Immortal Mortal Chapter 1145

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Chapter 1145: Back, Straigthen For Me

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Tong Ming sighed, “How would I have known that this planet's core would be touched and even be used for cultivation? The Laws are now in a terrible mess, causing my directional crystal b.a.l.l.s to lose their direction.”

“I feel that we should not continue staying here. Why don't we set a time? We will split up to look for them, then we would return here,” Huan Ti said.

Tong Ming nodded, “That's the only thing we can do. Otherwise, the two of us aren't even strong enough to open this place.”

Huan Ti naturally knew what Tong Ming meant, “Naturally, this is where the origin energy of this world is located. The origin core is with the planet core. With the two of us and Brother Mo, we should be able to just barely open this place.”

Huan Ti didn't even include Ji Li and Lian Ji in his calculations.

“What's the matter?” Huan Ti and Tong Ming didn't continue speaking any further. They both turned to look at the mountain valley in front of them. A fissure appeared in front of them and this fissure was getting bigger and bigger.

Concentrated origin energy seeped out from this fissure. It was even accompanied with milky-white mist.

“I understand. Someone must have found the planet's core and is currently moving it. The Laws which hold the origin energy in place has been loosened, causing this world's origin energy to seep out. Hurry and cultivate, hurry and cultivate…” Tong Ming was so agitated that his speech felt rather incoherent.

Huan Ti was also so agitated that his entire body was shaking. The origin of G.o.d Throne World has appeared. Even if he was heavily injured again, he would be able to recover quickly if he cultivated in such a place.

Fortunately, the two of them were ex-Sages. They were only agitated for a short instant before they reverted their calm.

The two were very clear about what this meant. This fissure definitely wouldn't stop like this. As the planet core continued to be moved, this fissure would get bigger and bigger. It might even grow to the size where it could be seen from the entire planet.

How many primordial spirits were on this planet? The moment this planet's origin appears, those countless primordial spirits would swarm here like bugs. This was because this thing was a treasure that could perfectly construct a fleshly body. It was a treasure that symbolised the destruction of a planet world.

“What do we do?” Tong Ming regained his calm. He stared at Huan Ti as he asked that question.

Huan Ti said solemnly, “There's no way of stopping it. The only thing we can do is to occupy the best spot to cultivate for when the origin energy is fully exposed. Then, we would furiously cultivate.”

Tong Ming nodded. The two of them stared closely at the fissure. The search for Mo Wuji had already been completely forgotten.

The earth-shattering dao aura of the World of Men swept over and covered the yellow-robed man. Before this yellow-robed man could react, he was suppressed by a boundless and majestic energy.

s.p.a.ce is the furnace. Everything will become the copper pieces inside the furnace.

At this instant, the life and death of all objects within the furnace would become clear. There was no room to choose.

World of Men, Heaven and Earth, Fortune, Yin Yang!

The first four fingers of the Seven World Finger were consecutively shot out by Mo Wuji. They slammed against the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram and completely drowned the yellow-robed man.

If the Half Moon Weighted Halberd's Winding River caused some elemental ripples to form when it hit the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram, then the four fingers caused violent waves throughout the entire universe.

Even if the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram was any stronger, it could not help the fleshly-body-less yellow-robed man to easily block against the pressure of the four fingers.

A terrifying aura of the Laws filled the entire area. The yellow-robed man's almost-material primordial spirit started to vibrate. Under this vibration, his primordial spirit started to weaken at a rapid pace.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” The bursts of G.o.d elemental energy and Laws were diverted by the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram to the golden sphere. Even if this golden sphere was any heavier, it could not remain still as it got bombarded by the energy of the various Laws.

“G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram, kill…” The yellow-robed man roared hoa.r.s.ely. The G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram conjured millions of rainbow-coloured light.

Mo Wuji's four fingers didn't manage to completely eliminate the yellow-robed man before the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram suppressed the dao law from them.

The World of Men collapsed. Heaven and Earth split apart. The fire below the furnace was extinguished. Yin and Yang also started to blur…

A boundless aura came from the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram. It felt like millions of huge mountains came cras.h.i.+ng down on Mo Wuji's head.

Mo Wuji's domain shattered inch by inch. He could no longer hold it back as he opened his mouth and coughed a mouthful of blood. He wasn't able to move up at all. In fact, he was continuously pushed down into the deep gully by the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram.

Mo Wuji's face turned pale white. This was the first time that he met such an expert. One must know that he was already in the Great Circle of the Unity G.o.d Stage. Even after he went all-out, he was still oppressed so miserably.

At this point, there was no path to retreat. Mo Wuji forcefully used his pre-installed void array runes to try and prevent the golden sphere from moving any further.

