Immortal Mortal Chapter 1198

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Chapter 1198: The Second Dao Law of the Universe

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“You have really big guts to travel slowly on your Time Plate. You even dare to stop and wait for your fat grandfather.” Following the voice was a tall and fat monk appearing in front of the Time Plate.

Mo Wuji didn't even bother keeping the Time Plate as he looked at this fat monk, “A mere Unity G.o.d Level 7? Someone will turn you into minced meat very soon.”

“Hahaha…” The fat monk laughed out loud before replying, “Your fat grandfather does want to see who can turn me into minced meat.”

“He is right because I really can turn you into minced meat…” After this voice was heard, an elemental hand descended from above.

This fat monk sensed that the s.p.a.ce around him seemed to be frozen as fear appeared in his eyes. When did Dark World have such an expert?

“Please stop…” The fat monk only said two words and this elemental hand turned him into a fog of blood. A bead dropped and Mo Wuji caught hold of it.

Mo Wuji used his spiritual will and he could sense that this was a pocket dimension. With a slight push from his spiritual will, the restriction of this pocket dimension was opened up by him. Following which, a young man in the G.o.d Monarch Stage appeared from the pocket dimension.

The youth looked severely injured. When he came out of the pocket dimension, he didn't even thank anyone before he sat down to heal himself. Mo Wuji didn't mind because he could tell that this youth needed immediate healing. Otherwise, his sea of consciousness would continue to tear apart and eventually perished.

The person, who turned the fat monk into a blood fog, was a skinny and tall man. He stared coldly at Mo Wuji, “That fat monk was right about one sentence. You really do have big guts.”

Mo Wuji didn't say anything and was in fact, slightly relieved. Since Ku Cai chose her Grand Dao over friends.h.i.+p, it was truly admirable that she could control her urge and only act now.

Mo Wuji didn't speak and this skinny tall Quasi-Sage Level 4 expert really didn't regard Mo Wuji as a threat at all. He was waiting because the man, who had his arm cleaved off my Dai Nanjian, came over too. He was only lagging behind slightly.

In just a few seconds, Ku Xie landed right beside the skinny and tall man.

To Mo Wuji's surprise, this Ku Xie didn't look like he wanted to show himself. Mo Wuji guessed that he came here with the intention to monitor this skinny and tall man.

“Did that little thing ask you to monitor me and then explain everything to her?” The skinny and tall man asked Ku Xie.

Ku Xie bowed and answered, “Yes, Grand Elder. Disciple is still slightly confused.”

The man addressed as Grand Elder by Ku Xie replied calmly, “Are you confused as to why I called you out?”

“Yes,” Ku Xie was indeed curious. Even though Ku Cai was also the descendant of the Ku Clan, the truth was that Ku Cai and this Grand Elder were enemies too. Ku Cai's ancestor, Ku Chu, was extremely vicious before he left the Ku Clan. He made use of the Ku Clan's name to obtain the Darkwood but escaped with it. This was not all because he even killed seven to eight direct descendants of the Ku Clan in a row.

In Ku Xie's eyes, the Grand Elder Ku Yinsang was still not a match for Ku Cai. Driving a wedge between Ku Cai and himself at this point in time wasn't the most ideal.

This skinny and tall man called out by Ku Cai was indeed the only Grand Elder of the Ku Clan. He was also the strongest person in the Ku Clan, Ku Yinsang. Only a few people were aware of Ku Yinsang's existence. Ever since Ku Cai arrived at the Tian Ku City, the members of the Ku Clan realised that Ku Yinsangw as far from being the strongest person in the Ku Clan.

The Ku Clan's strongest existence was the descendant of the man who betrayed the Ku Clan, Ku Chu. It was a small yellow hair brat called Ku Cai.h

Ku Yinsang's eyes landed on Mo Wuji's Time Plate and he finally seemed excited. “Ku Xie, do you know about the origins of the Time Plate?”

Ku Xie shook his head because he was unaware.

“The Time Plate was rumoured to be the treasure of our Ku Clan's ancestor, Ku Xinren. According to rumours, Ancestor Ku Xinren even obtained a peak grade G.o.d Throne. He was only one step away from being a Sage. Now that an ant was showing off the Time Plate so brazenly, how could I bear to watch him do that? If that Ku Cai brat obtains this item, I will forever be unable to catch up to her.” Ku Yinsang took in a breath of air as he sounded really excited.

Ku Xie replied immediately, “Is Grand Elder implying that a yellow hair brat like Ku Cai shouldn't deserve the throne of the Ku Clan? She was probably only there because of her rather decent spiritual roots. If it wasn't because Grand Elder wanted to make use of her to work for the Ku Clan, you would have crushed her to death long ago right?”

“No, she isn't that simple. However, we will talk about this later.” Ku Yinsang's eyes returned to the Time Plate.

From how Ku Yinsang spoke to Ku Xie as though n.o.body else was around, Mo Wuji knew that this skinny and tall fella didn't treat him seriously. Moreover, the s.p.a.ce around them was controlled by this person. In his eyes, it would be hard for he and Dai Nanjian to escape.

Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. If Mo Wuji didn't appear here, Ku Cai would have been by members of the Ku Clan without knowing what happened.

