Immortal Mortal Chapter 1144

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Chapter 1144: Golden Sphere

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

After Mo Wuji took the gold pond away, the area suddenly started to collapse. Mo Wuji's figure flashed as he dashed out.

In just half a day, Mo Wuji stopped.

With his Sage Physique, this sort of collapse wouldn't even damage him. The reason why he stopped was because he saw a basketball-sized gold sphere rise up from a deep ravine.

Extremely rich gold G.o.d spiritual energy revolved around the surface of the sphere. No, that's not G.o.d spiritual energy. Instead, it's the same kind of energy as the one in the gold pool. In fact, it might even be richer and purer. Not only that, Mo Wuji could sense a sort of life force from the sphere's dao aura.

Mo Wuji instantly came to an understanding. The reason why that gold pool had the gold liquid was because of this sphere. If he didn't obtain this thing, then the pool wouldn't be able to continue producing the gold liquid.

As he thought of this, how could Mo Wuji wait any further? He directly charged towards that slowly rising sphere and extended his hand towards it, attempting to send it into his Mortal World.

However, at the very next instant, shock flashed across Mo Wuji's eyes. Even a planet would be swept away by his grasp. However, when his hand landed on this sphere, it didn't even budge; it continued to move upwards at the same pace.

That grab which contained millions of newtons of force was nothing more than an itch for this basketball-sized sphere.

Mo Wuji's heart started to heat up. He definitely couldn't let this treasure fall into the hand of others. If he was able to obtain it, he could continue to use it to cultivate in the gold pool after he stepped into the Quasi-Sage Stage.

He rose together with this golden sphere. At the same time, he continuously inscribed array runes around the sphere.

As long as this sphere stops moving, he would activate his displacement array. No matter the price that he had to pay, he would send this sphere into his Mortal World. The value of this thing was definitely not inferior to any other treasure. Moreover, it was related to his cultivation after he steps into the Quasi-Sage Stage.

Regardless of how Mo Wuji tried to conceal this golden sphere's aura, it still leaked out. Only a day pa.s.sed before a shadow charged towards this huge gully.

Mo Wuji's spiritual will had constantly been surveilling. The moment this shadow charged in, he knew that it was here to s.n.a.t.c.h this golden sphere away.

There was no need to talk about how this sphere couldn't be moved. Even if it could, he had already sealed the s.p.a.ce around it with his array runes. Even a Sage wouldn't be able to sweep it away in a short period of time. Thus, Mo Wuji was prepared to ambush the other party once that fella fails to grab the golden sphere.

A terrifying wave of killing intent swept over. Mo Wuji didn't think twice as he punched out.

Sacred art – Domain Crus.h.i.+ng Fist.

Mo Wuji didn't expect that the first thing that the shadow did wasn't to s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure but to attack him.

The only possibility was that this shadow knew that this treasure couldn't be taken away in a short period of time.

Mo Wuji didn't manage to ambush the other party. Instead, he was the one that was ambushed. This caused Mo Wuji to feel extremely gloomy.

“Boom!” Mo Wuji's Domain Crus.h.i.+ng Fist was actually torn apart by his opponent's attack. The sharp beam of killing intent continued to move towards Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness.

Out of Mo Wuji's expectations, the killing intent transformed into a substantive blade light the moment it reached Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness.

The blade light seemed capable of cleaving a planet in half. Everything that was in the way of this blade light was reduced into fragments.

The material primordial spirit that was floating above the violet lake of energy immediately whipped out a page of the Book of Luo. At the same time, it struck out with the Kun Wu Sword.

“Kacha!” The two attacks exploded within Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji felt his mind buzzing as his sea of consciousness threatened to tear apart. That blade light that entered Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness dissipated. The residual energy from the blade light was blocked by the Book of Luo. The rumbling within Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness finally quietened down and the violet lake of energy also regained its calm.

Mo Wuji inhaled a breath of cold air as he broke out in cold sweat.

If he didn't condense a material primordial spirit, he wouldn't have been able to defend against that attack. This was because he wouldn't have been able to use his Book of Luo to defend his sea of consciousness in time. If his sea of consciousness was destroyed, then what would he be left with?

He was too careless. In the future, he would not use his own opinions to deduce his opponent's actions.

At the next instant, the Book of Luo floated beside Mo Wuji's body. His whirlpool domain merged together with the aura from the Book of Luo, protecting him tightly.

