Immortal Mortal Chapter 1143

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Chapter 1143: Taking Away

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

The instant Mo Wuji entered Unity G.o.d Level 10, his surging elemental energy turned faint gold and completely filled his meridians.

Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes. There clearly weren't any Laws here but he somehow felt that he could interact with every Law.

The lack of Laws was also a kind of Law. A new insight appeared within Mo Wuji's heart. He closed his eyes and his meridians started to circulate.

The Time Plate had turned completely hazy. Within the gold pool, there was only a faint silhouette.

At this instant, the revolution of the Time Plate was multiple times faster than when Mo Wuji was in G.o.d Burial Cave.

Unity G.o.d Level 11, Unity G.o.d Level 12…

When Mo Wuji's elemental energy had turned completely gold, his cultivation reached the pinnacle of the Unity G.o.d Stage. Although the amount pool water had dropped, there was still a good half of it remaining.

A shackle similar to a chasm stopped Mo Wuji's cultivation from rising. No matter how much spiritual energy he absorbed, his cultivation was stuck in the pinnacle of the Unity G.o.d Stage. He could not advance by a single inch.

Mo Wuji released a long sigh. He stood up, extended his hand and stored the Time Plate.

He estimated that he had spent at least 10,000 years in the Time Plate. However, he wasn't very sure how long had pa.s.sed in the outside world.

Being unable to break into the Quasi-Sage Stage was within Mo Wuji predictions. The Quasi-Sage Stage was a unique stage. It definitely wasn't a stage that could be broken into through cultivation alone. Moreover, he cultivated the Mortal Technique. Thus, whenever he reached such critical junctures, he would need unordinary opportunities to make a breakthrough.

At a time like this, he should not be impatient for results. He needed to maintain his usual att.i.tude, then he would be able to find an opportunity to step into the Quasi-Sage Stage.

To him, this cultivation spot was far more important.

The gold fluid together with the creation-G.o.d spiritual veins were definitely the best resources for Unity G.o.ds to cultivate. He definitely needed to bring these things away.

Mo Wuji stared at the gold fluid. He could sense that this gold fluid contained a peerless form of energy. When he was cultivating, not only was it able to raise his cultivation rapidly, it also brushed away all the impurities in his body, allowing him to have a clearer perception towards the Laws.

Moreover, he cultivated for such a long time but only half of the fluid was used. Clearly, this pool was rather unique.

Thus, he needed to take this whole pool away.

If this was an ordinary pool, Mo Wuji only needed to use some array flags to move it into his Mortal World. However, this wasn't an ordinary pool; it was a pool that could produce this gold fluid. Mo Wuji was sure that if he simply used array flags to move this pool into his Mortal World, it would lose all its effects.

Mo Wuji knew that there was a sacred art called the Great Art of Displacement. Such a sacred art could definitely move this pool into his Mortal World perfectly. Mo Wuji did not have this sacred art but he had something similar – the Heavenly Spirit Transformations.

In the Heavenly Spirit Transformations, there was a sacred art called Moving Mountains and s.h.i.+fting Seas. In Mo Wuji's eyes, this sacred art was completely useless, so he didn't learn it.

However, with Mo Wuji's current capabilities, he wouldn't need much time to learn this sacred art.

Ten days later, rumbling sounds resounded throughout Mo Wuji's location. The gold pool under him started to rise and it was transported into his Mortal World. The dao laws within the pool remained intact. If there was a change, it would be that after moving to his Mortal World, the pool was no longer surrounded in a s.p.a.ce devoid of Laws. Instead, it was in a s.p.a.ce where all Laws were gathered.

Ji Li stopped. Her heart turned cold.

This was the first time that she encountered so many attempts at possession. Because she had her guards up and because there weren't any experts among those that tried to possess her, she was able to resolve those troubles.

However, this spirit in front of her was clearly different; this primordial spirit was almost solid. Moreover, it released an aura which suppressed his domain. Even the s.p.a.ce around her was sealed by its aura.

Because of a fortune that she encountered, her cultivation level had broken into Unity G.o.d Level 5. However, it was still a distance away from this primordial spirit.

“Destroy your sea of consciousness and extinguish your soul. If you do that, I will allow your primordial spirit to live.” This almost-solid primordial spirit stared at Ji Li and said. His tone was calm but only he knew how excited he was.

A greater Cataclysm was coming and he finally saw a perfect target for possession. If he wasn't wrong, this body should have just interacted with the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. To him, this was simply a gift from the heavens.

The reason why he didn't make a move was because he didn't want anyone, even himself, to damage this perfect body.

Ji Li held a white Ruyi sceptre in front of her. This was a treasure that she obtained here in the World of Ruins – a perfect peak-grade G.o.d equipment.

“Even if I have to explode myself, I wouldn't allow you to possess my body.” Ji Li's voice was filled with determination; there was no room for negotiation.

