Immortal Mortal Chapter 1066

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Chapter 1066: Dao Friend Mo Please Stop

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Ten years had pa.s.sed and Mo Wuji hadn't even touched the periphery of the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. Despite using his full force to refine this furnace, he was simply too weak and unable to discern the laws of this furnace.

Mo Wuji knew that a treasure like this would be impossible to refine with his current strength. His own hope was to be able to turn this towering furnace smaller. Within this Time Transformation Talisman, he had hundred years to squander. Mo Wuji didn't believe that he wouldn't be able to shrink this furnace, even by a little, within a hundred years.

20 years, 30 years…

After 70 years had pa.s.sed, Mo Wuji heard a faint ‘bang' sound coming from within the furnace. It seemed like he had touched the heart of the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth.

“Boom!” A majestic energy surged towards Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel and vitality channel managed to recover his sea of consciousness rapidly.

Even when Mo Wuji was inwardly fearful, he didn't retract his own spiritual will. His spiritual will used 70 years to seep into the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth and had yet to reap any rewards from it. If he were to do it again, who knows how long he would need to spend?

It was fortunate that he didn't have any primordial spirit because if he did have, the previous instance would have destroyed his primordial spirit.

This time, Mo Wuji grew cautious. Indeed, he had experienced the first restriction of the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. No, it shouldn't be called a restriction. It was more like an obstruction in his mind which was caused him to be unable to proceed any further.

At the thought of how he didn't know when the G.o.d World was about to restore, Mo Wuji couldn't care about anything else as he shot out a few Spiritual Will Arrows. In the next moment, he directly formed a true connection with the furnace.

The spiritual circulations formed by his meridians were sent into the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth fearlessly. While Mo Wuji was unable to continue refining the furnace, he was able to feel the vast energy within the furnace. This energy surpa.s.sed the primal energy of the cosmos and it seemed to bring along a dao spirituality similar to that of the Breath of Hongmeng.

Mo Wuji cautiously controlled his spiritual will as he desperately wanted to merge with the furnace. As time pa.s.sed by, the word ‘furnace' appeared in Mo Wuji's will.

The Furnace of the Heaven and Earth became smaller following Mo Wuji's will and he was elated. Even though the process of refining the furnace had just begun, he knew that at least he could shrink the furnace.

The furnace as tall as 100,000 Chinese foot [1] soon became 10,000 Chinese foot, 1000 Chinese foot, 100 Chinese foot…

When his furnace had shrunk to become 3 Chinese foot, it was no longer able to shrink any further. Mo Wuji knew that this should be the most he could do with his current strength.

Even though a metre tall furnace was still huge, it was much better than one of 100,000 Chinese foot.

However, he wouldn't bring this furnace out casually. Mo Wuji brought over a lightning soul stone from his Mortal World. This lightning soul stone was obtained from the Oblique s.p.a.ce Sea Island and had never been of use until today.

Piles of lightning soul stones were refined by Mo Wuji before being thrown behind the furnace. Faint restrictions were carved onto the lightning soul stones by Mo Wuji.

After multiple months, an ocean bowl with a diameter of 5 metres appeared in front of Mo Wuji. Even though the external ocean bowl was big, the s.p.a.ce inside was ordinarily small.

Kun Yun used a pot so he shall turn his furnace into a bowl.

This bowl was wrapped around by piles of lightning soul stones because he was unable to shrink the furnace any smaller. The lightning soul stones were carved with a pile of Grade 7 G.o.d restriction as they were made into a bowl with a diameter of five metres.

The Furnace of the Heaven and Earth's energy of fortune couldn't be captured as easily as one of a Xiantian treasure. In addition to Mo Wuji's Grade 7 G.o.d arrays, even a Unity G.o.d might not be able to tell that this was the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth.

As for Kun Yun, Mo Wuji had made his decision to never let that fella touch his bowl.

The Time Transformation Talisman had been ignited once so even if the time was not up, there was no longer any use to it. Mo Wuji didn't feel that it was a waste because such things were truly only for show unless you had a use for it.

After packing up his items, Mo Wuji carried this five metres wide ocean bowl on his back as he hurried out of the Leafless Forest. In his eyes, the G.o.d World will be restored within these few years. He had to find a place where it would be the most suitable for his bowl.

The moment Mo Wuji left the Leafless Forest, he sensed that something was amiss. Initially, the chasm which was on the periphery of the Leafless Forest had seeped into the Leafless Forest.

Moreover, the chasm had expanded to over thousands of Chinese foot and cultivators on both sides were no longer able to cross over.

Mo Wuji used his spiritual will and instantly managed to detect Da Huang and Shuai Guo's location. To his delight was that even before the restoration of the G.o.d World, Da Huang had stepped into the G.o.d Monarch Stage.

Standing opposite Da Huang and Shuai Guo was a young woman, whom Mo Wuji surprisingly knew.

“My Lord, this woman insisted that we follow her.” The moment Mo Wuji landed, Shuai Guo hurried over to speak.

Seeing Mo Wuji, Wei Ru and Da Huang both stood behind Mo Wuji.

“Mo Wuji, you are indeed capable aren't you? Back then, you are merely an ant in the Immortal Emperor Stage and now even a G.o.d King couldn't do anything to you?” The woman saw Mo Wuji and her eyes appeared as though flames were going to shoot out at him. She was referring to the lack of outcome when G.o.d Kings chased after Mo Wuji many years ago. As for the fact that Mo Wuji had killed a G.o.d King, she had no idea.

Mo Wuji recognised this woman as the woman who wanted the Immortal World's fate back then, Yu Zhenna. Yu Zhenna was full of hatred towards Mo Wuji not only because Mo Wuji returned the entire Immortal World's fate back to the Immortal World without leaving any for it. More importantly, she had heard from her father that Mo Wuji was the murderer who killed her brother, Yu Zhener.

