Immortal Mortal Chapter 1207

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Chapter 1207: How To Leave?

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Mo Wuji's heart sank. He knew that someone was chasing after this Dao Law of the Universe. However, how could he have expected that the people chasing after this Dao Law would be so powerful? In fact, every single one of them was extremely powerful.

He also recognised some of them. Besides Luo, another person he recognised was Luo Xu.

Luo Xu and Luo were both experts that were in the Sage Stage or above. There was no need to talk about two of them, just one alone would be difficult for him to handle. And now, besides Luo and Luo Xu, there were three other people.

Moreover, the auras of these three people were similar to Luo Xu's. Even if he couldn't see through their cultivations, he could tell that the three of them definitely weren't much weaker than Luo Xu if they could be together with Luo Xu and Luo.

He was currently in the pinnacle of Quasi-Sage Level 12. However, to deal with 5 experts on the level of Sages, there was no need to talk about escaping unharmed; he might not even be able to escape alive. To make things worse, he had just been burned by the Samadhi True Fire and his internals was still heavily injured.

The dao ripples of the five people condensed together, locking this s.p.a.ce down with a stability higher than a domain. Mo Wuji could confirm that it was going to be extremely difficult for him to escape.

After Luo finished speaking, he directly shot a beam of sword light towards Mo Wuji. He wasn't going to give Mo Wuji even a single breath to rest.

At almost the same time that Luo made a move, Luo Xu, Qing Yuan and Fo Ti attacked simultaneously. Each of them attacked with supreme sacred arts. They all held the same hope that if Mo Wuji was killed, the Dao Law of the Universe that Mo Wuji caught would be revealed. The Dao Law of the Universe definitely wouldn't disappear together with the collapse of Mo Wuji's tiny world. The moment that Dao Law was revealed, they would then fight for it.

The only one that didn't make a move was Tai Luan. This wasn't because he didn't care about the Dao Law. In fact, he was the one that cared about the Dao Law the most.

The reason why he didn't attack was because he was sure that Mo Wuji wasn't simple. If Mo Wuji was a simple person, how could he catch a Dao Law of the Universe with a simple sweep of the hand?

One must know that he wasn't able to do so with an entire incense's time. Moreover, how many years had he spent researching on the Dao Law of the Universe?

How could a fella that could easily store away a Dao Law of the Universe be without methods to protect himself?

Don't simply look at how the 4 Sages at Limitless Domain share a Dao Law of the Universe. In reality, none of them had experienced storing a Dao Law of the Universe. Luo Xu had spent the longest time studying the Dao Law of the Universe but he didn't dare to collect it. That Dao Law belonged to everyone. Anyone that dared to take it would incite the wrath of the rest.

Among the 4 Sages, he was the only one that collected a Dao Law of the Universe. He knew that a perfect world with complete Laws of the Heaven and Earth was necessary to store the Dao Law of the Universe in such a short time. This ordinary young man was able to store the Dao Law of the Universe in such a short time. Clearly, he possessed a perfect world with complete Laws of the Heaven and Earth.

When Luo Xu and co. attacked, they were sure that their opponent wouldn't be able to use his sacred art after they had sealed this piece of s.p.a.ce. However, Tai Luan knew that this definitely wasn't the case. If this trapped fella possessed a complete world, he would be able to use a sacred art and escape during that gap.

Seeing that Tai Luan didn't make a move, Mo Wuji's heart turned cold. He hoped that the five people would attack together.

As long as the five people attacked at the same time, he could use his Great Art of Destruction to its full power. With the Great Art of Destruction, he would definitely be able to find an instant to escape.

But now that one person had not moved, that fella would definitely block him after he could a gap to escape from.

While reality did not go according to Mo Wuji's plans, Mo Wuji still used the Great Art of Destruction. At this time, there was no path of retreat.

Although Luo Xu, Luo and co. didn't attack their full power, the simultaneous appearance of their four sacred arts caused the Laws over this s.p.a.ce to run wild. All external forces did not dare to remain within a s.p.a.ce of such violent dao ripples.

If it was any other Quasi-Sage, even one at the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage, there would be no means of resistance.

There was only one exception. That was Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji possessed the Mortal World which had complete Laws. It was as Tai Luan had predicted, his sacred arts did not need to make use of the Laws in the s.p.a.ce around him.

The Great Art of Destruction was used. The s.p.a.ce in a radius of tens of thousands of miles was converted into a huge black hole. In this black hole, all Laws shattered. This black hole contained the boundless energy of destruction. Anyone that dared to approach this energy of destruction would be torn into pieces.

Luo Xu was at the front of the charge. The Laws of his sacred art were directly sliced apart by the Great Art of Destruction and a violent dao ripple came rebounding back. He opened his mouth and a mouthful of fresh blood was shot out.

It wasn't just Luo Xu. Qing Yuan and Fo Ti also coughed blood. Facing the dao ripples of Mo Wuji's Great Art of Destruction, even their innards were almost coughed out.

Besides Tai Luan, the only other person who didn't get injured was Luo. Luo was the first person to discover the nine Dao Laws of the Universe. Naturally, he knew what Mo Wuji storing the Dao Law of the Universe entailed. He was sure that Mo Wuji had some moves up his sleeves. Thus, he was waiting for Mo Wuji to make a move.

