Immortal Mortal Chapter 1199

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Chapter 1199: The Third Dao Law of the Universe and Primal s.p.a.ce

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At this moment, Mo Wuji was even more certain that he obtained a Dao Law of the Universe from the golden staircase.

Mo Wuji suddenly recalled the words of the sword qi spirit of the Sword of Fortune. There were nine Dao Laws of the Universe. To control the universe, Luo merged himself with the Sword of Fortune and even controlled the nine Dao Laws of the Universe. Now that Mo Wuji s.n.a.t.c.hed one of the Dao Law of the Universe away from him, it meant that Luo's control of the universe would be weakened by 1/9.

“You Jie, I've met your father before. His senses were right. It was indeed a G.o.d Throned expert, with a Dao Law of the Universe, who wanted to make use of Dark World to come down. When I arrived, your father had perished and I was also the one who buried him. However, I've managed to destroy the Dao Law of the Universe. At the very least, I can promise you that they will no longer be able to use that Dao Law of the Universe to come to Dark World.” Mo Wuji said with some regrets.

It seemed like there were many other Sages like Luo Xu.

“Ah…” You Jie was dazed and started mumbling to himself. Even Mo Wuji couldn't discern what he was talking about.

After a long while, You Jie finally regained his composure as he bowed thankfully towards Mo Wuji, “Many thanks, Senior. Junior pleads that Senior can tell me where you lay my father down.”

Mo Wuji nodded, “Follow me.”

“Senior Brother Mo, I shall make my move first.” Dai Nanjian wasn't intending to follow Mo Wuji forever. Even if she knew that she could cultivate for her entire life and not be a match for Ku Cai, she was determined to avenge her brother.

“Alright,” Mo Wuji sent Dai Nanjian off before bringing You Jie to where the golden staircase was.

The golden staircase was destroyed by Mo Wuji. Beside the golden staircase, there was an additional tomb.

Evidently, You Jie was a filial son. Upon noticing his father's tomb, he started crying uncontrollably.

A while later, he carefully s.h.i.+fted his father's tomb into his own world. He turned back to Mo Wuji before speaking, “Many thanks, Senior. Junior needs to leave too. The place where I cultivated with my father had a Dao Law of the Universe too. However, even my father was unable to keep that Dao Law of the Universe. Even though the Dao Law of the Universe couldn't be brought away, it could still be used to gain insights to great sacred arts. Cultivating there wouldn't be comparable to cultivating at any other places.”

As he spoke, You Jie took out a jade letter. He carved the position of that place on the jade letter before handing it to Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji's cultivation level might be higher than his father but he didn't believe that Mo Wuji could bring that Dao Law of the Universe away.

“What was your father's cultivation level?” Mo Wuji suddenly questioned.

“My father was in the Quasi-Sage Level 7.” You Jie replied respectfully.

He knew from the start that his father would never be a match for the expert who was trying to get to Dark World using the Dao Law of the Universe.

He also knew that his father had to try to stop him. If his father chose not to do so, death was their only future.

A person who could use the Dao Law of the Universe to land on Dark World was someone who could easily refine Dark World. It would be even easier for the person to sense the remnants of that Dao Law of the Universe left in Dark World.

It seemed like if it wasn't for You Jie's father, even he wouldn't make it in time to stop that silver-robed man. You Jie's father was in the Quasi-Sage Level 7 so he must have wasted some of the silver-robed man's time. This gave Mo Wuji the opportunity to get rid of the silver-robed man.

“Thank you for telling me the location of that Dao Law of the Universe. That Dao Law of the Universe is very important to me so I shall gift this to you.” Mo Wuji handed You Jie the pocket dimension which he obtained from the fat monk. He added some cultivation resources in it too.

Before waiting for You Jie to bid his goodbye, Mo Wuji left. He needed to bring this Dao Law of the Universe away as soon as possible. Otherwise, someone else might be able to detect it.

What time period was this? It was the period of time before the World-Ending Cataclysm. During this period of time, countless experts were expected to pop out. G.o.d World had so many G.o.d Throned experts and even a few Sages. Who could confirm that Dark World didn't have any?

Concurrently, Mo Wuji was slightly suspicious of Luo Xu's purpose of coming to Dark World. It might not just be because he wanted to use Dark World as a springboard but also because there was another Dao Law of the Universe here.

“Sister You, how long are we going to cultivate for? When will we be able to leave this place?” In a seemingly primal s.p.a.ce, a green-robed tall and young woman asked

After cultivating here for countless years, she started to feel impatient and restless.