“Material primordial spirit?” A figure finally appeared out from the shadow. It was a man in yellow robes. He exclaimed in astonishment, then he stared at Mo Wuji and said, “You are the second person I met to have a material primordial spirit. No wonder why you were able to defend against that attack of mine.”

At this moment, Mo Wuji didn't only have the Book of Luo guarding him, he also wielded the Half Moon Weighted Halberd in his hands. He looked at this yellow-robed man and said solemnly, “I wonder this Lord is which one of the 8 Sages?”

Mo Wuji's cultivation was already at the Great Circle of the Unity G.o.d Stage. He believed that even a Great Circle Quasi-Sage wouldn't be able to ambush his sea of consciousness and almost eliminate him.

Thus, Mo Wuji was sure that the other party was a Sage. Moreover, this fella looked as though he had a complete fleshly body. However, Mo Wuji suspected that this wasn't the case. If a Sage had an intact fleshly body, then he, even at the Great Circle of the Unity G.o.d Stage, wouldn't be able to withstand that ambush.

“What kind of thing is a Sage?” This yellow-robed spoke with disdain. Then he said to Mo Wuji, “You have a material primordial spirit. However, you're still lacking if you think you can compare with me. There's no need to talk about how you aren't even in the Quasi-Sage Stage. Even if you were, you still wouldn't be my opponent. This treasure isn't something that an ant like you should dirty. Get lost.”

“Don't utter such nonsense.” Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain turned material. At the same time, his Half Moon Weighted Halberd began to pulsate with his dao aura.

This fella had just ambushed him. Even if this fella wanted to leave, he, Mo Wuji, wouldn't allow him to. This was completely different from what he spared Dao Monarch Yellow River.

“Hahahaha…” The yellow-robed man chortled loudly. Then, he pointed at Mo Wuji and said, “You think you can scare me, Guang Yezhang? Since you don't know what's right for you, then die…”

A majestic scroll was unfurled in front of Mo Wuji; a seething pressure of Laws came pressing down. Mo Wuji immediately felt that the s.p.a.ce and the Laws around him were no longer within his control. Although he tried circulating his dao laws to the maximum, he still wasn't able to change the Laws around him.

Four huge, golden words “G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram” appeared from the four corners of the scroll. Then, they all converged towards the centre. The four words transformed into the vast dome of the sky and crushed down towards Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji groaned. If there wasn't a treasure on the line, he wouldn't want to pit his life against such an opponent with a mere cultivation of the Unity G.o.d Stage. However, that golden sphere was pivotal to his future aspirations. How could he leave it to this yellow-robed man?

Since the surrounding s.p.a.ce was under the control of his opponent, then he wouldn't use the Laws of the external world. Dao laws began to flow around Mo Wuji as the Laws from his Mortal World supported him.

A majestic aura burst forth from Mo Wuji. Not only was this aura complete with Laws, it also contained the grandeur of creation.

The s.p.a.ce which pressed down on Mo Wuji, as well as the external Laws which Mo Wuji could not control, clashed against the Laws of Mo Wuji's Mortal World. Loud tearing sounds began to reverberate throughout the air.

At this instant, it felt as though this world would collapse because of their battle.

s.p.a.ce was shaking! The Laws were shaking!

“A primordial world?” Guang Yezhang stared at Mo Wuji in shock. Because of this, his G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram also paused. How was this possible? How was there still a primordial world after it had been split apart?

“Where did you obtain this primordial world? And why is it perfectly merged with your own dao laws?” Guang Yezhang no longer viewed Mo Wuji with the same disregard and calm.

“An ant doesn't need to talk so much…” After saying this sentence, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd conjured a halberd light which slashed towards his opponent's G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram.

After conjuring this silver halberd light, Mo Wuji directly shot out with four fingers.

This was the first time Mo Wuji consecutively used the first four fingers of his Seven World Finger. It was truly because this yellow-robed man was too strong. Also, he didn't want to prolong this battle and draw more opponents in.

Just a random yellow-robed man was already so strong. He could only imagine how many terrifying experts were hiding in this World of Ruins.

“Tong Ming, waiting like this is not the solution. Because of a change in this world, Brother Mo, Lian Ji and Ji Li wouldn't be able to locate this specific place with their directional crystal b.a.l.l.s. They definitely wouldn't be able to get here.” On an ordinary-looking mountain valley, Huan Ti spoke with slight worry.

There was a problem with the crystal b.a.l.l.s that Tong Ming handed out. Up till now, only Huan Ti and Tong Ming were able to locate this place. There were completely no signs of Mo Wuji, Lian Ji and Ji Li.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1144

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