Mo Wuji knew how terrifying his Great Art of Destruction was. After using his Great Art of Destruction, he immediately extricated himself from the all-devouring black hole.

However, before he could transform into a beam of light and escape into a newly ripped spatial tear, his domain was torn apart by the powerful sacred art laws of the 4 Sages.

A terrifying revolving blade light shot through Mo Wuji's lower abdomen and a beam of Buddhist light almost sliced one of his arms.

But how could the current Mo Wuji still care about his injuries? He furiously charged towards that spatial tear in hopes of escape. If he didn't escape, he would definitely be killed.

This was his original plan and his calculations were not wrong. During the clash between his Great Art of Destruction and the Sages, there were indeed many spatial tears formed.

It was just that before he could charge into a spatial tear, Luo conjured another sword light and shot it towards Mo Wuji.

If it was said that Luo's first sword light didn't have any form of killing momentum, then this second sword light contained boundless killing momentum which surged towards Mo Wuji. Clearly, this sword light intended to kill Mo Wuji, then sweep Mo Wuji away.

Mo Wuji groaned. This Luo was definitely vicious. He was the first one to attack and incite the other Sages to attack him. But it turns out that his first attack wasn't at full power and this second attack was the true killing strike. This meant that Luo was waiting to attack him when he tried to escape.

Indeed, he was still an ant. Mo Wuji coughed out a mouthful of blood. He didn't even care about this sword light as he raised his hand and stabbed forward with a finger.

Seven World Finger's Sixth Finger, Falsehood!

“You are crazy!” Luo roared wildly. He didn't even believe that Mo Wuji did not try to dodge his strike. As long as Mo Wuji avoided this one, his next one would eliminate Mo Wuji and his sword light would sweep Mo Wuji away.

“Pff!” The Sword of Fortune's sword light ripped Mo Wuji's domain and slashed down on Mo Wuji's chest.

With this slash, Mo Wuji's dantian shattered, his meridians broke apart and his dao foundations collapsed.

It was exactly because Luo knew what taking on this slash meant that he said that Mo Wuji was crazy.

Mo Wuji wasn't crazy. He knew that if he dodged, he would be cutting off all paths of retreat. Luo wasn't the only person here. After Luo's slash destroyed Mo Wuji's dantian, dao foundations and meridians, Mo Wuji's finger reached Luo's chest.

A mist of blood exploded from Luo's chest. His dantian and spirit channels were also crushed into pieces by Mo Wuji's finger and a huge hole had formed in his body.

He didn't even wait for Luo Xu and co. to act. The heavily injured Luo had already transformed into a sword light which vanished in vast s.p.a.ce. If he didn't leave now, he also wouldn't be able to leave alive.

Tai Luan laughed coldly. He had finally succeeded.

Just as he took a step and tried to grab the escaping Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji suddenly brought out two violet Dao Laws and threw them towards him, “These two are for you. This old man is leaving. This old man will definitely come back and collect this debt.”

Tai Luan jolted and he subconsciously grabbed towards the two violet Dao Laws. He could only stare as he watched Mo Wuji charge into a spatial tear and disappear.

Why are there two Dao Laws? That's not right, these weren't Dao Laws of the Universe.

In that instant, Tai Luan came to an understanding. If these two Dao Laws weren't in his hand, he wouldn't have been able to see through them. This was because these two Dao Laws did not look any different from the true Dao Laws of the Universe. In fact, the Laws within them might even be more vast and complex than the actual Dao Laws of the Universe.

However, these two violet Dao Laws were extremely tender. They hadn't even formed the Sage Dao.

“Ka!” Suddenly, the violet Dao Laws shattered and disappeared.

Tai Luan reacted. Seeing that the spatial tear had yet to completely disappear, he wanted to charge in and pursue Mo Wuji.

Just at this moment, Luo Xu, Fo Ti and Qing Yuan intercepted him.

“Tai Luan, isn't this too much? You actually kept the Dao Laws in front of us.” Qing Yuan's words were angry and cold.

“Hurry and chase after that ant. Those two Dao Laws that he threw at me were fake.” Tai Luan cried out anxiously.

“Since they are fake, then give them to me.” Qing Yuan said indifferently. Fake? Even he could create a fake Dao Law like that. How could a Quasi-Sage do it? This Tai Luan was simply treating them as idiots.

Tai Luan was extremely anxious, “Idiots, a fake Dao Law would naturally break apart. If they weren't fake, why would that fella take out two of them?”

That's true. If they weren't fake, how could that fella take out two of them? Qing Yuan and Fo Ti were both confused.

Luo Xu, on the other hand, laughed coldly, “Because the Dao Law of the Universe that we shared was also extracted by that ant.”

Tai Luan instantly came to an understanding. What a cunning ant. Tai Luan knew that it was too late for him to say anything. The spatial tear formed by the attacks of the Sages and the Great Art of Destruction had already disappeared.

Hurry and leave. As he thought of this, Tai Luan was too lazy to explain any further. His figure flashed and he fled away.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1207

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