About ten feet away from the green-robed woman was also another woman. This woman was dressed in a blue robe. Upon hearing the question of the green-robed woman, she stopped cultivating. “Shuyin, I will not be wrong in my judgement. The violet Dao Law inside here must be one of the Dao Laws of the Universe.

It is a good thing that we are sent into this primal s.p.a.ce by the Paramita Flower. This was because cultivating here will not be worse than cultivating anywhere else. The moment we leave this place, the energy of this Dao Law and primal energy will definitely leak out. At that time, we will truly be dead people.”

These two people sent here by the Paramita Flower of the G.o.d Burial Valley were indeed Cen Shuyin and Qu You. After the two of them landed here, Qu You told Cen Shuyin that they mustn't leave this place.

Qu You condensed the primal G.o.d lattice so she was extremely sensitive to the Dao Law of the Universe and primal s.p.a.ces. She also knew that it would be hard to enter and easy to leave. Also because they entered with the help of the Paramita Flower, leaving would definitely leak the energy of the Dao Law as well as the primal energy.

After maintaining her silence for a while, Cen Shuyin replied, “But how long are we going to stay here for? My heart really cannot focus if we are to cultivate non-stop like this.”

“Shuyin, we're already in the late G.o.d King Stage. The moment we head out, we will be able to undergo our tribulation for the Unity G.o.d Stage. Moreover, we will be cultivating even if we head out…” Qu You answered helplessly.

“But I want to go…”

Before Cen Shuyin could complete her sentence, Qu You interrupted, “Shuyin, I know you want to find your dao companion. Let's not talk about whether he arrived at G.o.d World. Even if he did, would he still think we're there? The transfer using a Paramita Flower would always cross planes.”

Qu You was more knowledgeable than Cen Shuyin because she came from a peak grade sect. Another reason was because she condensed the primal G.o.d lattice.

The speed of cultivation increased exponentially and so was the insights to her Grand Dao. She was also able to detect the characteristics of each treasure in the universe. This was something no other G.o.d lattice could compare with.

“Sister You, don't you have someone you fancy too? Don't you want to head out? Not even a tiny bit?” Cen Shuyin knew that Qu You was right but she simply missed Mo Wuji too much.

Despite obtaining much news of Mo Wuji, she wouldn't be at peace until the day she saw him again. Back then, she personally witnessed how Mo Wuji rescued her but was drawn into the Soul Condensing Pool.

She also knew that the person Qu You fancied was Mo Wuji. However, she wasn't willing to tell her that her dao companion was Mo Wuji. She and Qu You depended on each other for livelihood. If Qu You found out that her dao companion was Mo Wuji, she might leave due to shame.

Qu You laughed to herself, “I am different from you. His current achievement would have probably surpa.s.sed mine. And also, he is a man with a wife and I'm merely a pa.s.ser-by in his life.”

“He has even given you the primal G.o.d lattice.” When Cen Shuyin said this, she didn't feel jealous at all. In fact, she felt that it was the right thing to do. Because if it wasn't for Qu You, Mo Wuji would have perished a long time ago.

Qu You worked hard to toss these thoughts away, “You've not seen him so you don't know how is he like. I'm certain that in the entire universe, it is hard to find someone else like him. To be honest, I almost went crazy when he casually gifted me the primal G.o.d lattice. Even till today, I still regret…”

“What do you regret? Didn't you already accepted his primal G.o.d lattice?” Cen Shuyin asked.

She agreed with the words of Qu You. It was truly impossible to find someone else like Mo Wuji in the universe.

Qu You replied, “I regret accepting his primal G.o.d lattice. This was even though I know that I will still not be able to control and accept if I were given another chance. But…”

“Why?” Cen Shuyin asked because she was confused.

Qu You shook her head but didn't answer. She was afraid that the moment she accepted the primal G.o.d lattice, Mo Wuji would see through her. She was always wondering if Mo Wuji didn't regard her as anyone special because she was greedy and accepted the primal G.o.d lattice.

“Boom!” An immense explosion was heard from the primal s.p.a.ce. Both Cen Shuyin and Qu You stood up in shock. The two of them exchanged glances as they wondered what was happening.

Despite being in the late G.o.d King Stage, both of them knew that they were still ants in the eyes of those experts.

Once someone found out about this primal s.p.a.ce with a Dao Law of the Universe, it was highly unlikely that they could make it out alive.

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Immortal Mortal Chapter 1199

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