Immortal Mortal Chapter 1197

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Chapter 1197: Ku Cai's Ambition

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“Big Brother Mo, she killed the disciples of my Ku Clan.” Ku Cai forced herself to calm down before speaking.

Mo Wuji nodded, “I know because I am friends with Dai Nanjian. I'm aware that her relations.h.i.+p with the Ku Clan is slightly complicated. Nanjian, explain to Ku Cai what happened in the past.”

“Yes,” Seeing the strength of Ku Cai, Dai Nanjian knew that avenging her brother seemed unrealistic now. Evidently, Ku Cai was many times stronger than her.

Dai Nanjian repeated the story of her brother and how Ku Chu of the Ku Clan cheated her of the fragment of the Darkwood. Eventually, she and her brother became the scapegoat of the incident. The Ku Clan even led the way to kill her brother and pin her outside the Darkness Origin Hall.

After listening to the story, Ku Cai remained emotionless and calm. She was well aware of this matter from a long time ago. She came to the Ku Clan looking for the fragment of the Darkwood. After her investigations, she found out that Ku Chu did bring back the fragment of the Darkwood. However, Ku Chu escaped with the fragment of the Darkwood and ended up in G.o.d Domain.

Ku Chu was her ancestor so regardless the case, she wouldn't say anything bad of her ancestor. Because of her strength, Ku Cai became the number one expert when she returned.

Sensing that Ku Cai no longer had the joy in her eyes, Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. He was extremely against the Ku Clan's way of handling matters. However, Ku Cai was the descendant of the Ku Clan so she was merely thinking for them. Mo Wuji couldn't comment much about this.

Naturally, Mo Wuji was not going to let Ku Cai kill her.

“Big Brother Mo, I will not kill her on your behalf today.” After a while, Ku Cai finally spoke again.

Mo Wuji nodded silently. His heart was no longer filled with the joy of reuniting with Ku Cai. He turned to Dai Nanjian before saying, “Nanjian, let's go.”

“Yes, Senior Brother Mo.” Dai Nanjian knew that she was unable to avenge her brother today. Not only was she unable to avenge her brother, she would also have to face the pursuit of Ku Cai in the future. Earlier on, Ku Cai only mentioned that she wouldn't kill her today on behalf of Mo Wuji. She didn't mention that she wouldn't do so in the future.

“Big Brother Mo, I have something I need your help with.” After Ku Cai let Dai Nanjian off, she finally calmed herself down. She even bowed as she spoke to Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji replied calmly, “Tell me about it. As long as I can help and it will not go against my morals.”

Ku Cai bowed once more before speaking slowly, “If it wasn't for Big Brother Mo, I will no longer be alive. Logically speaking, I shouldn't say such things but the Darkness Origin Bead is simply too important to me. I really hope that Big Brother Mo can lend it to me.”

Mo Wuji stared at Ku Cai but didn't say anything for a long while.

She understood the intention of Ku Cai's words. She was implying that her strength had greatly surpa.s.sed him. If they were to go hard on each other, she would still be able to s.n.a.t.c.h it back from him. Because of her grat.i.tude towards Mo Wuji, she mentioned ‘lend'. But Mo Wuji knew that lending it to her would be equivalent to giving it back to her.

Noticing that Mo Wuji didn't say anything, Ku Cai continued, “Big Brother Mo, I'm fortunate to be in a slightly higher cultivation level than Big Brother Mo. But if Big Brother Mo has any difficulties, I will not bring this matter up ever again.”

Ku Cai hesitated for a while before explaining herself again, “Big Brother Mo, there is likely to be a huge change in the universe. Many supreme experts will appear during this period of time. I cultivated the Dark technique so without the Darkness Origin Bead, it is really difficult for me to advance. Because I was too weak in the past, I didn't know how important the Darkness Origin Bead would be for me.”

Mo Wuji remained speechless. If it wasn't for him, Ku Cai wouldn't even have been able to enter the newly incubated G.o.d Domain Nest, let alone the Darkness Origin Hall. Ku Cai's only purpose was to help him find the direction of the Dark Laws emitted from the Darkness Origin Hall.

After that, he was the one who brought Ku Cai into the darkness origin s.p.a.ce. He was also the one who left the Darkness Origin Crystal for Ku Cai to cultivate with. Even the Darkness Origin Bead was found and kept by him. Back then, he explained to Ku Cai about how the Darkness Origin Bead was useful for him which was why he kept it. He explained it that way not because Ku Cai was the one who found the bead but because Mo Wuji respected Ku Cai. He didn't want to regard her as the weaker one.

Mo Wuji treasured friends.h.i.+p the most. Moreover, he cultivated the Mortal Dao so friends.h.i.+p and relations.h.i.+p were very important to him. If he still had the Darkness Origin Bead with him, he wouldn't hesitate to gift it to Ku Cai before bidding his goodbyes.

Mo Wuji didn't know what Ku Cai had experienced through the years. In front of power and Grand Dao, she chose to forgo friends.h.i.+p.

