blood Lotus Lake too? With this hope, I went to take a look, and I really found another Treasured Blood Lotus! With these two lotuses, I should be able to cultivate new Treasured Blood Lotuses.”

As Mo Wuji heard Fei Bingzhu's words, he was incomparably surprised. Before he could even say anything, Fei Bingzhu had already walked back into the house and pa.s.sed Mo Wuji the other hidden Treasured Blood Lotus.

Mo Wuji opened the two wooden boxes and a faint fragrance wafted out. Two ruby-like lotuses lay within the wooden boxes.

“Bingzhu, you really helped me out this time around. I’ll take one of the two lotuses, I'll leave the other for you to cultivate new Treasured Blood Lotuses.” Mo Wuji really wanted to take both lotuses away, but he was very clear about the importance of leaving some nodes behind. If not, it would be too late to regret if he couldn't find any more Treasured Blood Lotuses in the future.

Fei Bingzhu shook his head and said, “Senior apprentice brother Mo, you can take both lotuses. I just need the four lotus nodes and I will be able to cultivate new Treasured Blood Lotuses. There's only one problem, cultivating the Treasured Blood Lotus would require large amounts of spirit stones.

The four nodes won't require as much spiritual energy as when Elder Guan initially grew the Treasured Blood Lotus, but the Treasured Blood Lotuses would still require large amounts of spiritual energy. Without spiritual stones, it would be hard to cultivate them.”

Hearing Fei Bingzhu say that he could take both Treasured Blood Lotuses, Mo Wuji was indescribably excited. He directly retrieved a cloth bag, pa.s.sed it to Fei Bingzhu and said, “Bingzhu, you can find Tier 1 and Tier 2 pills in there. Go and exchange them for spirit stones. Also, you can keep the pills which you require. I will be busy with some things now, so I’ll leave the matter of the Treasured Blood Lotuses to you.”

“Ah…” Fei Bingzhu looked at the cloth bag in shock. If this was filled with pills, exactly how many pills were in there? There should at least be a hundred, right?

It took some time for him to respond, “Senior apprentice brother Mo, you're going out?”

Mo Wuji nodded, “Get Tao Ao to help you with the Treasured Blood Lotuses. I will bring Yan'Er and Big Sis Xiong over to Medicine King Summit. Now that I killed Meng Boyu, I will impersonate him and leave the sect.”

Fei Bingzhu completely understood the situation and he was thankful for Mo Wuji's trust in him; he patted his chest and said, “Rest a.s.sured, senior apprentice brother Mo. I will definitely help you grow some solid Treasured Blood Lotuses.”

“I believe you,” Mo Wuji said. Ever since he first purchased the Water Velvet Vine from Fei Bingzhu, he could tell that Fei Bingzhu's character was not bad, that was also why he befriended Fei Bingzhu. Fei Bingzhu might have his own personal aims and goals, but who doesn't have them? Mo Wuji was also the same. Now, evidence had shown that he did not judge Fei Bingzhu wrongly.

On that very evening, a long-haired Meng Boyu left the Formless Blade Sect. He seemed to have been angered by something; on his way out of the sect, a service disciple was slow to greet him, and he immediately wrecked the service disciple. As the service disciple was being scolded, that Pill Master s.h.i.+ just walked out of the sect's gates in a fury.

After Meng Boyu left the Formless Blade Sect, he vanished without a trace. A day later, Mo Wuji had regained his original appearance and had arrived at Fringe City’s North Water Inn. The first thing he did at the inn was to concoct the new channel opening solution.

All the original ingredients of the channel opening solution had been changed for spiritual herbs. This included the Hundred Year Old Longyan Gra.s.s, some Fire Essence Stones and even Dark Yellow Ginseng and Lingzhi which were over 1000 years old.

Among the spiritual herbs, some of them were as high as Tier 3 spiritual herbs. He was primarily able to obtain these peculiar spiritual herbs because of his status as a Tier 2 Pill Refiner. If he wasn't a Tier 2 Pill Refiner, even if he spent all his sect contribution points, he wouldn't be able to afford these herbs.

Among all these herbs, the ones he treasured the most are the two Treasured Blood Lotuses. He had not extracted the lotus roots from the Treasured Blood Lotuses yet. The roots were like red rubies, with a nice crystal l.u.s.ter. Just looking at them was a form of enjoyment.

After preparing all his ingredients, he suddenly remembered that he had never used drug refining equipment to refine spiritual herbs before. What if the refining fails? What then? It would be okay for the other spiritual herbs, but he only had two Treasured Blood Lotuses. It would be devastating if he fails.

After all, Fei Bingzhu might not successfully obtain Treasured Blood Lotuses from the lotus nodes. Even if he did, it was not a one or two day thing.

Thinking about this, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to pack his drug refining equipment up. He could not take this risk. To concoct this new channel opening solution, he would need to use a pill concocting room.

The good thing about Fringe City was that it was mainly for cultivators. As long as you could imagine it, you could find it here. Not only pill concocting rooms, you could even rent any sort of tempering rooms.

Renting a pill concocting room required spirit stones. While Mo Wuji did not have spirit stones, he did have Tier 2 spiritual pills.

The great thing about concocting pills for the sect was that he had a whole mountain of leftover pills. After leaving a few to Fei Bingzhu, Mo Wuji still had many left on him; these Tier 2 spiritual pills could easily be exchanged for spirit stones in Fringe City.

In order to exchange these pills for spirit stones in the shortest time possible, Mo Wuji directly exchanged 90% of his pills at a random pill house. He knew that the prices offered were low, but he did not bother to bargain. In the end, he managed to get a total of 1070 spirit stones.

With his capabilities, there would always be opportunities for him to get spirit stones in the future. Right now, what he lacked the most was time. Before the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Compet.i.tion commences, he would have to treasure each and every second.

Nine Moons Pill House.

This pill house wasn't the biggest one in Fringe City, but it's quality was definitely one of the best.

Mo Wuji did not know much about Fringe City. He just pa.s.sed 90% of all his pills to Nine Moons Pill House, and left immediately after receiving his spirit stones.

At this moment, in Nine Moons Pill House, a middle-aged man was closely examining a pill. As he looked, he continuously nodded his head.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 107 - Treasured Blood Lotus

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