“Can you even explode yourself?” This primordial spirit harrumphed coldly and the s.p.a.ce around Ji Li started to solidify.

Ji Li jerked her body but she discovered that even her dao laws were controlled by the other party.

“If you dare to possess me, someone would come after you. Even if he has to search the entire universe, he would not let you go.” Ji Li's voice was trembling slightly, indicating the pain she felt in her heart. She felt some regret. Why didn't she listen to Mo Wuji and travel together with him?

She wasn't afraid of death. She only didn't want her body to be possessed by a foreign soul.

“Hahaha…” The primordial spirit chuckled loudly, “I, Fang s.h.i.+yu, am afraid of being chased after?”

Ji Li calmed down. She tried to slow her beating heart and she tried to speak with greater persuasiveness, “Senior, I'm not lying to you. My friend is called Mo Wuji. If anything happens to me, even if he has to ascend the heavens or dive into the earth, he would not let you go. I'm sure of that. Moreover, he has the abilities to do it.”

As she said this, an inexplicable feeling suddenly brewed within Ji Li's heart.

She was actually sure that Mo Wuji would do anything if something bad had happened to her. Why was that so? Yes, it was because of anything happened to Mo Wuji, she would do the same for him.

Mo Wuji had brought her out of G.o.d World and risked his life to help her find the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. That was the greatest evidence.

She sighed. Unfortunately, there was no future for her. If she still had a future, she needed to change the way she did things.

“Who's that?” The primordial spirit didn't even care about Ji Li's words. Instead, it turned and stared at an empty s.p.a.ce.

A tall man in grey robes suddenly appeared. When the primordial spirit saw this tall man, it said with a dissatisfied tone, “Dao Monarch Yellow River, you have already recovered your fleshly body. Why did you appear here and disturb my business?”

The grey-robed man was exactly Dao Monarch Yellow River. He didn't respond to the primordial spirit. Instead, he turned to Ji Li and asked, “You said that your friend is called Mo Wuji?”

A strand of hope suddenly appeared in Ji Li's heart. She hurriedly nodded, “Yes, he's called Mo Wuji.”

“Is this him?” Dao Monarch Yellow River waved his hand and Mo Wuji's image appeared.

“Yes, that's him. Senior, have you seen him?” Ji Li's tone started to get higher. When she arrived at the World of Ruins, her directional crystal ball didn't show any sort of directions. She started to get worried about Mo Wuji.

Dao Monarch Yellow River nodded towards Ji Li. Then, he turned to that primordial spirit and said, “Fang s.h.i.+yu, we weren't friends but we knew each other. Give me some face and let go of this lady.”

The primordial spirit looked at Dao Monarch Yellow River in disbelief, “Huang Fanhong, could my hearing be failing me? You actually want to stand up for an ant? If you didn't have a fleshly body, I would understand your actions. But you actually have a fleshly body, so why are you speaking such cynical words? Could it be that you think that I, Fang s.h.i.+yu, am afraid of you?”

Dao Monarch Yellow River said calmly, “You were a reputed swordsman back in Cosmos Myriad G.o.ds Dock, an existence second only to the Sages. Naturally, you wouldn't be afraid of me. But now, you don't even have a fleshly body. If you want to compete with me, you're still lacking.”

As he spoke, Dao Monarch Yellow River released his domain. An oppressive pressure swept outwards.

Ji Li immediately felt the s.p.a.ce around her feeling lighter. That aura which suppressed her also disappeared without a trace. She immediately moved behind Dao Monarch Yellow River and stared at Fang s.h.i.+yu warily.

Fang s.h.i.+yu's heart sank. He had always been a proud man. Although he didn't have a G.o.d Throne, he was in the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage and he didn't fear anyone below the Sage Stage.

However, Dao Monarch Yellow River's words were right. He didn't have a fleshly body but Dao Monarch Yellow River did. Even if his sacred arts were any stronger, he still wouldn't be a match for Dao Monarch Yellow River.

Fang s.h.i.+yu spoke slowly, “Huang Fanhong, I, Fang s.h.i.+yu, will remember this kind act. I will definitely repay you in the future.”

Now that Dao Monarch Yellow River had offered to help Ji Li, he, Fang s.h.i.+yu, definitely didn't have a chance at possessing her.

Dao Monarch Yellow River chuckled, “Feel free to come at me. I, Dao Monarch Yellow River, am not afraid. Moreover, I need to tell you that you should be grateful to me. If Dao Friend Mo has his eyes on you, you wouldn't be able to escape even if you ascend the heavens or dive into the earth.”

“Very good. In the future, I will see exactly how powerful that Dao Friend Mo is.” After saying this through gritted teeth, Fang s.h.i.+yu's primordial spirit disappeared.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1143

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