What she didn't know was that this was simply an excuse made up by G.o.d King Lone Cauldron in his attempt to capture Mo Wuji and obtain the treasures from him. However, even G.o.d King Lone Cauldron didn't expect that his son, Yu Zhener was really killed by Mo Wuji. Either way, Yu Zhenna was convinced that her father's prediction was right.

If Mo Wuji had just arrived at the G.o.d Domain and met this woman, he would naturally run as far away as possible. However, Mo Wuji had even killed a G.o.d King Level 7 expert so why would he fear a puny Yu Zhenna?

“You are merely an elementary G.o.d Monarch cultivator so why are you being so arrogant here?” Mo Wuji chuckled coldly. “Scram, otherwise, I will be calculative with the Immortal World issue back then.”

“My father is about to arrive and I do want to see what methods you have.” Yu Zhenna replied disdainfully.

Mo Wuji was shocked as he hurried to carve the void runes. In a short period of time, Mo Wuji carved out a Grade 5 G.o.d Deathtrap Array.

At this moment, a black robe man landed not too far away from Mo Wuji. In one look, Mo Wuji was able to tell that this person was an expert in the advanced G.o.d King Stage. Mo Wuji guessed that he should be G.o.d King Lone Cauldron.

“Are you Mo Wuji?” The person who arrived was indeed G.o.d King Lone Cauldron, Yu Ding.

In actual fact, he was just like Mo Wuji as he had just come out from the Leafless Forest. After being in secluded cultivation in the Leafless Forest, his cultivation level was in the G.o.d King Stage Level 8.

As for the fact that Mo Wuji killed G.o.d King Luo Huangsang of the G.o.ds Race and scared off Unity G.o.d Bai Dai with Kun Yun, he had no idea that it happened. If he knew, he wouldn't have landed in front of Mo Wuji so arrogantly.

“Father, he is indeed Mo Wuji, the person who killed brother.” Yu Zhenna replied on behalf of Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji wasn't particularly too surprised but was only slightly suspicious. He knew why Yu Zhenna mentioned that he had killed her brother. Back in the Immortal World, he did kill a brown hair youth who looked 70% like Yu Zhenna. That should be the brother she was talking about.

What he was suspicious about was how he had forced out the spiritual will imprint on himself. On the first time he met Yu Zhenna, Yu Zhenna didn't realise or notice it. Why was it that during his second meeting with her, she noticed it?

“Since you've killed my son, Zhener, die for me…” G.o.d King Lone Cauldron grunted as he reached out his hand to grab Mo Wuji.

His killing intent towards Mo Wuji was entirely because of the treasures on Mo Wuji. As for the death of his son, Yu Zhener, he didn't think that Mo Wuji was the one who killed him.

Mo Wuji had just completed his Grade 6 G.o.d Deathtrap Array. Now that G.o.d King Lone Cauldron was about to attack, why would he show any mercy?

“Dao Friend Lone Cauldron, please stop.” In the very next moment, G.o.d King Clear Rise shouted as he landed in front of the few of them.

G.o.d King Lone Cauldron looked at G.o.d King Clear Rise with furrowed brows because he was also one of the ten great G.o.d Kings who had a good relations.h.i.+p with G.o.d King Blazing Heaven. Even if he had great improvement in his strength, there was no need for G.o.d King Lone Cauldron to fear him. The one G.o.d King Lone Cauldron would be worried about was G.o.d King Blazing Heaven.

“Dao Friend Mo. ” Seeing that G.o.d King Lone Cauldron had stopped, G.o.d King Clear Rise heaved a sigh of relief as he greeted Mo Wuji first. As for the huge bowl on Mo Wuji's back, G.o.d King Clear Rise didn't pay much attention to it. If Kun Yun and Mo Wuji addressed themselves to be brothers, Kun Yun carried a pot so it didn't seem extraordinary that Mo Wuji was carrying a bowl himself.

Looking at how respectful G.o.d King Clear Rise was to Mo Wuji, G.o.d King Lone Cauldron was increasingly shocked.

G.o.d King Clear Rise was still worried that G.o.d King Lone Cauldron would want to act so he hurried to turn to G.o.d King Lone Cauldron. “Brother Lone Cauldron, Brother Mo and his friend had just killed the G.o.ds Race's Huan Ji in the Leafless Forest. A few months ago, Luo Huangsang was also killed by Dao Friend Mo. G.o.ds Race's Bai Dai came over, heard the words of Dao Friend Mo's friend and left in a hurry fearfully.”

“What?” G.o.d King Lone Cauldron heard these words and was dumbfounded.

He was the one who reported the death of the G.o.ds Race's Huan Ji so how could he not know? This ant in the eyes of his daughter? How could he become so strong? To be able to kill Luo Huangsang, a person whom he feared? As for the fact that Bai Dai was convinced to leave, only an idiot would believe.

Could it be that something happened and he, Lone Cauldron, was not aware of it?

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A series of explosions from the Chasm of Laws could be heard as G.o.d crystals containing primal energy started falling like rain.

Countless cultivators went insane. Previously when those Heaven and Earth's techniques were shot out, none of them had any rights to fight for it. Now that these primal crystals were being produced, anyone and everyone could fight for those.

Mo Wuji was inwardly excited because he knew that this was the prelude before the chasm shoots out countless G.o.d spiritual veins. In his heart, why would he bother wasting any time talking to Lone Cauldron? As he drew his halberd, a Winding River was struck directly against Lone Cauldron.

“Dao Friend Mo, please stop!” Seeing that Mo Wuji had acted, G.o.d King Clear Rise became so worried that he shouted.

[1]: A Chinese Foot is one third of a metre.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1066

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