The oppressive aura of the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram continued to press down on him. Even though Mo Wuji had the Mortal World, he was unable to borrow it to release his own dao laws. All of his dao laws were restrained.

It was like a bamboo placed under huge pressure; Mo Wuji's back started to get increasingly bent under the pressure of the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram. He wanted to struggle but the tyrannical might of the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram left him helpless.

Mo Wuji was suppressed miserably. However, the yellow-robed man wasn't doing much better. His body was vibrating continuously, and by now, his face was a blur.

The yellow-robed man's primordial spirit got increasingly hazy. It seemed as though it was going to disappear.

Borth Mo Wuji and the yellow-robed man knew that this was a battle of perseverance. The one that couldn't endure was the one was screwed. The one that persevered till the end was the true winner.

The yellow-robed man didn't say another word. He knew that now wasn't the time to speak. However, he was sure that Mo Wuji was definitely going to be the first one to break.

What kind of treasure was the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram? Back then, if not for the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram, he, Guang Yezhang, would be like those other old fogeys and disappear in the rivers of time.

Now, he was fully activating the G.o.d Slaying Array Disc. He even placed his life and Dao on the line. If he couldn't even deal with a Unity G.o.d ant, then what meaning was there left in his life?

He even had some regrets for going all-out at such a late time. If he didn't ambush Mo Wuji when he first arrived, but went all-out, this Unity G.o.d any would already have been killed. The gold planet core would naturally be his, Guang Yezhang's. With this gold planet core, what injuries would he not be able to recover from?

After so many years, this was his first time feeling regret for a small difference in his actions. How many years had it been? He finally tasted regret again today.

Mo Wuji's back was already bent like a cooked prawn. His heart turned icy-cold.

The yellow-robed man knew it and he also knew it. If this carried on, he, Mo Wuji, would be the one who loses. He had already viewed the yellow-robed man highly, which was why he struck out with four fingers. However, he didn't think that he would still be suppressed. This was even after his attacks depleted a large amount of the yellow-robed man's elemental energy. If not for that, he would have died much horribly.

During this conflict, s.p.a.ce calmed down. The oppressive pressure was suffocating.

Drops of bloodied sweat seeped out of Mo Wuji's forehead. They dripped down. “Pata, pata!” The bloodied sweat landed on the golden planet core.

Mo Wuji could feel his energy leaving him. He couldn't even enter his Mortal World.

Was he really going to die here? He had just reached the Great Circle of the Unity G.o.d Stage. He hadn't even advanced to the Quasi-Sage Stage. He was not willing to accept this.

Mo Wuji struggled to lift his head. However, every time he struggled, the fierce pressure from the G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram got stronger.

If I died, what would happen to Shuyin?

If I died what would happen to my Mortal World? What would happen to my Mortal Dao?

If I died, how will by Mortal Dao be pa.s.sed on?

What about Yan'Er, is she doing well? Is she still in Zhen Xing?

She was the only girl that lived for him. And she was the only girl that had a young master like him.

Eventually, she lost her memories because of an injury and her character changed. However, Mo Wuji had always left a spot in his heart for her.

And there's Ji Li, is she safe? If I die, will that old horse Tong Ming mercilessly kill her?

What a pity, there are many things I haven't done and many people I haven't met.

Wen Xiaoqi's face suddenly floated in front of Mo Wuji's eyes. Her face got increasingly clear. With tears in her eyes, she looked at Mo Wuji. She seemed to be shouting. She seemed to be using her hands to stop him from going towards her. However, Mo Wuji felt his mind getting weaker and weaker. His sea of consciousness also got hazier and hazier. He was completely unable to understand what Wen Xiaoqi was saying.

No! I cannot die! I haven't seen Shuyin! I haven't seen how Yan'Er is doing! I still don't know if my Mortal Dao will stand at the peak of this universe! There are far too many things that I haven't done…

Back, straighten for me!

Mo Wuji's eyes turned blood-red. His entire body was filled with a sort of madness!

His back truly started to straighten.

The yellow-robed man's faint body started to vibrate far more vigorously. His two hands slowly formed enigmatic hand seals, “G.o.d Slaying Array Diagram, condense the myriad Laws. Suppress for me!”

“Boom!” An incredibly explosive pressure came pressing down on Mo Wuji.

Even if I die, I will not be pressed down any further. Blood flowed out from the corner of Mo Wuji's eyes. His bones started to shatter inch by inch…

“Kacha!” A crisp sound came from Mo Wuji's forehead. It was like a seed cracked opened and a roaring wave came surging out.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1145

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