Mo Wuji sighed as he thought of Han Qingru, who would rather die than let him die. He thought of Yan Li, who would risk her life to bring Mo Qingche away. He thought of Yuan Zhenyi and Aunt Eleven who would fight with all their might with him…

Not all friends.h.i.+p would change. In fact, the majority of friends.h.i.+ps would become more precious after many years.

Mo Wuji took in a deep breath before saying to Ku Cai, “I am really sorry but I am unable to bring out the Darkness Origin Bead.”

Ku Cai was slightly shocked. In her eyes, Mo Wuji was an extremely generous person. She thought that since she mentioned it, Mo Wuji would undoubtedly give it to her. Following which, she understood that Mo Wuji probably cultivated her Dark World's Dark technique too. That was why the Darkness Origin Bead was equally as important to him.

Who didn't wish to enter the Sage Stage? She wanted to become a Sage but so did Mo Wuji.

At the thought of this, Ku Cai replied calmly, “Since that is the case, Ku Cai will not put Big Brother Mo in a difficult spot. Ku Cai and Big Brother Mo haven't met in forever. Now that Big Brother Mo is here in the Tian Ku City, why don't you come visit my city for a few days?”

Mo Wuji replied faintly, “It's okay. I got to go and we will meet again.”

Dai Nanjian noticed that Mo Wuji was about to leave so she quickly reminded, “Senior Brother Mo, my brother still has something with the Ku Clan.”

She was anxious about gifting the Primal Mothersteel to Mo Wuji. In her eyes, Mo Wuji wouldn't be any weaker than Ku Cai.

“There is no need for that. Let's head back first.” Mo Wuji knew that Dai Nanjian was talking about the Primal Mothersteel. He suspected that Dai Nanjian got her information wrong somehow. The Primal Mothersteel was found underneath the Moni G.o.d City. There was a high possibility that it belonged to the Ku Clan from the very beginning.

“Are you looking for the Primal Mothersteel?” Ku Cai suddenly took out a fist-sized steel.

Mo Wuji saw the fist-sized steel and he knew that it was the Primal Mothersteel. He was certain that this piece was dug out from the ten feet Primal Mothersteel he found. However, he didn't know if it was dug out by Dai Fang or the Ku Clan.

“That belongs to my Brother, Dai Fang.” Dai Nanjian's tone was icy cold. The Ku Clan killed her brother yet they dared to take that item out in front of her.

Ku Cai replied calmly again, “I have no idea who this belongs to. However, I want to ask you something. Where did you brother obtain this Primal Mothersteel from?”

Mo Wuji's face turned gloomy because Ku Cai's tone was too overbearing. Mo Wuji had always been helping Ku Cai. Besides giving Mo Wuji a glance of her Dark technique, she hadn't really repaid her favour to Mo Wuji. Also, Mo Wuji was able to tell from Ku Cai's words that the Primal Mothersteel really belonged to Dai Fang.

“Senior Brother Mo, let's go.” Dai Nanjian didn't even bother answering the question as she turned back to Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji, who wanted to say a few words, lost his mood to stir any more trouble. He swept his hand and brought Dai Nanjian onto his Time Plate. They disappeared from the Tian Ku City in an instant.

The supreme treasure of fortune, Time Plate? Ku Cai's eyes twitched when she saw Mo Wuji's Time Plate. She took in a deep breath before sending out a message. Afterwards, she turned to everyone else, “Everyone in the Ku Clan can return except for Ku Xie.”

In less than half an incense worth of time, a skinny and tall man descended and landed in front of Ku Cai, “Greetings, Sage Lord.”

Ku Cai handed a jade token to this skinny and tall man, “Follow this spiritual imprint and bring that woman back. Remember that I am friends with that man so don't kill him. Let him off alive but bring back his storage ring and flying treasure.”

“Yes!” The skinny and tall man bowed as he answered.

After the skinny and tall man left, Ku Cai took out a talisman for Ku Xie. “Activate this talisman. After you return, explain the detailed situation to me.”

Ku Xie took over the talisman quickly. He left swiftly after picking up his severed arm.

“Senior Brother Mo, I'm sorry. I didn't know that you know Ku Cai of the Ku Clan.” Dai Nanjian explained herself after they left the city.

She could tell that Mo Wuji's relations.h.i.+p with Ku Cai turned sour because of her.

Mo Wuji revealed a faint smile, “This has nothing to do. Even if your problem didn't exist, our relations.h.i.+p would have turned sour too.”

Mo Wuji understood something the moment Ku Cai asked him for the Darkness Origin Bead. Even if Mo Wuji didn't meet her today, Ku Cai would have asked for it in the future. This was because Ku Cai had a new found ambition. She wanted to become a Sage desperately and without the Darkness Origin Bead or Darkwood, it would be hard for her to become one.

Seeing that Dai Nanjian wanted to say something else, Mo Wuji lifted his finger to stop her from speaking. He stopped the Time Plate before saying, “Someone is coming after us.”

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1197

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