Mo Wuji's hatred and disgust for this Ku Clan was increasing by the minute.

“Do you know why I haven't attacked you yet?” Ku Yinsang stared at Mo Wuji before continuing, “Because I wanted to know where you stand in this woman's eyes. I want to know where Dai Fang found the treasure previously.”

Mo Wuji immediately knew that this fella wanted to restrain him and force answers out of Dai Nanjian's mouth. Dai Nanjian was in Unity G.o.d Level 4 and even a Quasi-Sage Level 5 expert would find it hard to search her soul.

“Ku Cai told you to come after me?” Mo Wuji didn't bother about Ku Yinsang's words. He was concerned to know if Ku Cai asked Ku Yinsang to chase after him. This was even though Mo Wuji guessed that it was probably Ku Cai's order.

“You are very smart. She didn't wish to kill you personally so here I am. I am also supposed to bring back your items to her. However, it is true that I will kill you but the items will not be returning to her…” As Ku Yinsang said this, a large hand imprint charged towards Mo Wuji.

However, his hand only extended halfway and he felt like something was wrong. He was clearly in control of the spatial Laws but why was it so difficult to strike out his hand imprint?

When Mo Wuji struck out a hand imprint too, he suddenly understood what was happening. The skinny and tall man's face turned extremely pale.

He considered many ways to deal with Ku Cai but he never considered that this ordinarily-looking youth would be so terrifying.

To him, he thought that this ordinarily-looking youth was merely riding on the fact that Dai Nanjian was in the Unity G.o.d Level 4 Stage. However, this youth was casually able to use a G.o.d elemental hand to oppress him. How impressive was that? Even Ku Cai might not be a match for him.

Ku Yinsang's only thought in his mind was to escape as soon as possible. He burnt his life force and blood essence wildly. As his immense G.o.d elemental energy exploded, Mo Wuji's G.o.d elemental hand instantly died down.

Before Ku Yinsang could struggle free of Mo Wuji's spatial laws, a frightening Spiritual Will Arrow was shot towards his sea of consciousness. All of Ku Yinsang's struggles looked like it stopped. In the next moment, his entire body was turned into nothingness. It was almost similar to how he destroyed the fat monk earlier.

“You…” A shocked Ku Xie looked at how Mo Wuji killed Ku Yinsang so easily. He almost suffocated at the sight of that.

Dai Nanjian knew that Mo Wuji was strong but Mo Wuji's strength was still far from what she expected.

Very soon, she managed to react to this as she charged towards Ku Xie with her flag sword.

To begin with, Ku Xie was much weaker than Dai Nanjian. Moreover, one of his arms was cleaved off by Dai Nanjian. Therefore, he was sliced into pieces without the strength to retaliate at all.

“Senior Brother Mo, thank you. I've finally got some revenge for my brother.” After killing Ku Xie, Dai Nanjian finally felt a little more comfortable.

Back then, Ku Xie's father, Ku Fangleng, was the one who led the encirclement of Dai Fang.

Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. He initially wanted to send Dai Nanjian into another cultivation city. However, it didn't seem possible now.

“Nanjian, initially I wanted to send you to another city in Dark World. However, it seems like Ku Cai wouldn't let you off easily. Why don't you follow me?” Mo Wuji hesitated but still decided to bring Dai Nanjian back to his Mortal Sect in G.o.d World.

Dai Nanjian bowed towards Mo Wuji, “Senior Brother Mo, you've helped me enough. Since I cannot help you with anything, how could I continue to trouble you? I am still unable to return your life-saving grace. My brother died in Dark World and my enemy is still here. No matter what, I will not want to leave this place. Senior Brother, I wish to stay here and pursue my own Grand Dao. Eventually, I want to complete my revenge.”

Looking at how resolute Dai Nanjian was, Mo Wuji could only let her be. Everyone had things they wanted to do. He might be thinking for Dai Nanjian's wellbeing but maybe to her, leaving Dark World would obstruct the pursuit of her Grand Dao.

At this moment, the injured youth was finally stabilised as he stood up and bowed towards Mo Wuji. “Junior, You Jie, wants to thank Senior for your life-saving grace.”

Mo Wuji nodded as he returned the pocket dimension to the youth, “It isn't much. The fat monk was killed so you're free to leave now.”

You Jie didn't leave but knelt on the floor instead, “Senior, please rescue my father too. Previously, my father sensed that someone was making use of the Dao Law of the Universe to come to Dark World. My father went up to stop him. However, Junior knows that my father was definitely not a match for whoever was trying to come to Dark World via the Dao Law of the Universe.”

Mo Wuji was inwardly flabbergasted. He could sense that someone was making use of the Dao Law of the Universe to come here? Even Mo Wuji was unable to detect such activity so what kind of person was You Jie's father? How was he so impressive? Mo Wuji suddenly thought of the person who died by the side of the golden staircase. Could that be You Jie's father?

“How did your father sense that someone was making use of the Dao Law of the Universe to arrive here? Also, show me how your father looks like.” Mo Wuji asked.

You Jie hurried to draw out an image before saying, “The place where my father and I cultivated have a Dao Law of the Universe too. Therefore, after my father detected the Dao Law of the Universe, he warned me not to leave that place. Afterwards, he went there alone.”

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1198

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